Penises are as unique, stimulation never depend upon its size so they are all good, really more than good. Never thought about penis size and colour very men have different but females always like penis without any problem.

Just a bad think on how to use penis because there is matter to penis size, all size and shape given better enjoyment and pleasure when you have sexual intercourse.

There Are Some Different Penis Types but all are Normal

Normal size means, there is all about penis related information’s are correct. Most of the people are feel embarrassing when they seen different shape of penis and compare it own self, if you physically able then you are master to use your penis, and find best results with the partner.

Types of penis according to length and girth

Penises have different shapes as well as lengths and thicknesses too, that men also feeling better when they have sexual intercourse with the partner.

Average length and girth

Most of the Indian have penis of average length and girth, and Indian women want average size of penis to get satisfaction with the partner during sexual intercourse.

But if you want more pleasure with average length of penis are better than others so you should take different sex position. Doggy style is the best for average penis and given more pleasure and enjoyment on the bed.

 Shorter than average length

Someone have Shorter than average length penis, as similar to pencil thin and shorter then normal size of penis.

Thin penis always give you lot of intimation with the partner but you should play according to own partner and use tight legged position on the bed because tighter space is pleasurable for both of you and for better enjoyment length never matter in this position.

Larger length and girth

Larger penis create problems, taking because may be painful with hard penetration. But it is also happen for some women want to taking large penis. If receiver wants to take more control then apply lot of lubes and take better positions.

Lube up and try positions such as missionary, spooning, and even rear-entry positions that allow the partner on the receiving the depth.

Type of penis according to typical shape

If you never confirm penis shape, typical shape suitable for your penis such as curved upward, curved downward, C-shaped, straight, large base with narrow head, narrow based with large head, etc.

Curved downward and upward

Curved downward penis like a banana, penises have curves slightly upward in a erect position. There is an advantage when it comes inside vagina to stimulating all the right spots such as full-body orgasms: the G-spot, A-spot, and prostate to attack.

Similar to inner part of banana and this shape, which is basically a penis with a slight downward curve, after erection you can see this shape.


This type of penis little curve to the right which is most attractive for any women when they penetrate. You or your partner can experiment with different angles with this C-shape curved penis.


It has same shape from shaft to head that is straight penis. Most pleasurable when you give inside, deep penetration always happen with this penis but small size is an exception.

Bigger base with narrow head

According to name this type of penis is narrows as closer to the head and thick at the base, giving it a cone-esque shape which is more attractive to seen. Lot of pleasure and enjoyment by this type of dildo when your partner able to change different position during physical intercourse because deep part narrow and last part thicker.

According to skin tone affect on penis

Often you saw our genitals have dark skin. Our skin cells that release a hormones, which is responsible for any pigmentation. Due to testosterone levels skin became dark down there and during erection; blood flow can make it reddish or even purple or may be light colour.

Hair, foreskin, and more

Other traits like hair, foreskin, and mores give different type of penis; most of the people have this type of penis and given the best sexual intercourse.

Circumcised and Uncircumcised

Circumcised penises most popular source of penises in the United States. Circumcised penis's head is same at all times, and there’s no need to pull back skin of this penis during masturbation or sexual activity.

An uncircumcised penis has foreskin on their head. We can only visible a part of the head when it’s erect and, even then, it depends on how much skin there is. Most of the people feel pain with this penis during sexual activity.

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