In today world, fleshlight is common masturbator toy for men even in India. The cost of a fleshlight male toy is a little expensive. To experience the real feeling of fleshlight, an Indian man has to spend the 10k to 20k. Some men do not prefer to spend that much of amount on the masturbator and came up with clever ways to combine the household items to make a false vagina to fulfil their sexual needs. DIY fleshlight is also pleasurable. This homemade sex toys for boys will matches the fun of real fleshlight toys.

Is it easy to make fleshlight at home?

Yes, it is easy to make fleshlight toy at home. There are many processes that are easy to use and easy to make a successful homemade fleshlight. Well, the different process needs different household items and a different time. It depends on men what method of making fleshlight they choose. Such artificial vagina is quite compatible with the real masturbator.

Does homemade fleshlight give pleasure like market fleshlight?

The pleasure of homemade fleshlight for men is depending on the types of material you used and how you make it pocket pussy. If you follow a proper process with a soft material then it would give you pleasure like market fleshlight. But the pleasure is too different in both the case. We can say that the pleasure of homemade fleshlight is similar like market fleshlight, but we can’t say that the pleasure of homemade fleshlight is better than market one.

If you are thinking to make a male fleshlight at home, here I am suggesting you a way with the use of the sponge. Many of masturbator is available that are made by spongy, so you can feel the pleasure of market masturbator. But the sponges you brought could not be too hard. You get a better experience with the softer sponges.

One of an easy way of how to make fleshlight at home

To make fleshlight masturbator at home is not so hard. You can make it in just 10 minutes. Here I am explaining a way of making a masturbator that I used 2-3 times. I might take more time for the first time. But now I can make it in just less than 10 minutes if I have everything there that I required. I will share some images that help you to place the sponge, condom, etc at the correct place.

DIY fleshlight are impossible to guess that it is masturbation tool, not an cleaning tool. Men also prefer to go with homemade fleshlight who want to hide it from others.

Check other ways of making homemade masturbator:

Required things for making of fleshlight in India.

To build your own homemade pocket pussy or fleshlight, you have to collect some of the required things. These things are not expensive. Even you can easily find them in your home. Check necessary things whether you have it or not.


  • Empty plastic potato chip can like Pringles can or lay stack can.
  • Foam rubber (approx. 9 ”x9” x1 ”or 9” x18 ”x1 / 2”)
  • Condom
  • Scissors
  • Marker
  • 1 1⁄4 ”O-ring
  • A nail or screwdriver
  • Tape or duct tape

If you do not have any of the required things, you can get it from the nearby grocery shop. They are easily available.

Direction to make a fleshlight

After collecting all the required things, you need to follow the following step. Remember do not skip any of step, but you should be quick. Every step is important to build their own fleshlight in less time.

Empty the can

The can work like a fleshlight hard case, of course, you need to empty it. If you have already empty can then it's good. If you purchase a new potato chip can, then empty the chips out from the can.  You can use any of the brands and flavour of a can, I am using a lay stack can because I found it durable and ergonomic shape.



Bring condom

To prepare the internal texture, you need to bring a condom first. With a condom, it gets easier for you to measure the foam and to make inside masturbator easy. You can use any type of condom, dotted or flavoured or lubricated. The choice is yours. I am using a lubricated condom because it has a lubricant and makes internal sleeves slippery in advance.

Unroll the condom, and drop your metallic O-ring inside the condom. As I am using a lubricated condom, so I flip the condom from inside. By flipping the condom, the lubricated surface is now in the inner surface. Of course, we need lubrication in the masturbator.

Cut out the foam

The important part of making your own fleshlight at home, so be careful with this step. First, you have to take a piece of foam that is larger in length with your can. The length of your foam should be a half inch longer in length.

Now lay down your O-Ring contain condom over the foam. Place it like that the O-Ring end of condom is on the one edge and another open end of condom is on the middle of foam. With the help of marker, mark this place. And cut it out in two pieces. One is small and one is large in size.

Place it in the can

You should also take care of this step. I usually take time to place the foam in the can because the wrong placed foam can affect the pleasure. First, roll up the smaller piece of foam and push it at the end of the can. Bend it so it can fit around all side of a can. Well, we roll up so it will be fitted but make sure the edges do not get fold while pushing it at the end of the can.

Now you have to place another piece of the condom. Now you have to roll this piece of foam with the condom. Lay the condom over the foam, the O-Ring side of the condom should be hanging out from the one end. In the same way, another opened end of the condom should be hanging over another end. Roll the foam with an inside condom.

Both the end of a condom is outside from both ends, an O-Ring side is flat against the foam. Push the O-Ring side of the condom to the base of the can. Try to fit it well inside the can. Make sure the open end of condom stays above the top of the foam. It shouldn’t be lost inside the foam.

Make a suction base

If you want to create a suction effect inside the fleshlight, then you have to follow this step. I used this step always. It increases the pleasure of fun by creating a vacuum inside. You have to notch the tip of the condom from the O-Ring side before placing it in the can. The small notch is enough because we just need to pass some air through this. Be careful while notching the condom.

If you make excess notches or tear the condom, you masturbation get messy and semen spread all over the sponge and you.

Finally, give a real touch of a vagina

Now time to fix the entrance of the DIY masturbator or fleshlight. Scratch the condom over the foam to the rim of the can. You have to cover the foam completely. While stretching of the condom over the roll foam look like a vagina entrance. With the help of tape, stick the condom to the outside of can so it will stay on their place while thrusting.

Atlast, to create a vacuum inside the bottom of the can. You need to notch the can too. You can use a nail or screwdriver to make a small hole at the bottom. Through this bottom hole, air will pass inside your fleshlight.

You are ready to use your own made fleshlight. You can control the suction-based with a finger by covering the base hole. Have fun.

How to reuse fleshlight made at home?

If you want to reuse your homemade fleshlight again, you can do it. But you need to clean it well. In short, you have to make it again with the same can. In the reuse of homemade fleshlights, you can only use plastic can. You have to replace the sponge and condom. If you use the same sponge or condom again, it is not hygienically good for you. I recommended do not use them again.

First, remove the foam roll and condom. Replace it with new roll-up foam and condom. You can use inside O-Ring again after wash whether you ejaculate inside or not.