You want to use a sex doll at home to enjoy masturbating while recreating sex with a woman.

By using a sex doll, you will be able to play something that you could not achieve by masturbating by yourself.

By using a sex doll, you can do things that you could never do by masturbating alone.

You can also feel the real atmosphere of a woman's body as you play with her.

If you order a sex doll that is elaborately designed from the face and body parts to the inside of the vagina, you will have to pay a huge price.

Method Cost Pleasure
Using balloons Rs4,000 ★★★☆☆
Air sex doll
Best Way
Rs2,899~ ★★★★☆
Using a mannequin Rs10,000 ★★☆☆☆
Lower body Sex doll Rs5,000 ★★☆☆☆
Sex doll made by a vendor Over Rs100,000 ★★★★★

This article will show you how to make cheap sex dolls that you can buy in India and how to make your own sex doll with less cost.

5 ways to make a sex doll at home

Sex dolls with elaborate faces and vaginas can cost upwards of Rs100,000 and are not easy to buy.

Some of you may have already given up on the idea of using sex dolls because they are too expensive.

However, there are air sex dolls that are popular among Indian men because they are inexpensive and provide the same pleasure as sex.

Air sex dolls allow you to increase the sensitivity of masturbation by shaking your hips just like real sex dolls that cost a huge amount of money for less than Rs2,899.

Real Teen body - Pussy queen

You can also make a sex doll at home at a reasonable price and attach cheap masturbators or fleshlights to it to enjoy pseudo-sex while keeping the cost down.

This section introduces how to make a sex doll that will expand the range of masturbation play and enhance the pleasure of masturbation while keeping the price low.

Choose the method that best suits your preference.

Method 1: Using balloons

Price Rs4,000
Difficulty Level Easy
Pleasant ★★★★☆
  • Low cost
  • Pleasant feeling like sex
  • Can be made with home made products.
  • Can be made with things you have at home
  • Can be dismantled after use
Demerit Takes time to make -about 15 minutes

The method of making a sex doll using balloons allows you to experience hip-fluttering masturbation for less than Rs 5,000.

By attaching the following Fleshlight to your self-made sex doll, you can enjoy inserting it into your vagina while feeling the female body against your skin.

fleshline pink FLESHLINE PUSSY TOY Soft Pink

It is recommended that you use a commercially available Fleshlight or Masturbator to attach to your sex doll so that you can feel the same pleasure as if you were inserting it into a real vagina.

When you make your own sex doll, it is impossible to reproduce the inside of the vagina realistically.

Fleshlight, which directly stimulates the penis, can be purchased inexpensively, and you can make your own sex dolls at the lowest cost possible.

Masturbator can also be attached to a sex doll, but it does not come with a hard case, so it will lose its shape when attached to the doll, preventing smooth insertion.

If you are looking for a low price and masturbation pleasure at the same time, the best way is to use these balloons or Fleshlight.

Please refer to the explanation below on how to make a balloon that reproduces a woman's breasts and body lines.

  • Undershirt
  • Balloons
  • Safety pins
  • Fleshlight
  • Towel
  • Pillows
  • T-Shirts
  • Brassiere
  • Masks
  • Pants
Instructions for making a sex doll
①Put the undershirt on the pillow.
②Set the balloon on the undershirt.
③Fix with safety pins.
④Attach the Fleshlight.
⑤Put on T-shirt and mask.

①Put the undershirt on the pillow

Insert the pillow from the stomach side of the undershirt toward the neck.

Attach the Fleshlight to the neck part of the undershirt to make it fit better. Be sure to leave room for the balloon after inserting the pillow.

Set the inflated balloon on the stomach side of the underwear.

②Set the balloon on the undershirt

Please inflate the air before placing the balloons on the undershirt. The size of the sex doll's breasts will vary depending on the amount of air in the balloon, so adjust it to your desired size.

You can also fill the balloons with water to express the elasticity of real breasts, but there is a risk of bursting the balloons with a safety pin and soaking the whole room. If water is to be added inside the balloon, care must be taken not to burst the balloon.

Adjust the amount of air and water, and enjoy the realistic feeling of the chest.

③Fix with safety pins

Fix the part where the balloon is inserted with a safety pin so as to exclude wrinkles.

If there are any wrinkles, it will not look realistic, so fix the balloons neatly so that you can reproduce a woman's taut skin.

④Attach the Fleshlight

If you attach the Fleshlight by itself, it will come off easily or slip off during insertion.

If you wrap a towel around the Fleshlight and put it inside your undershirt, it will be firmly fixed.

The Masturbator, which is made of a softer material, may change its shape in the towel or shift its position easily, which may not allow for smooth penetration.

The following fresh light comes with a hard case, so if you can fix it in your underwear so that it does not move, you can enjoy masturbating with your hips without stress.

fleshline pink FLESHLINE PUSSY TOY Soft Pink

⑤Put on T-shirt and mask

Once the woman's body is complete, you can add masks, bras, and pants to make it more realistic.

If you only want to masturbate and pretend to be a woman, you don't need to go this far, but if you are looking for more realistic pseudo-sex, you can customize it to your liking.

Method 2: Air Sex Doll

Price Rs 2,899~
Difficulty Level Easy
Pleasant ★★★★☆
  • No need to make
  • Easy to store
  • With Masturbator.
  • Low cost
  • No need to collect materials
Demerit can't feel the human-like texture of the skin

There are many types of sex dolls, some of which cost over Rs100,000, but there are some that can be obtained relatively cheaply, such as air sex dolls.

The cheapest air sex doll you can buy in India is Rs2,899.

Real Teen body - Pussy queen

An air sex doll is a doll that you inflate with air to create a woman's body so that you can experience simulated sex.

Other methods of making sex dolls require you to prepare a variety of materials to represent the female body.

Once you order this air sex doll, there is nothing else to prepare and you can start having simulated sex right away.

To be honest, compared to real sex dolls, they are not as human-like in terms of texture and body parts.

However, since the doll is life-sized, you can insert your penis while moving your partner's body or pretending to be a woman, which you could not do when masturbating alone.

This will definitely expand the range of your play and enhance the quality of your masturbation.

Real Teen body - Satisfied ass
Real Teen body - Pussy queen
Satisfied masturbating body Real Teen body - Doggie style Real Teen body - Sitting position
Rs 2,899 Best value Rs 2,899 Best value Rs 5,999 Rs 4,899 Rs 6,999
By covering your penis with this, your penis will be 1 to 2 cm longer. The Penis sleeve will make sex more enjoyable. Also, unlike surgery or supplements, you do not have to worry about any negative effects on your health. This is the safest way to lengthen your penis.

Don't forget to buy Lubricant, as you will need it to safely attach the penissleeve.

It is highly recommended for those who want to save time and effort in making a sex doll, and after use, it can be deflated and hidden in a small space, so there is no need to worry about being discovered.Check Air Sexdoll

Method 3: How to attach the parts to the mannequin

nururun sex lubricant Nururun Lube -ぬるるん - 100ml
Rs 499
Price  Rs10,000
Difficulty Level Easy
Pleasant ★★☆☆☆
  • Life-size body
  • Customizable parts
  • Human-like body shape
Demerit Difficult to store

There is also a way to enjoy pseudo-sex by attaching parts such as breasts, masturbators, and masks to the mannequin to create a feminine look.

To make a sex doll using a mannequin, you need to purchase the mannequin and the parts to customize it.

If you buy a life-size mannequin and add female parts, you can have simulated sex, but you will not be able to feel the soft feminine texture of the skin.

The surface of the mannequin is slippery and the joints are stiff, so it may be difficult to reproduce the movements of a woman in real sex.

Unlike the other methods I've mentioned so far, you can't make the mannequin smaller or dismantle it after use, so it's very difficult to store it after use.

If you live alone, you can leave it in your room, but it is not suitable for people who live with their family and can see their room frequently.

This is a good option for men who want to enjoy pseudo-sex while customizing their life-sized body with their favorite parts.

  • Mannequin
  • Artificial breasts
  • Masturbator
  • Masks
  • Adhesive
Instructions for making a sex doll
①Order the items
②Attach each part with glue

The method using the mannequin is very easy to work with, as you only need to attach each part with glue.

You may add a shirt or a bra to make it more feminine if you like.

Method 4: How to make an underwear sex doll

Price Rs5,000
Difficulty Level Easy
Pleasant ★★☆☆☆
  • Low cost
  • Can be dismantled after use
  • Masturbator can be attached
  • Can be used for masturbation
  • You cannot feel the female body.
  • No realistic feeling of sex.

You can easily make a sex doll with only the lower half of your body using things you have at home, and you can masturbate in a different position from hand job masturbation.

Since sex dolls are made using everyday items such as pants and towels as tools, it is unlikely that anyone will find out that you are making a sex doll if you dismantle it into pieces after use.

You can also make your own masturbator, but you will get a much stronger pleasure from wearing a commercial masturbator or fleshlight.

I recommend this masturbator.

pussy toy long ver The first hidden pussy toy Long Soft Pink
Rs 989

This is especially good for men who don't want the realism of sex with a woman that much, but want to achieve hip-flipping masturbation with something they have at home.

Here's what you need to prepare to make a lower body sex doll.

  • Pants
  • Hand towel
  • Bath towel
  • Belt
  • Masturbator
Steps to make

①Cut the crotch part of the pants.
②Wrap a hand towel around the masturbator and attach it.
③Wrap a bath towel around the Masturbator and insert it into the pants.
④Use a belt to hold it in place.

①Cut the crotch part of the pants.

First, cut the area where the Masturbator will be attached. If the cut is too large, the Masturbator will not fit properly.

Adjust the size of the cut gradually.

②Wrap a hand towel around the masturbator and attach it.

After cutting the crotch area of the pants, wrap a towel around the Masturbator and install it.

By wrapping the towel around the masturbator, it will be harder for the masturbator to come loose and shift, allowing you to masturbate smoothly.

A towel the size of a hand towel should be sufficient for this task.

③Wrap a bath towel around the Masturbator and insert it into the pants.

Next, roll up the bath towel and insert it into the pants through the leg. The thicker the towel, the more you can recreate a woman's legs, so use the biggest bath towel you can find.

The thicker the towel, the more the masturbator will be fixed between the legs.

④Use a belt to hold it in place.

Finally, fasten the masturbator with a belt to prevent it from shifting during masturbation.

Method 5:How a vendor makes a sex doll

Difficulty Level Difficult for an individual to make
Pleasant ★★★★★
  • Realistic simulated sex
  • Life-sized
  • You can have sex with your ideal woman
  • High cost
  • Difficult to make by yourself

The method of making a sex doll by a vendor is difficult to reproduce by an individual, and requires a huge initial cost for the mold and materials to make the sex doll.

Also, without a special machine, it is impossible to reproduce the realistic texture of the skin and the details of the inside of the vagina.

If you have the money to spare, you may want to buy a realistic sex doll from the internet for over Rs100,000.

It is technically and cost-prohibitive for an individual to reproduce a realistic sex doll, but in this article, I will explain how vendors make them.

In this article, I will explain how vendors make sex dolls.

Making Instructions
①Make a mold of a sex doll
②Prepare the sex doll skeleton.
③Match the sex doll mold to the skeleton.
④Preparation and heating of TPE material
⑥Make the face and head of the sex doll.
⑦Combine the head and body.

The designer of the sex doll production company constructs the shape and design in detail and makes the mold.

The sex doll skeleton is usually made of hard stainless steel and supports the entire body of the sex doll, mimicking human limbs and body.

This allows for the reproduction of human-like body and joint movements.

Once the sex doll's mold and skeleton are matched, the special material is poured into the doll and heated until it takes the shape of a human being.

Once the material has hardened and cooled, the sex doll can be modified and treated in detail. This includes correcting uneven skin and fine-tuning the shape of the body.

The sex doll is also completed when the face, realistically designed by the craftsman, is combined with the body.

FEMALE PUSSY MASTURBATOR MINI HOT GIRL BODY MASTURBATOR LARGE 5.5ft Naughtynights doll - KEI Erotic partner - YUNA Saya - 158cm / 5.2ft Sweet beauty 5.5ft sex doll - Emma
Rs 5,999 Rs 19,499 Rs 168,435 Rs 235,809 Rs 210,746 Rs 173,754

These cannot be done without sophisticated craftsmanship and the opportunity to make minor corrections.

This is not a realistic way to make a sex doll at home.

Customise sex doll can also build your expectation.

Yes, there are many sex doll company that accepts the customer request. Men can build their sex doll according to their needs.

User can build their sex doll specification as hips size, breast size, skin tone, hair, etc from their home. Just visit the website like Realsexdoll, Siliconwives, etc. fill out the contact formation page with your desire needs and submit the form.

It is not an instant solution. Customer has to wait for 1 month to receive their desire sex doll.

If you choose this option, then read these points.

  • Give every detail for your doll in brief. Give measurement of breast and hips in cm, mm, etc. An artist needs such information to brief the sex doll.
  • Active on your contact information. They can contact you if they have some question regarding your sex doll.
  • Choose full body sex doll or half body according to budget.

After waiting a couple of days or months, you will receive your own made sex doll at home. You can have fun and rest have to be maintaining it and keep it well.

If you need to hide the sex doll, refer my link: how to hide realistic sex doll. This can work your own build sex doll and customer sex doll.

Buy Cheap Sex Doll- Quick Solution to hassle method

If you really want to experience sex doll fun, without less money and real pleasure, then buy one is best. Purchasing silicone and manufacturing is costly. It need time and not of one. Where buy sex doll is easiest. It manufacturer in bulk and cost get lesser.

Air sex doll is best. It is wide famous because it is not expensive and everyone can easily afford it. you can hide it too. It just needed some inches space.

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