What a male orgasm feels like is less talk-active. According to rumor, women are three times more comfortable than then. But what do men actually feel like?

Does male orgasm differ drastically and psychology by changing different ages and experience.

What exactly going in male body and mind when he ejaculate, during sex or hand masturbation and sex toy masturbation. Let’s know about that.

Brain shut off.

Rahul, a designer, said that he is not in his sense. It is like somewhere in deep forest where he lost. It is go difficult to explain the state of mind when it comes to male orgasm.

Brain shuts off is linked with the pleasure achieved in the masturbation. Men are only enjoying that pleasure and forget all about it. He also said that everything changes in just a second after ejaculation.

It is most powerful thong in sex and masturbation. If men are not in sense that means it is in deep climax or pleasure.

Awesome sense of pleasure. In alone masturbation.

Raj said that- There are time when I feel horny and masturbate. But when I ma doing it alone with same horny state, it’s completely different. Orgasm feels 50 times more better.

So, male orgasm feels more better when it goes to do alone. It’s not just about their own hand or some masturbator, but also the emotional satisfaction. The sense of accomplishment changes completely and its goes favorite for men.

If you ask any men to get orgasm, they always prefer to do in alone situation.

Its lot of patience

Alok, A engineer said that, For me, male orgasm is like a lot of patience. It is universal thing in men world. It is not easy to reach male orgasm in just a second. Having a patience in masturbation goes to the successful masturbation.

Masturbation is a activity that required a complete masturbation technique. It is not just touching get horny and touch penis. To get orgasm, you need to follow technique, have do some practice. Definitely it needs patience.

Ejaculation intensity depend on how long holds.

Vijay, 22 year boy said that he is most intense ejaculation happen when he hold for few seconds right before having orgasm.

Ejaculation intensity and pleasure varies on how long men can hold it at the climax. This is alos a famous technique men for masturbation known as edging. Where men hold their ejaculation- before ejaculate. It leads to unforgettable male orgasm.

It feels like passive energy

Gaurav, a gay said that his orgasm is depending on whether it is having masturbation or sex. Masturbation for him is really a necessity. For him, masturbation is better and full of passive energy.

After discuss view of different MEN. These are the feeling of men. Male orgasm seems

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