Condoms are the sex toy that most people are familiar with. However, there are a surprising number of people who do not know how to use condoms properly. In this article, I'll show you how to use condoms correctly, with pictures to make it easy to understand!

In addition, there are many people who are wondering whether or not it will change the level of pleasure in sex. In conclusion, if you use a thin condom, you will have no problem with the feeling.

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  • You want to know how to use a condom properly.
  • You want to know how to measure condom size.
  • You want to know what will happen if you don't use a condom correctly.

If you have any of these questions, please stay with us until the end.

How to use a condom correctly

I have threatened you a lot with the problems that can occur if you don't wear a condom correctly, but there are no problems at all if you wear a condom correctly in the way I am going to show you. The order is as follows.

  1. Take out the condom.
  2. Remove the air.
  3. Put it on your penis.
  4. Slide the foreskin upward once.
  5. Roll the condom down to the base.

    Each of these steps has its own points for using the condom correctly, so let's check them out in detail!

    This time we asked Priya, a friend of sodipodi's, to take some photos of condom use!

    Things to keep in mind before using a condom

    Before you check out the specific ways to use condoms, you need to pay attention to these things first.

    • Do not use your fingernails when handling condoms
    • Do not use your teeth to open the condom package
    • Check the correct side (male side) before wearing
    • Do not put on a condom in the middle of sex
    • Do not neglect to check the expiration date

    Condoms must be handled gently and without fingernails, as their original function will be impaired if they are punctured. This is also the reason why condoms should not be opened with your teeth. The condom should always be opened carefully by hand.

    Also, condoms have two sides. (Male side and female side)

    Condoms in India usually don't have symbols or indications on the package that lets you know which side is which.

    As you can see, the orientation of the package is the same, but the orientation of the contents is different!So, you must check carefully with your eyes after taking the condom out of the package.

    If you put on the condom with the wrong side, it will not fit properly and the condom will not be effective.

    It is also important to remember that condoms should be worn from the beginning of penetration, not during sex. Both STDs and insemination are not only caused by ejaculation, but can be happen from mucous membranes touching each other directly.

    Finally, the expiration date of the condom is also important. Condoms have an expiration date on how long they can be safely used, and if they are used for a period of time beyond that date, the original function of the condom may be impaired, causing problems.

    With these precautions in mind, let's now move on to the specifics of how to use them.

    1. Remove the condom without damaging it

    The condoms we use are made by KamaSutra, one of the most famous condom manufacturers in India. They are very cost effective.

    First, take out the condoms. When opening the condoms, pull them tightly to the edge to avoid tearing them when opening.

    When the condom is firmly pulled to the edge, tear the edge to open it so as not to scratch it, and remove the condom without using your fingernails.

    The condom should be opened when the penis is erect and ready to be inserted. The condom should be opened when the penis is erect and ready to be inserted. It is often said that it is safe to ejaculate outside the vagina, but this is not the case at all. This is not true at all. There is a risk of pregnancy even if you have not ejaculated when you insert your penis into the vagina.

    2. Remove the air

    Once the condom is removed, the next step is to remove the air. At this time, make sure to check the back and front of the condom.The side with your finger in it is the male side.Check the orientation of the condom.

    The surface of the condom is as shown in the following picture.

    Keep the condom in this orientation and remove the air from the condom. The condom is made in such a way that a cavity called a semen reservoir is created to hold the semen during ejaculation.

    If air is left inside the semen reservoir, it can cause the dome to break. This is why it is important to press down on the semen pool with your hand to release the air while installing the device.

    3. Attach to penis

    Once you've pressed down on the semen reservoir with your hands, attach it to your penis. You can use your fingers to pull the condom down towards the base of your penis.

    4. Slide the foreskin upward once

    Once the condom has been applied to the base of the penis, slide the condom upwards, holding the foreskin of the penis down again. The condom will not come off when you piston.

    5. Pull the condom down to the base again

    After sliding the condom upward, lower the condom down to the base again.

    Now you're ready to put the condom on! You will definitely benefit from contraception and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases. It's not always easy to get a good fit at first, so we recommend practicing with a high-capacity, cost-effective condom.

    How to remove a condom correctly

    Next, check out the correct way to remove a condom. Just as there is an order when putting on the condom, there is also an order when removing the condom.

    Just as there is an order for putting on the condom, there is also an order for removing the condom. If you do not follow the order for removing the condom, there is a risk of semen inadvertently entering the vagina, causing pregnancy, or contracting an STD.

    1. Remove your penis from your vagina as soon as you ejaculate

    As soon as you ejaculate during sex, pull your penis out of your vagina. At this time, pull the penis out of the vagina while holding the condom firmly in place.

    It is very easy for the condom to come off because the penis does not maintain an erection after ejaculation. If you do not pull out your penis until some time after ejaculation, the condom will come off inside the vagina.

    2. Tie the end to prevent semen from leaking out and throw it away

    When you remove your penis from your vagina, tie the end of the condom tightly to prevent semen from flowing out. If you flush it down the toilet, it will clog the toilet, so please do not flush it down the toilet.

    Does a condom change the pleasure level of sex?

    The main reason why some people don't want to wear condoms is because they are concerned that using a condom will change the level of pleasure they feel during sex. There is no need to worry about this.

    The reason why people feel that their level of pleasure is reduced by wearing a condom is very much a psychological one. There is a belief that penetration without a condom is more pleasurable, and when a condom is worn, the feeling is somehow reduced by half.

    The best way to solve this problem is to use a condom that is made quite thin.

    Another problem is that it takes a lot of time to put on the condom, and the erection fades and feels uncomfortable. This can be remedied by practicing putting on the condom.

    Problems that can occur when condoms are not used correctly

    You need to know is the problems that can occur when condoms are not worn correctly. There are two main problems that can occur when condoms are not worn properly

    • Getting a woman pregnant (unwanted pregnancy)
    • Infection with STDs.

    Incorrectly fitting condoms include

    • The condom is not the right size and is too tight or too loose.
    • The condom is not properly applied to the base of the penis.
    • The back of the condom is wrong.
    • The condom has been damaged when opening it.

    Damaged condoms when opening. We'll show you how to avoid these later, but first let's take a closer look at the problems that can occur when condoms are not put on correctly.

    Making a woman pregnant

    One of the most common problems that can occur when condoms are not worn correctly is that they can cause a woman to become pregnant. Of course, since sex is an act of reproduction, there is always the possibility of pregnancy.

    Have you ever heard that condoms are only about 80% effective as a contraceptive? Condoms are usually said to be 100% effective in preventing pregnancy if they are used correctly. However, most of the time condoms are not used correctly, which is why they are said to be "80% effective".

    The most common reasons for pregnancy even with a condom are that the condom is not the right size for the penis and it comes off during penetration, or the condom comes off after ejaculation when the woman pistons her penis again without removing it.

    Infection with STDs

    In addition to contraception, condoms also prevent the transmission of STDs.

    There are various types of STDs, some of which can be serious enough to kill you. These STDs can also be prevented by wearing condoms correctly.

    However, there is a risk of contracting STDs if the condom is not properly fitted, such as if it is not the right size.

    One cheap condom costs about Rs8 to prevent, so you should definitely use it.

    How to choose the right condom for you

    Next, check out how to choose the right condom for you. First, check the circumference of the thickest part of your penis in the erect state with a measuring tape. It is best to choose a condom whose size corresponds to the size in the table below.

    Size S M L XL


    9.7~10cm 10.6-11.3cm 11.9 - 13.1cm 13.8 to 17.8cm

    ↑Tap the image in the table to purchase the corresponding product.

    Condoms can be purchased at drugstores, etc. If the condoms sold there fit perfectly, there is no problem. However, in some cases, the condoms may not be the right size. If this is the case, you will need to buy them through mail order.

    When using a condom, it is important to use it correctly in order not to spoil the pleasure and to receive the maximum benefit from the condom. And in order to use condoms correctly, it is very important to choose the right condom for you.

    The best condoms are the ones that fit your penis perfectly, not too big and not too small. If you have never looked into condoms for yourself before, this is a great opportunity to do so.

    Are you embarrassed to buy a condom?

    Condoms are a necessary sex toy for everyone who has sex, but you may be embarrassed to buy them. In that case, I recommend using an online store.

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    If you've never used a condom before

    If you've never used a condom before, you've probably read through this article as a primer for using condoms in the future. I'm not sure how many times I'll need to practice before I can use a condom.

    The number of times you need to practice will vary from person to person, but you will probably need to practice putting on a condom at least three to ten times before you can put it on smoothly enough to avoid any fumbling during actual sex.

    When practicing condom application, sodipodi used a masturbator to practice. It is very uncomfortable to put a condom on an erect penis and then just throw it away. In such a case, if you have a masturbator, you can use it for masturbation.

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    I have been using these masturbators for a long time, and they are all very durable and cost-effective.

    What is Freshlite? If you're wondering what Freshlite is, the following article may be helpful.

    By the way, I used this product when I practiced wearing condoms..

    KamaSutra Dotted 12
    Rs 110

    I recommend this product because it comes in a lot of packages and has a good cost performance.


    What did you think? In this article, I introduced the correct way to put on and take off a condom, and how to choose the right condom for you.

    Everyone is a beginner at wearing condoms. There is no one who can put on a condom well from the beginning, so it is a good idea to practice for when the time comes. In this case, using a masturbator is a great way to kill two birds with one stone: you can masturbate very comfortably and you don't have to waste condoms.

    The necessity of using a condom and a fresh light (masturbator) together is also explained in the following article, which I hope you find helpful.

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