We know that, Masturbation and sexual activity provide physical satisfaction..............


Using masturbator and performing sex harmful when you take it in excess because you may feel many physical losses after doing that it.

Today, we will discussing What happen if you block sperm from coming out?

Let’s go.

Don't Masturbate for Some Days, Then What Happen

When someone doesn’t masturbate for some day then sperm cells get self destroyed and also reabsorbed to other body part or  body cells. Most of the cells are move to the penis and get ready to outcome.

When someone face this problem they are not able to makes decision because they feel embarrassing due to self releasing of sperm.

Doing masturbation provide relaxation, stress free mood, complete enjoyment, good sleep, etc. But it is clear that if you masturbating excessively then you may also feel weakness, vision change, back pain, etc.

Don’t do masturbation in excess and never hold sperm for several days otherwise you will feel weakness and many physical losses. You should release sperm in a week one to two times maximum.

Effect of Blocking Sperm When Ejaculation or From Coming Out


You cannot avoid ejaculation when you achieve orgasm because it is the way to try to find physical satisfaction. Never try to blocking sperm when ejaculate it has many effect on the body or genitals and semen.

Semen is made up of sperm. It is fluid from the Cowper's glands, fluid from the semen vesicle, and fluid from the prostate gland.  

Semen vesicles and the prostate produced most of the semen amount. Every ejaculation provides thousand of sperm, although according to volume sperm make up only a small percentage of semen.

Is There Any Side Effect of Not Releasing Sperm?

Yes, there are many side effects of not releasing sperm in several days. This side effect can be semen related, body related or mind related. It depend upon the situation.

Which create many disorders in our body when we are tried to block releasing sperm....?

Sperm Count Quality Decrease

If you release sperm according to body needs, then sperm quality or quantity doesn’t get any effect. If you block sperm from many days in your body then the sperm count quality decreases as compare to normal days.

So you should take masturbation or sexual activity according to own need which is provide freeness and stress free mind and also increase your sperm quality for fertility.

Sometime Self Ejaculate

If you never masturbate or having sexual activity of many days then according to body changes or orgasm moments, you self ejaculate.  Even when you feel little sensational activity over penis.

It increased disease when you try to block your sperm of several days, so don’t do that, believing your life enjoyment. Masturbation and enjoyment always beneficial when you feel try to do.

Nightfall is one of them. Because most of the people face thid problem when they block there sperm of several days.   

Dissolve Sperm Cells

Inside body, blocked sperm dissolve and get reabsorbed and mixed in blood cells, heart cells, etc. Older sperm may die, and some of these moves on down the tube and get ready for ejaculation.

Overall we can say, the sperm may effect when you don’t release from several days.

Not to Ejaculate May be Beneficial

Not to ejaculate frequently has many side effects but sometime it is may be beneficial for men.

Let’s look out.

According to many research, testosterone level get increase when men do not ejaculated for seven days. At a stretch, it is complete prove that, low testosterone levels cause muscle strength and tone loss and many type of face problem.

So we can say sometime, not to ejaculate may be beneficial for me, it can measures that help to increase testosterone levels.

You can feel confidence for any sexual activity in front of the partner because your confidence became more without ejaculate in daily return.

You can focus your work as well as try to do something best in your daily life.

Not Releasing Sperm is beneficial for longer Sex

If you block sperm for several days then you may able to do long sex, because in this period penis sensation may be less and after that you feel complete enjoyment as well as maintain your stamina at long time.

Men comfortable on the bed because he cannot distract in front of the partner and also able to satisfy their partner with the penis.  But blocking sperm or ejaculation gives many side effects; never do that by force, if it is happen automatic in your life then its ok.

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