Are you looking for a perfect masturbator, but confuse between several types of masturbator?

Are you aware of kinds of masturbator?

Masturbator has multiple types in India. You should know if you are beginner. Here I am discussing masturbator types in India that help you to know masturbator better and help you to find your suitable masturbator. Let’s go

Masturbator is key to perfect masturbation

Sex toys are not only used by women to release their stress and feel good. Even men also enhance their sex lives with the use of masturbator. The masturbator is not restricted to the same feature and pleasure. There are kinds of masturbators that make erection bigger, longer and harder. Although masturbators are able to give a real feel of the vagina to the men. It is absolutely better to use in masturbator. I believe that masturbator is key to perfect masturbation for a male.

Various masturbator types India that every man should know.

I found, there are six types of masturbator that are broadly divided from various sites. All are different to each other with a level of pleasure and stimulation. This penis sex toys that perfect to try when you are alone at home.

Handheld masturbator

Handheld masturbator, that can also be used by hands. Mostly they are available in medium size, so men can hold it and use it regular masturbation. There are easily available in Indian. You can find it on the online store. There are many things in the form of feeling. If will find penetrative and non-penetrative toys in this masturbator. I definitely recommend to use non-penetrative types. Because it creates a vacuum and later if you get bored, you can cut it and can make penetrative one.

Handheld masturbators are available in three major entrance or orifice. First, obvious vagina for vagina fun. Second, anus for anal fun. Third mouth for blowjob fun.

If you are confused about the penetrative and non-penetrative type and its pleasure formula. Check here.

Pleasure and stimulation in masturbation

Handheld masturbator enhances the fun of hand masturbation. The pleasure and stimulation of such masturbator are high than the regular masturbator. Indian men can enjoy the fun of women entrance and women texture with such masturbator in India.

Handsfree masturbator

Handfree masturbator, that all Indian men are searching. With such masturbator, there is no need to use a hand. You can enjoy the fun of sex with a partner. Hand free masturbators for men give the power to enjoy the waist swing movement. Hand free masturbator can be a large one or a medium one. Some of hand free masturbators also come with the suction base, so the user can attach it to the floor or door for masturbation. It is not expensive in price. If you choose to go with large hand free masturbator like sex dolls then the price can get higher.

Pleasure and stimulation in masturbation

Pleasure and stimulation are extremely higher according to men. I like to use handfree masturbator only. By moving the hip, men can enjoy the pleasure of real women. It is a perfect masturbator for men to try as beginner or experience. Both can use it.

Automatic masturbator/ Vibrating masturbator

Automatic masturbator or vibrating masturbators are advanced technology in the masturbator for Indian male masturbation. Such automatic masturbator for a male can move automatically and entrap the penis for extreme pleasure. Automatic vibrators have various types like vibrating, rotating and piston types. Vibrating masturbator for men gives automatic vibrating in the sexual act. These masturbators are a little expensive but worth it to spend. It does not disappoint you in terms of pleasure and penetration.

Pleasure and stimulation in masturbation

The pleasure and stimulation are much higher due to the vibrating effect, rotation effect and some other extra features. Such automatic masturbator for men can able to deliver fun better than sex. Sue to automatic patterns, men can experience the service of women and their sex. You should try it once, I liked to you automatic masturbator machine in alone time.


Fleshlight, a masturbator with a case. Yes, flashlight has two parts, the inside soft part that is used to penetrate and the outer part that holds the soft part and makes it easy to use. The fleshlight soft part is known as fleshlight sleeves.  It is a world-famous brand as fleshlight for men. Fleshlight masturbator sleeves are available in many structures, even with celebrity vagina structure. The user can enjoy the fun or their favourite pornstar like Lisa Ann, Katsuni, Jesse Jane, Asa Akira, etc. If the user wants, they can change the inside sleeves for multiple pleasure

Pleasure and stimulation in masturbation

Male fleshlight is famous as an artificial vagina or pocket pussy masturbator. The pleasure and stimulation of fleshlite are high because they are made by super high material and available in many textures. A beginner can find their soft texture, as well as an expert, can find their rough rigid texture.

Sex Dolls India

Sex doll India, everyone aware of it. It is a replica of women or we can say dummy of women. Sex Dolls in India is highly demandable nowadays. Indian sex dolls are not just replica of mouth, ass or vagina. It is a complete part of the body. Sex dolls or Realistic sex dolls are absolutely real in structure and seems real in pleasure. Sex doll price India varies with the structure and model of it. It can be expensive or super expensive. You can purchase it from online sex doll store.

Pleasure and stimulation in masturbation

Sex dolls or large masturbator are a lot more than just giving pleasure. It does not have a hole but it has complete body parts. It gives the best presence of women and better foreplay with penetration to the men. It is extremely high in pleasure and stimulation. You can use legs, torso, arms, should, etc entire body to take advantage of it.

Tenga Cups or disposable cups

Tenga is one of famous masturbator company that is famous in India too. Tenga’s disposable cup or masturbator cups are for beginners. Masturbator cups are sponge type from the inside. It feels soft and smooth. Masturbator cups are self-lubricated, there is no need to inject lubricate into the sponge before male masturbation. The price of masturbator cup is not expensive. They are one of cheap masturbator category for Indian male. Such toys for men are a one-time toy. There is no need to wash it after having fun.

Pleasure and stimulation in masturbation

While using in masturbation, masturbator cup or disposable cups gives an extremely soft feeling to the penis. It is good to start the use of masturbator for masturbation. Inside sponge material varies and delivers different stimulation to the penis. It is good to use a soft sponge masturbator cup for the first time.

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