Why do men like a sex doll? Why they spend thousands of money on realistic sex doll? Why don’t they do for real women? There is thousands question in our mind about the sex dolls because to bring a sex doll is taboo and men feel shy to talk about openly.

Sex doll always is a bit of social topic in the whole world.

Sex doll in world

If we talk about the word, Western and Europe country they are the relatively open-minded attitude towards the sex, sex doll and of course even for buying sex toys.

The popularity of sex doll is continuously increasing with time. Men find joy and pleasure with sex dolls that they can’t found in real women. The UK and Europe men are social activate towards the sex dolls.

With an increase in the growth, sex robots are also introduced by many of country. This realistic sex doll machine can laugh at a joke and even answer the simple questions. The response from the realistic sex doll, give more real sensation. Many of men agreed on the fact that sex robots are more okay and good. The sex doll or sex robot experience somehow matches the desire of men, that why they are getting popular and continuously increasing sells.

Sex doll in India

Sex doll in India is kind of sex. It is not about only sex dolls. Talking about sex or sex-related things like sex toys, masturbator, fleshlight, of course, sex doll, etc is considered as taboo in India. India still needs time to get open about their sexual desire publically.

Yes, publically. If you see the last some years, India is getting open about their sexual desire and talking about it. Well, it is only common in the modern city and the credit goes to Bollywood. The rural areas also want to keep it secret.

Bollywood continuously aware the young youth by embed some sort of that stuff. If you are Indian and young, then you know what I am talking about it.

I think, it is good and India need that development and open thinking. Men of India are also giving competition to the world with their sexual desire. They are also showing interest towards the sex doll and masturbator. There is a number of sites that deal with it secretly and make their customer happy with their product and secrete shipping.

Top 3 reasons why men buy sex dolls?

The reason to use lifelike sex dolls or realistic sex doll is the same that people buy dildo, vibrator, masturbator and fleshlight.


Better sex life

There is a massive difference between masturbation and sex. Both are a self-pleasurable and sexual activity that helps men to release sexual frustration. But both are able to give a different type of pleasure.

How masturbators change the level of pleasure? Sex doll is an advanced version of this. Sex doll clams the sexual desire but in most effect and real way. Men can enjoy the pleasure of women in bed.

A realistic sex doll helps men to live out their sexual dreams in real and bring all sort of sexual pleasure even without a real woman.


One of the reasons to use a sex doll by men is companionship. Yes, it looks strange but it is true. The one who is single can understand it. It is difficult of some peoples to find a partner whatever the reason, maybe introvert, maybe feel shy to talk, etc. But having a sex doll completely fill that void space in men’s life.

Sex doll-like realistic sex dolls, silicone sex dolls are so real that it can sometimes feel like that someone is really sitting on the bed. Except that, we talk about a sex robot. If you are a sex robot that even can respond to your question.

It is totally understandable that men buy sex dolls for companionship. No matter what individual feel but the point is they buy a sex doll.

Satisfy a specific doll fetish or fantasy

No matter, whether you are single or in relationships. Every man has sexual fantasies and wilder dream that they need to fill out. Sex doll allows you to fill out all sort of fantasies in real.

Some of men have sex dolls fetish. They just want to try different kinds of sex doll to experience a different kind of women pleasure. Nowadays, sex doll is not limited to a single appearance. There are thousands of attractive looks are available in the market. Even though, if men want specific fetish appearance, and they can customize their own sex doll too. It can all be done easily.

Some more reasons to buy sex dolls

If men want they can spice up their sex life with their partner too. Yes, love dolls can also be used as three people by many of couples. It helps them if experience the threesome sexual life.

For a better sexual technique: Many men buy lifelike sex doll to perfect their sexual technique to the real life. Because it is a little embarrassing for men if they are not good at sex. If you are men, then you can understand it. It is not possible to practise while hooking up with real women. But can do with a sex doll.

There is no risk of STD and pregnancy. Many can fuck a sex doll in any of ways and in how many time he wants? They are free to use it.

Some of the men view, why they want sex doll over women


I am just tired of leaving alone. I don’t want to spend my whole life like that. I think a fake girl is better than a real girl. Even though it fulfils my sexual desire too.

A dating app never worked out for me. No matter how hard it tried to play. She always holds on the card. At least sex doll did not do that and fulfil my hook up needs.

My social list is worst. Just working in an office or sleeping at night. No time to look out for relationship so it has to lead me to want a doll. Because I have time to masturbate. LOL