Virgin Loop


Product name
Selling priceRs 2,429
Masturbator typeHard masturbator with handy size

Virgin Loop Hard is Hard masturbator. It is hard in material, hard in texture and hard in stimulation.  I can believe Virgin Loop Hard easily because I tired its other series toys.

Virgin Loop Hard is a new toy of Virgin Loop. The pleasure and stimulation are so different in both the masturbator. It is affordable who want intense stimulation. All user should use its soft masturbator first then come on it. Well, any use of soft masturbator makes you perfect to came to this masturbator.

Virgin Loop hard is made by hard TPR material according to the site where I found it. But the material is harder than the previous masturbator.  It is same in a structure like Virgin Loop. The clover shape structured from the inside with hard material makes it an expert toy. It gives strong and deep masturbation and ejaculation within some minutes.

Let start with the beginning.

The material is not stretchable enough. It is moderate and transparent in colour. You can partially see your dick from outside. The odour of material is negligible. As the material is hard, oil bleeding is also negligible. Oil bleeding is the problem in the masturbator and it is not shown in it when I opened it.

Speaking of Virgin loop, it is narrow and hard. The internal structure is the same and clover shape structured can see from outside. The entrance hole is also same as Virgin Loop. I tried to insert in it. I felt the hard lined texture.

I used some drop of lubricant and proceed. Still, I felt some hardness. It was my first time with a hard masturbator, so I don’t know how it will go, so I decided to use more lubricant. I used good amount of lubricant over penis and inside the masturbator.

The entrance id quite tight and I entered in it with the help of lubricant. The inside is quite narrow. The wall created good stimulation. I felt the interior is light narrow than Virgin loop, There is a feeling of being push back when I release my hand.

The clover-shaped structure made the material harder, so the entrance part was easy to penetrate the glans when inserted, and I felt it annoying with a sensation of being about once every few strokes. Of course, I think each person has their own tastes, but the soft bungee touch material in front was probably better.

The durability of the material seemed to be no problem at all.

Maintenance of it.

The oil bleeding is negligible, so the maintenance of super easy. This is a good point of hard masturbator. There is no problem of excess oil bleeding.

After use, I just take it out and rinse it under the water. Flip it over is also possible. So you can easily flip it to clean it from inside. Washing with water is enough to clean it.

Benefit point to use Virgin Loop

Number of benefits that I noticed as per my experience.

Special clover shape structure

The inside clover shape structure is a surprise for all the Indian man. I used so many masturbators but do not found such texture in any of masturbator. The tight wrap of this clover-shaped structure on penis gives unique touch and pleasure.

Biggest attraction is a tight entrance

The tightness and strength is key benefit of this masturbator. Tightness in vagina deliver the different pleasure in the same way, different tightness in the masturbator also delivers better pleasure and play.

New experience who get bored with normal masturbator

Using masturbator is always fun. But keep repeating same masturbator or same types of masturbator can get boring for you like me. Virgin Loop Hard can be new for you. I say, it will be new for you. The hardness and tightness give new experience to you in masturbation.

Ejaculation training toy

Many men use masturbator for rehabilitation. Virgin Loop hard can work perfectly to make you cum sooner and faster. The stimulation and tightening of it create good pressure over the penis and will make you ejaculation within some minutes. But I recommended using this Hard masturbator with other soft masturbators.

Bad point to use Virgin Loop

Should check out these too

Chance to lost enjoyment in real.

Virgin Loop hard masturbator delivers the pleasure that is not delivered by the women at all. It is not as tight as women vagina. If men get used to this tightness, then they lost their interest in the loose sight of the vagina. The tightness of virgin loop is so intense. It makes me crazy about sex and there are chances that men get addicted to it.

Not for beginner

Virgin Loop Hard belongs to hard masturbator and it is not suitable to use by first time user. A beginner should only go with the soft masturbator. It gets too intense for you if you are a beginner in the masturbator.

Required little more

The tightness of Virgin Loop Hard is even better than many masturbators with its clover shape structure from inside. It tightens and hard. It is necessary to use a lot of lubricants to make things easy. Lubricant creates a smooth surface and also decreases the sharpness of the texture. Lubricant decreases pain and hurts less.

Summary: Virgin loop Hard

Men who want more hard and intense feeling, Virgin Loop Hard for them. It is double in pleasure than first-generation (soft masturbator-Virgin Loop).  It has a strong stimulus to more than imagination. Best for the up and down movement.