Do hiding is the reason that stops you to buy realistic sex doll? Or you already had one but looking for the best hiding place away from prying eyes.

I know it is a common reason that Indian men too feel worried about for their sex toys. It is not limited to sex doll. Men want to hide their masturbator and masturbator cups from family and friends. Although, sex doll is realistic one and bigger in size too. It is a problem where to hide it and how to hide sex doll.

Indian society considers it is taboo. And it is an essential need for all the realistic sex doll user. I am explaining to you some of the ways that surely work for you and make your sexual life for better. You can pick any of one that makes you comfortable.

Let's begin how to hide realistic sex doll or blowup dolls.

Under the bed

The most common place to hide a large realistic sex doll is under the bed. It is common place that men pick to hide it whether it is sex doll or fleshlight or something else. No one explores under the bed. Like if people may check your cupboard, your personal stuff, even bedside cabinet but never go for under the bed.

It is the best way to hide your sex doll. But do not keep sex doll as it is. It can build up dust on it and maintenance gets difficult for you. You should keep it in some plastic box or cardboard box. It is okay to use the shipping box. That why I said not to throw packaging box in How to open and use sex doll post.

Put in a box

If you are low in budget then cardboard box or plastic box is most recommend. You can find a perfect box from your nearby store easily. While purchasing a box, first measure the length and width of your sex doll. It is good to buy a little large one with the measurement.

One more thing that you should consider is the material of sex doll. The material of your doll is compatible with the material of box or not. Like you sex doll has a high amount of oil bleeding like a male masturbator, then cardboard box will not work for you.

If you are looking for a quicker option, then try to find a zipper bag or suitcase. But it will be a little difficult to find a zipper bag in a large size.

Currently, I am using a cardboard box because my shipping box is completely broke. My realistic sex doll is made by high-quality TPE material and does not bleed too much.

Use padding

If you are box is transparent, and then it will be to hide anymore. You can create some cotton padding in the box around the sex doll or you can hide the sex doll box when some other boxes like clothes boxes, shoe boxes, etc.

In the closet

Thinking it is risky? No, it is safer too. Most of the closet has a locking device. If you have a key, then you can go for it.


Many of men do this. You will do be the one. Closets can also a good option. You can put a lock in it and no one can open it until your permission.

I recommend to hide your realistic sex doll on the top of the rack. In case, if someone tells you to open it. Most of people never loop up because it is difficult to reach and sex doll is bit heavy. Well, you have to struggle while placing it on top but it will work I am sure.

Sex Doll storage couch

Sex doll maker understands the hiding problem of sex doll. Most of Indians men want to keep it secret with their friends, family and even wife or girlfriend.

A couch that hides your sex doll discreetly. It looks like a couch and you can easily place it anywhere, even in the living room.  But it has space inside where you can place your sex doll with other masturbators too. It is big and discreet. It is a piece of modern design furniture that also enhances the beauty of your house.

No one finds that it is a box of your desire. Sex dolls are popular in the world and soon sex doll couch also get famous because every man wants to hide it in India, even in other countries too.

Other room in your house

Other room like storage room, technical and practical rooms. The room that you don’t use on a regular basis. Choosing another room, except the bedroom, is the best way to keep people away from your personal life.

Storage room is best, as my recommendation. Things can easily be lost in the storage room. It is not a big deal to hide it in the storage room. If you are still worried, then you can put a lock on it.

Now, you are ready to hide your sex doll and fulfil your sexual desire.

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