Sex lubricant is a way to make masturbation more comfortable for men.

Some people may be considering making a sex lubricant at home to make masturbation more comfortable because they do not want to spend money on sex toys.

I have used a homemade sex lubricant in the past with such an idea, but I have had problems with my penis and even contracted an STD.

You should still buy a ready-made product that you can purchase from a store or website to enjoy masturbation.

Sex lubricant can be purchased for as low as RS199.

Instead of forcing yourself to make it yourself, you should buy it at a low price and enjoy masturbation with peace of mind.

Nururun Lube  30ml

In this article, I will show you the cheapest Sex lubricant you can buy in India and how to make lubricant for those who still feel the price is too high.

This article is also based on my own experiences with sex Lubricant, and introduces the dangers and what to look out for.

Recommended Cheap Sex Lubricant

Some of you may think that sex toys in India are expensive. This is not necessarily wrong, but it depends on the product.

Fleshlights and Masturbators tend to be more expensive because they take more time and effort to make, but sex lubricant and condoms are relatively cheap.

There are Sex Lubricants that can be purchased for Rs190, so you may consider buying them from the internet before using your own lubricant.

Nururun Lube, which is popular among both men and women in India because it is cheap and easy to use, comes in a 30 ml capacity for Rs190.

The amount to be used at one time is about 5ml, so if you masturbate every day, you can use it for about a week of masturbation.

If you feel that this is still too little, try purchasing other types that contain 45ml or 100ml.

Nururun Lube 30ml Nururun Lube 45ml Nururun Lube 100ml
Rs199 Rs299 Rs499

Substitutes for Sex Lubricant - daily necessities

I will show you how you can make Sex Lubricant with things you have at home with as little money as possible.

The categories are divided into daily necessities, oil-based, and grocery-based. Try to improve the quality of your masturbation with what you have at home.

Let's start by checking out the daily necessities that are alternatives to Sex Lubricant.

Sex Lubricant starch

Things you need a spoonful of potato starch, 100ml of water
Characteristics Preparation is required.
Smoothness similar to Sex Lubricant
Gentle on the skin
Satisfaction level ★★★★☆
Cautions Do not use this product if you feel any change in your body.
Rinse immediately after use.
[How to make it]

  1. First, add 1 teaspoon of potato starch to 50ml of water and stir well.
  2. Add another 50ml of water and stir.
  3. When the potato starch is well mixed, put it in a pan over low heat.
    Stir the mixture while it is on the heat and check if it is thickening.
  4. When it is thickened, it is ready. Then, cool and store until masturbation time.

You can change the thickness depending on the amount of potato starch.

If you don't have potato starch, you can also use wheat flour to make Sex Lubricant.

Potato starch is a seasoning that every household that cooks has, and many Indian men masturbate using potato starch.

Just mix water and potato starch together, and you can enjoy masturbation with a tender texture, so I recommend it.

I have enjoyed masturbating with my own homemade potato starch masturbator, and I found that potato starch was gentle on my penis and I was able to enjoy masturbating without any problems.

Potato starch Sex Lubricant will also enhance the quality of your masturbation.

Shampoo and body soap

Things you need Shampoo and body soap
Features No need to make.
Easy to wash off.
You can make Sex Lubricant with only what you have in your bathroom.
Good slippery feeling (not as good as commercial Sex Lubricant)
Satisfaction level ★★★★☆
Cautions Rinse with water immediately after use.
Do not use shampoo with strong cleansing power.
Avoid getting into the urethra.

By using shampoo and body soap, you can enjoy masturbation with the same feeling and pleasure as Sex Lubricant.

Body soap will stimulate your penis just as you normally wash your body.

If it is a body soap that you use every day, you can use it without any resistance.

Shampoo, like body soap, can also be used in the bathroom for a smooth, pleasurable sensation.

I have also experienced masturbation with various shampoos, but I found masturbation with the cool shampoo sold in the summer to be the most stimulating and pleasant.

Shaving cream

Things you need Shaving cream only
Features The Pleasures of Drafty
Easy to clean up afterwards
Satisfaction level ★★★☆☆
Cautions Wash off the shaving cream from your penis immediately after masturbation.

I squeezed a little more shaving cream into my hand with a little more foam. I looked up how to make sex Lubricant on a website and found a guy who used shaving cream.

I could actually feel the refreshing sensation when I used it. It may be a little similar to the pleasant sensation of summer shampoo.

The smoothness was weaker than that of shampoo or body soap. If you want to focus on a refreshing feeling when masturbating, I recommend this method.

After you are done using it in the bathroom, you can simply rinse it off with water and clean up afterwards.

I have masturbated with shaving cream several times and have had no problems with my penis.


Things you need Soap
Features Not as smooth as sex Lubricant.
Some soaps may damage the surface of the penis.
Satisfaction level ★★☆☆☆
Cautions Avoid using soap on the glans.

Soap makes masturbation as smooth as shampoo or body wash, but it can actually be dangerous.

Soaps contain surfactants, which are agents used to bring up the grime on the surface of the body.

Scrubbing with soaps containing these surfactants can cause pain in the penis and can lead to glans dermatitis.

I also experienced severe pain after masturbating heavily with soap.

The pain abated in a few days, but I would not recommend masturbating too vigorously with soap.

When using soap, try to avoid using it on the glans and try to finish masturbating in a short time.

Be careful not to keep the soap in contact with the glans for too long.


Things you need Emulsion only
Characteristics Some smoothness (not as good as sex Lubricant)
Dries easily.
The color is white, so you can feel the excitement that you don't usually feel
Satisfaction leve ★★☆☆☆
Cautions The white color makes you feel excited.
Do not masturbate for a long time because it dries easily.

If you take care of your skin on a daily basis, you can masturbate using the emulsion you have.

The emulsion is full of ingredients that make your skin smooth, so it can glide smoothly on your penis.

It is also visually exciting because it is a beautiful white color compared to other items.

The only concern is that it tends to dry out easily, so it is not suitable for prolonged masturbation.

When masturbating with milky lotion, try to finish it in as short a time as possible and wash it off cleanly.

Hand Cream

Things you need Hand cream only
Characteristics Dries easily.
Smoothness only right after application
Satisfaction level ★★☆☆☆
Cautions Wash off the hand cream from your penis as soon as you finish using it.
It dries quickly, so you need to masturbate for a short time.

Hand cream is not suitable for prolonged masturbation because it also dries out easily.

The hand cream felt nice and smooth the moment I put it on, but it dried out after a while and I had to add more than once.

I used a large amount in one masturbation session, so I think it would be better to use sex Lubricant, which can maintain its smoothness for a long time with a small amount.

You can probably buy sex Lubricant cheaper than hand cream.

Substitutes for Sex Lubricant - oils

Now that I have shown you how to make sex lubricant with everyday items you have at home, I will show you how to make it with cooking oil.

Perhaps if you search your kitchen you can find the item right now. If you can discover it, use it now and make masturbation a pleasant experience.

Coconut Oil

What you need Coconut oil
Features Maintains smoothness for a long time
Oil becomes warm with friction
Natural and safe to use
Price is higher than sex lubricant
Satisfaction level ★★★★★
Cautions Rinse off after use.

Coconut oil can be used as a safe sex lubricant because the raw material is natural.

When doing a hand job, the smooth glide will stimulate your penis and you can enjoy masturbation in high sensitivity.

Other oils may have a slight smell, but coconut oil has a soothing scent that you can enjoy masturbating with.

Coconut oil can also be warmed by your body heat, so you can feel warmth and relief when you masturbate.

The cheapest sex lubricant on the market basically does not come with a smell.

If you want a smelly and smooth masturbation experience, then this coconut oil is worth a try.

olive oil

What you need Olive oil
Features Similar to the consistency of sex lubricant.
Long-lasting slipperiness
Satisfaction level ★★★☆☆
Cautions Rinse immediately after use.
Be careful not to get it in your urethra.

Olive oil can also be used to recreate the unique stickiness and sliminess of sex lubricant.

It is not advisable to use too much just because it resembles the sensation of sex lubricant.

Since it is an edible oil, it may cause skin irritation if it is left on the skin after masturbation.

Use olive oil in the bathroom as much as possible, and wash off the oil immediately after masturbation.

It does not smell like salad oil, but it does not smell as good as coconut oil.

If you don't have any other items to enhance the quality of your masturbation, you can try this.

Salad oil

What you need Salad oil
Features As smooth as sex lubricant.
Difficult to remove the smell
Satisfaction level ★★☆☆☆
Cautions After use, it is sticky and smelly.
After masturbation, take your time to remove the smell and dirt.

Salad oil, which is probably present in most households, also works well as an alternative to sex lubricant.

The texture is similar to sex lubricant, and it stretches well and blends easily into the skin.

When applied to the penis, it will give you a shiny glow and increase your excitement when masturbating.

For masturbation, a spoonful is enough to increase the quality.

I have also had experience masturbating with salad oil, but the smell after masturbation bothered me.

If you wash it off with body soap for a few days, you won't have a problem, but the smell may not come off completely the day you use it.

Substitutes for Sex Lubricant - Groceries

So far, I have shown you a simple way to make sex lubricant with things you have at home.

The one I'm about to introduce is a sex lubricant made from groceries that I have at home, so I don't recommend it.

I myself have tried to make sex lubricant from groceries when I didn't have any daily necessities that I could use, but I couldn't find any items that worked as well as Lubricant.

It is definitely better to use cheap commercial sex lubricant than to use the groceries I am about to introduce, as it is not harmful to your body and can increase your sensitivity.

Egg whites

Things you need Eggs
Features Can be nibbled with the same slipperiness as sex lubricant.
Easy to dry and hard to clean
Satisfaction level ★★★☆☆
Cautions Hard to remove stains if dropped on clothes or carpets.
Egg white masturbation in a short time is recommended.

Egg white can also be considered as a substitute for sex lubricant. Check your refrigerator when you want to enhance the pleasure of masturbation.

You can use egg whites as a substitute for sex lubricant.

The biggest advantage of using egg whites for sex lubricant is safety. If egg whites get into your urethra during a hand job, you don't have to worry about it because there are no additives.

It is more viscous than you might think, so it is an excellent masturbation sex lubricant.

Egg white tends to dry out easily, so it is not suitable for prolonged masturbation.

When using egg whites, be aware of ejaculating early. You can also apply egg white to your penis after you are in some mood.


Things you need about 10 okra, a pot, a bag net that the okra can't penetrate
Features You can make it as smooth as sex lubricant.
About 10 okras are needed.
It takes time to make.
Satisfaction level ★★★☆☆
Cautions Use fresh okra.
You will need to purchase 10 okras as you will not have them at home.

The procedure to make Okra sex lubricant is very simple. Cut each okra into 1-2 cm slices in a circle.

Put the cut okra in a pot and add about the same amount of water as the okra and cook for 10 minutes.

After 10 minutes, squeeze it out in a bag net. After 10 minutes, put it in a bag net and squeeze it out. Then put it in a container and store it in the refrigerator to cool.

You will get a cool, sex lubricant-like smooth texture.


Things you need Butter
Features It takes time and effort to make butter oil.
Not as smooth as sex lubricant
Satisfaction level ★★☆☆☆
Cautions Rinse immediately after use.

This butter is gentle on the skin as oil butters are also products, but I felt it was not as effective for masturbation.

It's not as smooth and pleasurable as sex lubricant, and it takes time to melt the butter, so I wouldn't recommend using it for masturbation.

Also, butter contains a lot of oil, so if it is left on your penis after masturbation, it could be harmful to your health.

Use a body wash to clean up after using it.


Things you need Jelly
Features When you ejaculate with fine jelly in your urethra, the pleasure is doubled.
Some jellies may feel sticky
Satisfaction level ★★☆☆☆
Cautions When you are done using it, rinse it off completely until there is no discomfort in the urethra.

The first thing to do is to crush the jelly into small pieces that can be flushed down the urethra.

Transfer it to a container with a narrow insertion port and prepare it.

Watch an adult movie to heighten the feeling, and pour the jelly into the urethra just before ejaculation.

When you feel it go deeper than halfway into your penis, start ejaculating.

The sensation of the semi-solid liquid as it passes through the urethra creates a sensation that cannot be experienced in everyday life.

As the semen is expelled from the body through the urethra, the man feels sexually aroused and comfortable.

The large amount of semen that flows back up the urethra for dozens of seconds to several minutes is a feeling that cannot be experienced with normal masturbation.


Things you need Honey (and water if necessary)
Characteristics It is very sticky and far from sex lubricant feeling.
It is recommended to add water instead of honey alone.
Satisfaction level ★☆☆☆☆
Cautions If you use only honey, it becomes sticky and hard to wash off.

I trusted the viscosity of the honey and used it, but it was indeed too viscous.

I couldn't concentrate on masturbation at all because I was more worried about whether I could wash off the honey than the pleasure of masturbation because my hand and penis would stick together.

Since I used it in the shower, I added some water and it smoothed out the slide slightly. If you are going to try honey, please add water beforehand before masturbating.

I was so traumatized by the sticky feeling that I decided not to masturbate with honey anymore.


Things you need Jam
Features Because it contains sugar, it is very gooey.
It is recommended to add water.
Satisfaction level ★☆☆☆☆
Cautions Rinse thoroughly with body soap until the sticky feeling disappears.
Make sure there is no dirt around the glans and urethra.

Jam, like honey, contains a lot of sugar, so it is highly viscous and cannot achieve the smooth glide of sex lubricant.

Some jams contain additives or processed substances that can harm your body, so you might want to avoid using them for masturbation.

As you can imagine, food products that contain a lot of sugar can inhibit rather than enhance the quality of masturbation.

If you are going to use jam, try mixing it with water to make it more slippery before masturbating.

Cautions for using Sex Lubricant alternatives

Although I have recommended buying commercial sex lubricant at a reasonable price to masturbate with,

I have also introduced DIY methods for men who are curious and want to make their own sex lubricant.

As I told you at the beginning, it is safe to assume that homemade sex lubricant has a lurking risk of harming your body.

If you are worried about it, you should use a reliable sex lubricant like the ones sold on the website.

Stop masturbating immediately when you notice something wrong with your body

Homemade sex lubricant may or may not be suitable for you depending on your constitution.

If you feel pain or have any problems when you masturbate, stop immediately and wash off in the shower.

If you continue to masturbate with that sex lubricant because it feels good, it may become a big problem that will make you feel pain for days.

Always use sex lubricant within a reasonable range and enjoy masturbation.

Wash off immediately after masturbation

No matter which item you use, be sure to wash it after masturbation.

If you masturbate in your own room, you might wipe with dish paper or towel and finish washing.

If you use homemade sex lubricant, unwashed bacteria can grow and cause STDs.

After masturbation, it is best to take a shower to wash the dirt off your penis.

If you can, it may be easier to masturbate in the shower room and do the washing directly.

Avoid applying Sex Lubricant to the glans if you have foreskin

The glans of a person with a foreskin is very sensitive and may be prone to pain.

When the skin of the penis still covered the glans, I also felt intense pain when I masturbated while stimulating the glans with soap.

People with foreskin should be especially careful when using sex lubricant.

If you are not used to having a foreign object touching your glans, why don't you try applying sex lubricant to the rest of your glans and enjoy masturbating?


I have introduced how to make sex lubricant at home and how satisfying it is to masturbate with it.

In fact, it is cheaper to make your own sex lubricant with things you have at home, but there are some risks involved.

You may not be sure if the materials you use are compatible with your penis, and you may feel pain after masturbation or risk contracting STDs.

Sex lubricant, which is safe to use in India, can be purchased from Rs 199.

With over-the-counter sex lubricant, you can safely enjoy masturbation without thinking about the risks.

Nururun Lube  30ml

You have the option of using a homemade sex lubricant, but if you want to enjoy masturbation without causing any problems to your penis, I highly recommend a commercial sex lubricant.

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