If you are landed on this page, it shows that you already had a sex doll or are interested in the realistic sex dolls. Sex dolls are absolutely a good choice for self-satisfaction if you are looking for it. It offers great stimulation as well as real stimulation.

Silicone sex dolls are the most famous sex doll in India. Indian showing interested in the sex doll and also using it.

If you are a user of sex doll or thinking to use sex doll, then check these 10 interesting things that help you to use realistic sex doll more better.

Use lubricant

Without lubricant, sex is never comfortable then whether it is with a sex doll or real sex partner. Do not have sex with sex doll without plenty of lubricants. You can pick any of lubricant by your choice but it has to choice silicone safe and synthetic safe lubricant for the silicone realistic sex doll.

Important, goes beyond the level of fun and experience if a men use sex doll without lubricant it also affects and even can damage its synthetic fleshy part. As times passes, your sex doll starts falling skin or get damage. Ultimately it decreases the sex doll service time.

Never share your love doll

I heard many of men use sex doll to like threesome or more. Well, it is great but notes that you have unprotected sex with each other. It does not matter if it is a sex doll. The sharing of sexual things whether it is a sex doll, masturbator, fleshlight or women, is unprotected and not safe.

You should avoid the sharing of a sex doll with others. You can go for it you are comfortable with unprotected sex with others. Somehow, the using of a condom can also help you.

Dressing up your sex doll

Dressing up a sex doll is full of fun. You can dress your realistic sex doll as you want. The lingerie is top on list that men prefer to put on their sex dolls.

Well, it is depending on the fantasies, some are like to role-play with a sex doll. After all the sex doll is completely body line of women, so it is possible. Being your role-play customer like a nurse, policeman, etc.

Keep in mind when choosing a sexy outfit for her, some fabric has dyes and can leave a stain on it. Always check the fabric and dye. Be gentle to put on a sexy costume on her like a real girl.

Away from heat and sunlight

It is a maintenance part of your sex doll. Do not leave your sex doll under direct sunlight. The excess amount of heat and sunlight decay the skin of your realistic sex doll. Make sure, it is away from the home window and in a car too.

Sunlight contains UV rays and it is not good for the sex doll.

Clean your love doll

Cleaning is the major and most important thing that you should know if you are using a sex doll or any other sex toy.

To keep your love doll clean properly. Wash it after every ejaculation. The inside ejaculation in any of hole and build the bacteria in it with time. If you are using a condom, still it is good to clean it after masturbation. Although condom usage makes it easy and faster.

Avoid using hot water. It is good to use cool or lukewarm water and mild detergent. Be gentle while cleaning, do not put much pressure on it. After washing, do not forget to dry it. It is also a part of the cleaning of sex doll.

Be Kind

Be kind means treating him careful like you are kind to your girlfriend. When cleaning up or dressing up, don’t run her hand.

While using it, if you are acting foreplay like massage, kissing, or something else, you have to be kind. Do not move the sex doll very hardly. Remember sex doll may be fragile.

Correct love doll posture

Always keep in mind, while use, after use and before use that it is not good to leave the sex doll in irregular posture for a longer time. If you do so, its internal skeleton gets distorted and external skin get damage. When you finish your activity with her, put it in a natural position like straighten up her legs and hands for long term storages.

I want you to enjoy your sex doll fun for a longer time, after all, it is a big investment you have done.

Store it to save from deformed and lopsided

Place it away from the heat and sunlight is not enough for the sexy silicone sex dolls. No one wants a lopsided and flatten body in their sex doll. I am suggesting you two storing option that surely saves your love doll from deforming, the suspension hook and the flight cases.

The suspension hook is the best way that you can use. Just screw the hook in the body of your realistic sex doll to hand it in the cupboard. Make share to straighten up the arms and legs before hanging it in the place. Check there are other objects to press the doll. It is important if there is anything in the cupboard that put the press in your beloved doll, it is not good for it.

Another way, use a flight case. It is the safest and great way to transport your doll from one place to another. You should avoid leaving your sex doll lying on bed or seating position. After use, keep it in a safe place.

Women’s perfume and makeup

Women do it, so why not men?

Is’nt is interesting? The favourite fragrance of your women that help you to imagine her with a sex doll.  It is the perfect deal to try while making up with doll sex. But try to avoid alcohol-based perfume, it might harm the material of your lifelike sex dolls. It doesn’t matter, it silicone or TPE or some other.

If you wanted to apply makeup on her, recommended using water-based cosmetics only. Cosmetics like oil-based or chemical based harm the skin and texture of your sex doll. Treat your sex doll as you treat your lover.

Pre-heat the body temperature.

It is good to pre-heat the realistic sex doll to enjoy the real fun of women.  There are many heating systems is available that can heat up the entire body of her.

Remember, TPE material cannot resist the heat for a longer time. But you can use the hearing system on silicon sex dolls easily. You can use an electric blanket, vaginal warmers, etc as a heating system.

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