Is it possible to enjoy masturbation without hands?

No, it is not impossible. It is possible to masturbation with hands. Let’s me tell you. Well, the reason for masturbating with the hand can be, you are injured, handicapped or something else. You found a number of ways and techniques to masturbate without hands like using a vibrator, pillow technique, focus on mind, being creative with imagination, watching porn, etc. I don’t know whether they worked or not. Because I never tried it yet. Well, the imagination in masturbation can enhance the masturbation fun that I surely said to you.

Now come to the point, how to enjoy alone without using a hand. I am recommended to use hand free masturbators. Yes, there are plenty of hand free masturbators available for such man who wants to enjoy the masturbation without hands.

What is hand free male masturbator?

Hand free masturbators are toys for men that give sex like pleasure even without using their hands. You are surely aware of sex dolls. Sex dolls are also considered as hand free masturbator. Because you can enjoy masturbation by moving your waist instead of your hand. There is no need to use hand with hand free masturbator.

Most probably hand free masturbators are large in size that way men can use it as a woman without using their hands.

Types of hands-free masturbator

See, there are three types of hand free masturbator are available on this site. I checked and analyzed these three of them and will make it easy for you to understand.

Sucker base masturbator: Such masturbator has some suction base that gets attached to the glass, tiles and wood.

Automatic masturbator: Such masturbator work on their own. There is no need to thrust by hand. Men just have to set it up and it starts working to please the men.

Large masturbator: Such masturbators have different types of sex dolls.

Can Hand free masturbator is easy to use?

According to my experience, it is easy to use. It might be difficult for you to eliminate the use of hand completely at first. But after 2-3 act with your hand free masturbator, you get comfortable and will enjoy it. As they are bigger in size, the user can easily hold it and place it in the right place.

The use of hand free masturbator is easy for me from the beginning to the end of masturbation. Eject the lubricant is easy, using it easy and after masturbation it is also easy to clean. I just used the water and sex toy cleaner to clean it. The rinsing of water is also enough sometimes. But it is difficult to wash the heavier one. But clean with wet cloth or towel is enough. You can use it by yourself and clean it by yourself.

Hand free masturbator option

Check these hand free options that you can try in your solo time. My recommendation may help you.

Use Fleshlight mount

Fleshlight India takes male sex toy to the next level in India. So they added plenty of official accessories to enhance the fleshlight use among Indian men. The cheapest option that takes masturbation to the hand free masturbation is Fleshlight Shower Mount.

Fleshlight Shower mount is a suction base adapter that holds the any of fleshlight and makes it hands free male mastuerbator. I know because I used this fleshlight mount for my all fleshlight toys. Fleshlight mount can easily attach to the tiles, glass and door. It is adjustable, men can adjust the angle of penetration by their comfort.

Purchase hand free masturbator

Hand free masturbator for men is an exclusive option for hand free masturbation. Hand free masturbators are available in bigger size than regular masturbator. To enjoy the hand free fun, you need to buy a bigger masturbator. Sex dolls, large masturbator, automatic masturbator, vibrating masturbator can be able to give hand free fun to a man.

Hand free masturbators are most similar like regular masturbator with bigger in size. Hand free sex toys for men can be used with water based lubricant or any other lubricant and then wrapping it around the penis. Now you just to move your waist instead of using hands.

Use blowup sex dolls

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Blowup sex dolls can be good options. It is better than to buy most expensive hand free masterbator. It is less in cost and equal in pleasure. Blowup dolls have a hole in the crotch area that used to fit your regular handheld masturbator in it. Likewise, you can able to use your all older masturbator. There is no need to but new handsfree masturbator to enjoy hand free masturbation.

Blowups dolls are great if you are looking for a versatile device for your home. You can enjoy your girl’s presence by its body. Blowup sex dolls are structured in full body. It has a head, legs, hands and crotch. During masturbation, man can try different sex position too with this hand free option. There are a ton of inflatable doll with different size of crotch hole. I have straight blowup doll.

How to use hand free masturbators

For the fun of hand free masturbation, first, you have to select your hand free masturbator. If you are using any of the above ways of hand free way, then first select the option.

If you are using hand free masturbator or large masturbator. You should definitely start with a lot of lubricant over the masturbator hole and your penis. After that, place the masturbator at the correct height. Once I try to fuck with uncomfortable height, it causes back pain to me. So remember this. Place the masturbator at a comfortable place and height.

If you are using suction based fleshlight mount or other suction based masturbator, then attach it your desire place with a comfortable height. Make sure suction adapter is attached tightly to the surface. Apply lubricant and start masturbation.

Same with blowup dolls, need to fix the masturbator first. Remember to fix it tightly. There are chances that the loose masturbator will come out while masturbation. Make sure the size of masturbator and size of the hole of a blowup doll.

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