Found sex doll too expensive? This is the reason you came here. The making of sex doll at home is somehow difficult but not impossible.

Sex doll or realistic sex doll are famous in world and everyone want to use for their sexual satisfaction. Sex doll fun is compatible with sex and far better than masturbator sex.

First, as we know sex doll is available in many types. Realistic sex doll and TPE sex doll is one. Check its difference. Realistic sex doll is more expensive and better in pleasure.

So here I am recommending two methods of how to make sex doll at home.

Men would like to do for it because they can experience the pleasure of living and sex by their own making sex doll.

Two ways to make a sex doll at home.

One of them is about a realistic sex doll and might be difficult for you at home. Another one is comparatively easy to make. Of course, the level of pleasure varies in both types.

The making of love doll that matches the greatest fantasies is one that made by their choice and made by themselves. Let’s know about how to make own sex doll at home.

Method 1: Realistic sex doll

Most of realistic sex dolls are made by silicone material or any other high-grade good quality material. If you want to make realistic sex doll, then you definitely required a silicone material.

Required things: Silicon material, Cup, Sex doll framework, Sex doll accessories, small scissors.

Process: If your silicon is in the liquid form that’s good, otherwise melt the silicone material and then pour it in the cup. Make the colour powder in it. Make sure to measure the quantity of colour or every cup. It is important to keep the same colour of a realistic doll.

The different part with different colour can affect the attraction of the sex doll. You can change the complex of sex doll if you need. If you want a dark complex, add more colour otherwise keep it less.

Mix the colour with the silicon liquid, the skin of sex doll will be created. Mix it well. If you also take help of mixer or any electronic machine.

Now one by one, pour the coloured silicone liquid in the mould. After complete pouring of sex doll framework. Keep it to dry for a day in a safe place.

Carefully remove the framework. This homemade sex doll is without a face. You can buy sex doll accessories from the market to decorate your realistic sex doll.

The joints can have rough edges with silicone dust and lines. So carefully cut it out with a small scissor.

Important: As nipple is slightly different in skin and colour you can prepare it separately and then paste it to your sex doll.

Now, your homemade realistic sex doll is ready to use. Before using it, know about it well.

If you do not know how to use a sex doll, read this How to use sex doll.

Method 2: Underwear sex doll

With underwear sex doll process, you can build the imagination of lower part of women.

Required things: Underwear, 2 medium size towel, small towel, glove, belt and bands.

Process: Homemade sex doll with Underwear is easy to make.

First, begin with the penetration part. Use a small towel and sponge to make vagina part.

Check all process here. How to make towel sponge vagina masturbator.

If do not part to make vagina part, then you can bring it from the market too. Many sizes and type of masturbator are available. You can pick on them according to your desire.

Now, became the making of sex doll. Cut out the underwear to fix the masturbator or homemade masturbator. Be careful while cutting. Do not keep it lose. Fit the masturbator perfectly in the cut-out.

Now roll both medium size towel and fit it in both legs of the underwear. Keeps the rolled towel hanging for both legs, to feel like sex doll leg.

Secure it with the help of a band or belt. If you feel free space in the underwear, you can fix it with some more towels.

Now it is ready to use. Just pour some lubricant in the masturbator and have fun.

Customise sex doll can also build your expectation.

Yes, there are many sex doll company that accepts the customer request. Men can build their sex doll according to their needs.

User can build their sex doll specification as hips size, breast size, skin tone, hair, etc from their home. Just visit the website like Realsexdoll, Siliconwives, etc. fill out the contact formation page with your desire needs and submit the form.

It is not an instant solution. Customer has to wait for 1 month to receive their desire sex doll.

If you choose this option, then read these points.

  • Give every detail for your doll in brief. Give measurement of breast and hips in cm, mm, etc. An artist needs such information to brief the sex doll.
  • Active on your contact information. They can contact you if they have some question regarding your sex doll.
  • Choose full body sex doll or half body according to budget.

After waiting a couple of days or months, you will receive your own made sex doll at home. You can have fun and rest have to be maintaining it and keep it well.

If you need to hide the sex doll, refer my link: how to hide realistic sex doll. This can work your own build sex doll and customer sex doll.