I have tried many different sex toys in my life. The cock ring is one of the best sex toys out there. The cock ring is one of the most recommended sex toys because it has many advantages.

  • They look erotic
  • Prevents premature ejaculation
  • Increases hardness
  • Increases the pleasure of ejaculation

Cock rings are beneficial for both masturbation and sex. However, many men are embarrassed to buy a cock ring. So, many men are seeking information about cock ring alternatives.

What you need Review
Cock Ring ★★★★★
Small Condom ★★☆☆
Hair Band ★★☆☆
Balloon ★☆☆☆
Bandages ★☆☆☆
Hand-holding ★☆☆☆
Tape ★☆☆☆
O-ring ★☆☆☆☆
Rubber band ★☆☆☆☆
Binding bands ★☆☆☆☆
Padlock ★☆☆☆☆

I have researched a lot of information and tried alternative cock rings. In this article, I will present various information about alternative cock rings.

I recommend using a real cock ring

I will now show you different ways to get the same effect as a cock ring. But before I do, let me tell you something important. You should definitely use a real cock ring rather than an alternative.

This is because a cock ring is a very delicate sex toy. If you use an alternative cock ring, you are in danger of causing serious damage to your penis.

You may not be able to enjoy masturbation in the future. Please be aware of this before looking at what I am about to show you.

10 alternative cock rings

I will now introduce ten alternative cock rings to my evaluation criteria. However, I have not tried all of the alternative cock rings.

However, I have not tried all the alternative cock rings, because some of them are difficult to prepare, and some of them are dangerous. I will explain this point in detail later.

1.Small Condom

What you need Condom
Impression Comfortable to use, similar to cock rings. The problem is that it can't be used repeatedly and it costs a lot of money.
Review ★★★☆☆

The most appropriate alternative to a cock ring, in my opinion, is a small size condom. If you cut off the bag part of the condom with scissors, you can complete an instant cock ring.

Just Fit Design Ssize

These condoms have enough elasticity and are originally designed to be worn on the penis, so they are safe. However, it cannot be used repeatedly, so it is cheaper to buy a cock ring.

2. Hair Band

What you need Hair band
Impression Very stretchy and easy to use. The downside is that the size is not adjustable.
Review ★★★☆☆

Hair bands for women are moderately thick and soft, making them a suitable alternative to cock rings. I was able to try it out easily since I just wrapped it around my shaft.

However, it is not adjustable in size, so if it does not fit your penis size, you should not force yourself to use it. It is a reasonably recommended category of alternative cock rings, but I found it to be less practical.

3. Balloon

What you need Rubber Balloon
Impression It has a texture similar to a cock ring. Just difficult to adjust the tightness.
Review ★★☆☆☆

If you tie your penis with a rubbery string such as balloons, you can get an effect similar to a cock ring. The feel to the touch is also very similar to a cock ring.

It can be used for masturbation just like a real cock ring, but I found it difficult to adjust the tightness. Also, it is difficult to use as a substitute for a cock ring because the knot will loosen little by little.

4. Bandages

What you need Soft Cloth
Impression Highly safe, but knot adjustment is difficult.
Review ★★☆☆☆

A soft cloth such as a bandage can also be used as an alternative to a cock ring. It is very easy to use as you just tie it around the base of your penis.

It is easy to adjust the tightness according to the size of your penis, so you can feel the effect of the cock ring. However, just like the balloons mentioned above, the knot gradually loosens, so I found it difficult to utilize it for masturbation or sex.

5. Hand-holding

What you need Nothing
Impression If you just want to check ho your penis changes, this is the way to do it. I could not apply it to masturbation.
Review ★★☆☆☆

This is the easiest way to experience the effects of cock ring.

Make the OK sign with your right hand and grip the base of your penis tightly; after about 20 seconds, you will feel the blood gathering in your penis and you will get a harder erection than usual.

It doesn't cost anything and is very easy. However, it cannot be applied to masturbation or sex. It is just a way to check what changes will occur when you squeeze your penis.

6. Tape

What you need Tape
Impression It worked to a certain extent. However, due to the fact that it adheres to the skin of the penis, it cannot be used for masturbation.
Review ★★☆☆☆

The method of wrapping the tape around the penis is also well known. It can be practiced quickly, so I tried it immediately using some tape I had at home.

The conclusion was that the effect was similar to cock rings. I could feel that my penis became harder and more erect than usual.

However, I was not able to utilize it for masturbation, because I felt a strong pain when I moved it, due to the close contact of the tape with the skin of my penis. The fact that it can be practiced immediately is good, but I still could not use it for masturbation.

7. O-ring

What you need O-ring
Impression If you can find an O-ring that fits your penis size, it might be good. However, if you think about the hassle, it is better to buy a cock ring.
Review ★☆☆☆☆

An O-ring is a rubber ring used to seal mechanical parts.

You may not be familiar with them, but you can buy them at home improvement stores or stores that deal with machine parts. The biggest disadvantage of this type of ring is that it is very difficult to prepare.

It is said that if you can find an O-ring that fits your penis size, it will have the same effect as a cock ring. However, it is very difficult.

I was never able to find an O-ring that was just the right size. Considering the hassle of searching for one, it is better to buy a cock ring.

8. Rubber band

What you need Rubber band
Impression It digs into your penis and hurts. It's fine for a few minutes, but not to be utilized for masturbation.
Review ★☆☆☆☆

Rubber bands are the most well-known alternative to cock rings. If you look it up, you will see that many men practice it.

However, from my experience of trying it once, I do not recommend using rubber bands. This is because rubber bands are very thin and very painful when wrapped around the penis.

They also dig deep into the skin and you risk getting stuck. It is a quick and easy method to try, but if you want to see the effect of cock ring safely, rubber bands should not be your choice.

9. Binding bands

What you need Binding bands
Impression A very dangerous method. I never had the courage to try it.
Review ★☆☆☆☆

I did a lot of research in creating this article. However, I didn't expect to find a man who has experience in using bundling bands as an alternative to cock rings. A cable tie is a tool used to hold cables together.

However, as you can probably already imagine, this is a very dangerous method, and once tightened, it cannot be easily removed, so please keep it in your knowledge. If you are interested, please practice at your own risk.

10. Padlock

What you need Padlock
Impression This may be an option for men who like SM. However, it would be cheaper to buy a cock ring.
Review ★☆☆☆☆

This is one of the methods that surprised me, as well as the ties. Some men have experienced putting their penis through the ring part of a padlock, locking it, and using it like a cock ring.

I, of course, have never experienced this, but it seems to offer a BDSM-like atmosphere. Considering how easy it is to remove compared to rubbers, it may be a method worth trying.

However, considering the financial aspect, it would be better to purchase a real cock ring.

Dangers of alternative cock rings

Many men have asked for information on alternative cock rings such as the ones I have mentioned. However, I still cannot recommend them, because there are various dangers associated with alternative cock rings.

  • They are not safe
  • Cannot be used for sex
  • Difficult to adjust the size

Cock rings are designed to be worn on the penis, so they are sufficiently safe. However, this is not the case with alternative cock rings. Is it really necessary to risk so much for the sake of Rs650?

If you want to be safe and satisfy your curiosity, the best choice is to buy a real cock ring.

You also need lubricant to enjoy cock rings safely.

You can also find alternatives to sex lubricant here.

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