A very population of men in India is aware of that there is different types of masturbators are available for them. Maybe it is because of, they are not as much famous than women sex toys. Indian male masturbation can get better with the types of masturbator. Penetrative, Non- penetrative masturbator and Disposable masturbators are the types. Check below

Is there a huge difference in between both types of toys for men?

Yes, there is a huge difference between the types of masturbator that why they are terms as different masturbator types. Different types of masturbator with different types of structure give different types of stimulation to the men. Men should aware of different types of masturbator if they are thinking to use them. A perfect masturbator is difficult to find.

Is there stimulus quality is different?

Yes, one is able to give tightening and sucking effect to the penis. Where another one is not.

I want to know exactly what they are? I think there are many peoples who think so

Here is a brief description of penetrative masturbator and non-penetrative masturbator (types of masturbator) with their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s know about them.

What is penetrative male masturbator?

Penetrative Male Masturbator is masturbator with a hole from the starting to the end of the masturbator. It is also known as through type masturbator. It is the most basic type of masturbator. It is like a ring where both the ends are opened. Men can penetrate their whole penis in the penetrative masturbator.

The penetrative masturbator is good to use who have wanted to kept open their sensitive glans. In this type of masturbator, men’s glans is opened because it is open from both ends.

Penetrative masturbators are cheaper in price because they are relatively easy to manufacture in the manufacturing stage. It is suitable for the beginner men to come in the masturbator world.

Benefits of penetrative male masturbator

Penetrative masturbator has a lot of advantages. Due to its special structure, it is easy to clean. Men can clean it just by passing the water through it. There is no headache to clean it by flip or forceful open the hole.

Due to its both open faces, it gets dry easily. Drying and eliminating of moisture from the masturbator is essential to keep it for longer. Every masturbator user is aware of it. It gets dry easily because air can pass through it and also it has a wide opening as compared to other types of masturbation. Penetrative masturbators are easy to maintain.

Another benefit of penetrative masturbator is, they are cheap in price. It doesn’t mean that if they are cheap, its stimulation is also weak. Even you can control the pleasure by holding it with the hand and allow pressure over the penis.

Disadvantage of penetrative male masturbator

Penetrative male masturbator does not match the pleasure of non-penetrative masturbator. The penetrative masturbator is open and releases the air. It just makes men comfortable by rubbing. It feels like a normal penis masturbation. Such masturbators are unable to create the vacuum inside the masturbator. The so-called vacuum feeling inside the masturbator enhances the inner feeling for the penis by tightening it. This tightening cannot achieve by the penetrative masturbator

In addition, it is difficult to perform neat and clean masturbation with this masturbator. Because the hole is opened and the ejaculation can be passed from the masturbator hole and messed up the things. The semen will jump out of it.

What is non-penetrative male masturbator?

The non-penetrative masturbator is masturbator with a single hole at one end only. It does not have a ring type structure. It’s one end is opened and another one is closed like a vagina. Most of the men prefer to use this type of masturbator. Because it stops the insertion like a women body.

Men can take advantage of this masturbator completely from the top to the bottom, even on glans. It stimulates the glans with the penis shaft. Non-Penetrative masturbators are complex and large in size. They are the general handy type and also known as handy type masturbator.

Non-penetrative masturbators are available in different orifices too like a vagina, lips, butt, etc.

Benefits of non-penetrative male masturbator

Non-penetrative male masturbator is higher in pleasure as compare to any other types of masturbator because it gives a real feel of a vagina. Special the blowjobs feeling by creating the vacuum inside the masturbator.  When air is removed firmly, a strong vacuum is created inside the masturbator and feel stronger to the penis. Since such masturbator does not hold air, you need to vent the air first otherwise penis stick to the masturbator.  It is easy to use.

Non-penetrative masturbator also keeps the things clean, you do not need to worry about the semen leakage because it’s another mouth is packed.

If you have large non-penetrative masturbation, you can also enjoy the waist swing movement means without hand use. Such masturbators are also suitable to use with air sex doll or other fixing devices.

The non-penetrative masturbator is able to deliver the pleasure of real anal and real mouth touch by their different entrance.

Disadvantage of non penetrative male masturbator

Disadvantage of this masturbator is, it is very difficult to wash. Because the hole is not penetrative, surely the semen and lotion left inside the masturbator after masturbation. You cannot wash it just by running the water. You need to clean it with fingers or by flip it to completely clean it. Likewise, it also takes time to get completely dry. It is a danger to flip the non-penetrative masturbator because the entrance of masturbator can affect or even get torn. Be careful while flipping it because washing is essential for every masturbator.

You can flip the masturbator if you have handy masturbator. What about the large non-penetrative masturbator like realistic sex doll or etc. They are heavy in weight and do not flip easily. It is troublesome to clean the large masturbator.

So, after all, which one is correct to use?

The types of masturbator give a different type of pleasure. It depends on the person what type of pleasure he wants and what type of sensitive he has? Here I am sharing my views that might help some peoples to find their desire masturbator.


I am a big penis man, which type is good for me for masturbation?

If you are a big penis man and what to try masturbator for a better masturbation session, then I am recommending the non-penetrative masturbator. The non-penetrative masturbator is available in different size even sex dolls are also included in the non-penetrative masturbators. It is up to men, whether they want handy masturbator or hand free masturbator. Well, the price of masturbator also affects the size of the masturbator.

 I am a small penis man, which type is good for me for masturbation?

For the small penis men, both types of masturbator can work. Penetrative masturbator can easily work for the small penis, but you have to check the size of non-penetrative masturbator. If the size of non-penetrative masturbator is bigger than your size, then it would not fit your penis and loose masturbator cannot give pleasure, even it increases the chances to damage the penis. The correct size of masturbator matter a lot for you. First, check your penis size and later check the masturbator size before paying for me.

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