Reasons why penis changing color?

Sometimes it happens in men, that the man’s penis started changes color like purple and red. As we all knows that everything happen because some reasons, this is too.

Sometimes they penis may become purple or red because of the blood flow and generally according to the sexual activities. As we can see that when men’s penis is erected the color is slightly darker than real. I mean this often happens when a man experience arousal. There are also many reasons behind that.

But it is strange or abnormal; in some cases men also can feel pain and itchiness that is the time when you have to meet your doctor and consult the problem because changing penis color may be a sign of a serious infection, injury and circulation issue. The urologist is the best doctor for penis related problems. Because sometime primary medical attention is not enough for you. So let’s check out more causes of changing color of penis.

You may have bruised your penis.

First of all we have to understand what is bruise. It is basically a type of hematoma tissue. It is develop when the tiny blood vessels break out and leak blood under the skin. Sometime this also happens because of some tiny injury in your penis. For example, the zipper mishap, rough sex or rough and intense masturbation can also case the bruising.

When the bruising is more serious than the penis starts changing color or shades like deep purple or red. Typically the minor bruise fades without treatments within weeks. If it’s doesn’t and if the pain and the tenderness is continue than you have to see your doctor.

But as we know we all are worrying about our body and especially the genital parts like penis. We can’t wait for few weeks. Or sometimes pain is severe and cause of that we have to go to the doctor.

You might be having an allergic reaction.

Sometime a medication can trigger serious allergic reactions like Stevens Johnson syndrome and it cause the red and the purple rashes on your genitals and other parts of body. Stevens Johnson syndrome requires the emergency care if you face something like that than you have to go to your urologist.

What are the anti-bodies for Stevens Johnson syndrome?

The Stevens Johnson syndrome medication includes :-

  • Ibuprofen
  • Anticonvulsant medications
  • Antipsychotic medication
  • Naproxen
  • Antibiotics
  • Sulfa based antibiotics.

You might have purpura?

Purpura also known as blood spots that we can see on the skin just like red and purple blemishes on the skin. These spots are not results of any injury to the penis. Instead, purpura is often the symptom of an underlying condition.

Purpura happen because of some main reasons like: - bleeding and clotting issue, medication side effects, nutritional deficits, inflammation of blood vessels etc.

You might have an STD

Yes it also can happen because of the sexual transmitted disease. Red or purple dots on penis are a result of syphilis sexual transmitted disease. Syphilis is a bacterial infection.

The purple penis also results of genital herpes. If you feel so much pain, itching, burning, painful urination, fever and fatigue than you have to consult to the doctor. The syphilis and the genital herpes can be treated and managed though there may be lasting complications.

You have a serious health problem. 

Sometimes your health problems can affect your genital parts. Health problems like liver failure or congestive heart failure. It can cause fluid overloaded in your body that makes your penis and scrotum swell.

Also the bleeding disorder affects your blood clotting ability, and this is the cause of platelet disorder and the coagulation disorder and it could be factor of penile brushing too.

The process of clotting is quite complex and therefore any disturbance in the passage may cause you to have additional bleeding (in the penis or elsewhere). Low platelets can occur as a result of various conditions - cancer, chemotherapy and viral infections. "Most of these reasons are rare and unlikely not to negate cutting your penis.

When to see a doctor

A man have to be seek out his doctor if they feel the problem is unexplainable just like changing in penis color, especially when you can feel much pain and discomfort. You also may see the doctor when you feel like: - swelling in penis and also the testicles, blood in the stool, painful urination, if there is known injury, nosebleeds, and intense pain during sex, blood in the urine, pain in joints and the abdomen etc.

A doctor can treat you with perform a physical examination and ask some questions about your health and some case history. They may also run some test to determine your exact situation to treat you in better way. Doctor can easily treat you in that case you just have to take proper mediation.

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