Does using butt plug make you gay or straight? Do not scare to use butt plug. It is one of male Orgasm G-Spot that you every man should try.

Want to use Butt plug to achieve G-Spot of men? Every man has right to please their sexual needs like anal sex too. Do not scared to call us gay or straight. Buttplug is for all. Gay and men both can use it.

Every man wants to try buttplug. Although it is one and only penetration in the men body. The pleasure of using butt plugs is unforgettable and highly used by men only.

  • Do you feel such question before purchasing or using a buttplug?
  • Can buttplug is used by gay/straight?
  • Does using butt plug make me gay/straight?
  • Does it is painful?
  • Can I use buttplug and prostate toys being straight?

So the answer is, no the using of buttplug does not relate to sexuality.

Men sexual orientation is not determined what they want to try in bed.

There is no rule that resembles your sexual orientation with the use of buttplug of any other sexual act. The choice of pleasure yourself, the choice of performing sex act, the choice of please sex organs is an individual preference. It is not related to sexuality.

Indian gay or Indian men are about where you are sexually attracted either to men or women.

To pleasing the anal is types of pleasure that are common in men and gay. It does not determine sexual orientation in any situation.

Anal does not make you less gay or less straight men

There are a lot of men that like to use butt plug and perform anal sex. Likewise, there are many gays who do not like to perform anal sex. Hence, it doesn’t make them “less gay”. Likewise using or choosing anal sex as pleasure does not make you “less straight men”

Anal sex is the ultimate pleasure spot in male gender. It is also known as G-Spot of men. Well, anal fun is linked to prostate stimulation. The prostate is an exocrine gland in the male that is situated in the deep anus. The stimulation of prostate, of course, leads to ultimate P-Spot orgasm, but it also has many benefits.

So the prostate is common in men and gay, that stimulation of choice depends on you. And it does not thing that you should feel scared to call by anything by society.

Butt plug is second option after fingering.

A study says that about 24% of people receive anal fingering. Fingering is the act of pleasure the anal hole with the fingers. It is part of foreplay and many of man and gay love to do that.


Although fingering is quite famous in the gay people. Because likewise both gay couples can enjoy the mutual penetration act.

Fingering required a bit more preparation. The lubricant comes on the tops. Lubricant makes the insertion easy and makes it smooth.

Except this, other preparation like finger suck (that cover the finger like condom). The preparation in the fingering makes you safe from the STI (Sexual Transmitted infections).

It required a lot of relaxation. Keep the penetration process slow. Should start with the small finger to the middle finger.


Buttplug is highly used and safer to use in anal play. Well, the choice of buttplug for men or gay varies with the choice. Mostly buttplugs are not vibrating. If you want to try butt plug then can choose those too.

I will recommend some of the vibrating and non-vibrating options for you.

Start with a small size. Don’t try to copy the porn. If it is your first time after making the decision to use butt plug, then try to keep the full control on the use of buttplug.

My recommended butt plug for gay and straight men

GANSO Anal Plug Small Size
Black Golden Anal
GANSO Anal Plug Middle Size
Analyzer Rosso(Vibrating)