When it comes to the self-pleasure or masturbation, ejaculation is the hot topic among Indian man. Although today young people are interested in self-pleasure a lot with a lot of question like:

  • What happens if we release sperm daily?
  • Daily masterbution is good for health?
  • How often men should release sperm?
  • Can masturbation affect the sperm count?
  • What are side effects to release the sperm daily?
  • Is it good to release sperm or not?
  • What happens if a man never releases sperm?
  • What are the side effects of male masturbation?

And many more

If you have such question or believe in masturbation myth related to sperm or semen, you need to give attention to this article.

What happens if we release sperm daily?

First of all, ejaculation and release sperm daily or randomly is a natural process. It is not bad at all to take out sperm daily.

Certainly, it might cause tiredness just because of physical strength. It is the same as doing work and play. Right? Need physical strength.

Production of sperm is a self-made thing in the body. There is nothing wrong to put it out.

Can you run out of sperm?

No, not at all. Ejaculation does not affect your sperm count. You never be ran out of sperm because it is a surplus process in a male’s body. It is a continuous process.

Never will be shortage of sperm

When men ejaculate too much either with naked masturbation or with masturbator, obviously the amount of sperm decreases gradually. Right? But there is a concern in every male’s mind that it gets disappears due to too much ejaculation.

However, the production of sperm is in the body is continuous. In fact, the male body continuously produces 1500 sperm every second. Means a few million sperms per day.

So the amount of sperm does not change even it is ejaculated. Rather the rate of sperm count will rise, so ejaculation itself is a good thing for men.

But the amount of sperm is still decreasing?

The case is not like that, the secretion of sperm is decreasing. The production of sperm is still continuing and same. The secretion of sperm from the seminal vesicles is decreased, that why men start believing that it is a side effect of over masturbation. The sperm counts will return to its final amount again within 1-3 days.

Sperm is constantly produced in the body, so it cannot be enough to ejaculate whether in masturbation or in the vagina or in masturbator.

What happens if the sperm doesn’t ejaculate from the body?

Whether you ejaculate or not, it has zero effect on your body, sperm count and overall sex drive. An estimated and study gives on masturbation say that it is good to ejaculate 21 times in a month.

It’s not bad to ejaculate, but don’t have the benefit too!!

Ejaculation does not have any side effect on health and life. However, there are many benefits obtained by ejaculation.

First of all, this is a natural process in human being and the human body that older things are replaced by the new one.

That why you need a mechanism to replace the sperm and semen. Sperm is absorbed by the body when it gets older so it gets replaced by the new sperm cells.  It is a mechanism of 3 weeks, sperm absorbed by the useful and useless parts if you are not ready to choose ejaculation. The useful parts like proteins and mineral and useless are secretion thought urine.

Sperm status and the process will be the same whether you ejaculate or not. But doing can give you some benefits of ejaculation.

How to release sperm

The common practice to release the sperm from the body is masturbation or having sex. I think every man knows about it. But I want to introduce the complete new way using masturbator.

A masturbator is designed for the penis and very comfortable for the penis. You do not need to change the grip or size, just hold it and use it. You can easily release the sperm inside it and wash it easily later.

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