About Me


I am Sodipodi, from India. I am 30 years old and take step towards the male sexual life.

On my site, you found all about the male masturbation and masturbator. I know there are a lot of Indian men who are not aware about it. Indians are mostly shy to discuss about all sexual things but they really want to know about it and also want to buy in their daily life. So I believe that I can share my experience to others to build up other sexual life better. I am user of masturbator from the last 3 years.

In the past 3 years, I research about male masturbation and how to improve it a lot. Previously i don’t know about that there are kinds of masturbator and fleshlight sleeves are available. But now I am aware of everything about it.

I found there is no website out there how shares their view for the Indian peoples and reviewing about the synthetic vaginas in front of the world. But I took this step in the favour of Indian.  After all, it is agonizingly obvious that today’s men really need to know more about their options.

For people such as "I do not know what kind of hole I should buy!",

I am making simpler for them. My goal is to help you make a right decision about masturbation and male masturbator so you can enjoy the sex toy in effective way.

Note: I pay attention to the latest information and best products on the site, but the contents are not 100% guaranteed. Because, due to the nature of the masturbator they are differences among individuals in how they feel and their preferences. Therefore, please note that it is not something that can guarantee the effect or pleasure. I am just sharing my experience.