Are you looking for the meaning of hastmaithun or Hastamaithun?

Hastmaithun or Hastamaithun is the word that is used by Indian to stimulate themselves in the sexual term. Basically, it belongs to the Hindi language.

What is hastmaithun in English?

If you want an exact word for hastmaithun, then it is masturbation.

Hastmaithun or masturbation is sexual acts that perform in the absence of partner by touch your private part to feel good about yourself. Every person does it and in different ways.

Men and women both take part in hastmaithun and masturbation. Check a study that conducts on masturbation between men and women.

During hastmaithun practice, most of people love to imagine their beautiful moment to make your comfortable and makes themselves arouse for the orgasm.

If someone does masturbation, it aims to achieve orgasm. Orgasm is another sexual word that gives satisfying sexual life. Orgasms can achieve by sex with a partner or with self Hastmaithun.

How are involve in hastmaithun?

As I said, hastmaithun is a natural practise that is done by men and women or girl and boy.

According to many surveys, masturbation is mostly liked to start in the adolescence or puberty. During puberty in the age of 16 or 17, the desire to do it in boys and girl start and grow.

Well someone of young people’s do not perform hastmaithun, until they feel to do so.

Is hastmaithun is good to do or not?

There are many misconceptions of hastmaithun (Masturbation myth) are spread in the world. But the truth is different.

There is no side effect of hastmaithun on health. It is a natural way of clam their own sexual need and makes themselves a good feeling. It gives happiness.

You surely heard of that hastmaithun reduce lower sperm count, decrease eyesight, etc. No, it doesn’t, instead it better than health like reduce the risk of prostate cancer, reduce stress and make men and women happy in their solo time.

Using a male sex toy is okay for hastmaithun?

Male sex toys are not new for the male. There are different kinds of male masturbator are available for men that match the fun of real sex and give pleasure in hastmaithun.

Among all, fleshlight India is highly famous male sex toy in India. They are safer to use until men have no problem to use it.

Masturbator for penis and prostate dildo for anus are highly used by men and gays. Yes, gay also try to make sex toys to enhance their sex life with a same-gender partner.

It should be taken care do it can hold the same pleasure for you for years.

You can check how to masturbate, best masturbation technique with me.

Do not use those sex toys that are dirty. It is harmful to the penis and anus. It is good to wash them first. Still, you have doubt, you can go with the condom for best ever hastmaithun.

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