Doc Johnson, a famous sex toys brand

Doc Johnson,  a successful California based sex toys company. Of course, it is famous in California but as well as in all over the world. Now, Indian peoples are also aware of Doc Johnson toys. They have famous Doc Johnson adult toys that are famous in India like Doc Johnson vac u look, Doc Johnson 8, doc johnson american bombshell, etc for women and for men like doc johnson super sucker and many doc johnson pocket pussy named doc Johnson sasha grey and doc johnson pussy pump too.

Doc Johson is working for the many years, It is not new. It has been working since 1976, a time when sex toys are taboo even talking about sexual life is taboo in the world. There is also some place you can find in India where it is still taboo. But at metropolitan cities, Indian peoples are aware and prefer to use sex toys and masturbator to fulfil their sexual needs.

Doc Johnson is a company has over 2500 different product for the sex toys lover. It adds at least 100 new adult products in the list every year. People does not get bored with their product. When every time they add a new product, people get excited to buy them. It is one of highly selling sex Toy Company in the world like Fleshlight.

For male

Men can find three types of Doc Johnson sex toys for men. Doc Johnson builds realistic and non-realistic sex toys for men. Some of Doc Johnson pocket pussy are non-realistic but some are realistic that even modelled in the anatomy of famous porn stars like Jeff Stryker, Sasha Grey and etc.


Masturbator that is structured in the shape of the vagina either in realistic form and non-realistic form. Doc Johnson product has a wide range of masturbator for male, that better the male masturbation. Doc Johnson Sasha grey is quite famous in Indian men. It is structured in the Sasha grey's vagina texture. Men can clam their desire with it.

Cock rings

Cock rings that manage the blood flow in the penis and enhance the ejaculation time in men. Doc Johnson cock ring is wide in range and high in quality. You can find a combo pack of cock ring too. Doc Johnson also won a price for one of their cock ring. They won Cosmopolitan Magazine 2016 Best Couples Toy for OptiMALE Rechargeable Vibrating C-Ring.

Penis enhancement toys

Doc Johnson penis extension and Doc Johnson penis pumps are famous to enlarge the penis size. Doc Johnson also sells penis enhancement cream for men. Every second man wants to enlarge the penis size to pleasure their partner. From all Doc Johnson penis pumps, doc johnson robo suck 2 is quite famous in India.

For woman

There are a lot of realistic and non-realistic Doc Johnson sextoys are available on its official site and their partner's site. Doc Johnson realistic dildos, Doc Johnson bullet vibrator is famous in India. Women can find their suitable size dildo and vibrator. They have a wide range of toys collection for women too.

History of Doc Johnson

As I said above, Doc Johnson is working form since 1976. Founder of Doc Johnson is Ron Braverman, but now the company is managed by the CEO and son of Ron, Chad Braverman. Doc Johnson is the largest producer in sex toys and continuously spread their business in the entire world. They create, mould, package and ship about 75,000 products per week. It is has been working from the taboo era to now, things and selling are getting bigger.

Why famous?

According to my experience with Doc Johson adult toys, it is good but some of its male toys are expensive. I tried a famous masturbators and cock rings. Pronstar moulded Doc Johnson sasha grey is my first masturbator from this brand. It was a great experience. It gives an amazing feeling. I also tried the award-winning cock ring.

I know it was awarded as AdultEx 2019 Award for Best Male Product Range, not once but twice. I think 2019 and 2018.

Alternative of Doc Johnson

If you are looking for some alternative of Doc Johnson sex toys for men, I can suggest some of you. Here I am suggesting that I found better than Doc Johnson products in terms of quality, texture and price too. You can find the same product, even better product then Doc Johnson products.

Cock rings


This is one that I liked a lot. It is best for sexual intercourse with the partner. As you can guess by its name, it is a cock ring with rabbit ears. Yes, it has rabbit ear with little bush too. One of interesting thing, it is vibrating cock rings. I did not find Doc Johnson vibrating cock ring in India. But I found this. You should try this, it is pleasurable and gives enough vibration to you and your partner. The quality of these cock rings is also good.


Fleshlight - Pink Lady Stamina

This pink lady stamina fleshlight is special to increase the stamina without the concern of performance. You can purchase it from adultproductindia. I brought it from there. It is the original fleshlight. It has a number of bumps inside that give thrill effect on the penis during masturbation. I liked to use it for intense stimulation in my solo time.

Virgin loop

Virgin loop, a Japanese masturbator that is easily available in India. From my last years, I tried many masturbators but I stick to the Japanese one and of course this virgin loop. I think Japanese masturbators are well structured and good in quality. I found Japanese masturbator better than Doc Johnson. In this, you can enjoy 4 vertical lines with a horizontal lined structure from the inside. It gives wild and intense stimulation to the penis. I loved to you it and suggest you to try it.

Penis enhancement toys

Build Man Medical Plus

I don’t use penis enhancement toys as such. But this is the best from SexToys-India. You can try it if you are looking for penis enhancement toys.  It is battery operated and has a separate remote control to increase or decrease the strength. I think it is easy to use. I searched for it. If you can able to manage the strength, it is more effective. Sometimes or some penis enhancement toys doesn’t have such feature and its damage the penis tissue and even causes ED in men. That is more worst than having a small penis. But you can try it one.

Johnson robo suck 2

Johnson robo suck 2, an official penis enhancement toy from Doc Johnson. It is also good and famous in Indian and in world. You can also go for it. It gives sucking, vibrating and stroking effect over the penis.