Do you like a lazy bottom? No, Right

In the same way, no one likes a lazy top. Top is in the main role in every gay relationship. It is like men in a straight relationship.

There are many responsibilities for top beyond to penetrate. If you are curious to manage all your responsibilities perfectly, then you are the correct place.

If you really want to become your bottom’s dream lover, then I will help you. These are correct answer for all the top gay who wants to know - how to become a better top.

Use lubricant

As the areas do not reduce lubrication. Its meaning is that you really, really needed a lubricant. It gets better if you chose anal lubricant. The concern for easy penetration for bottom makes it is easy for him.

Expect concern, lubricant eliminates friction, eliminate damage. Provide pleasure and help both of you from infection.

Do not use “loose” with an experienced bottom.

It is like shameful for a bottom to say that they are loose. Of course, the tight ass is pleasurable for the top but it can feel hurtful for your experienced bottom.

To link being loose to the much sex is not right. It is overworked that a bottom does for comfortable anal sex. If a bottom, train there anal to open it on command, they can close it too. The muscles get stronger than before. Similar to any other muscles.

Listen to him

The bottom partner is one that covers all mental and physical aspects. So it is top's duty to listen up him and make them feel safe.

The most important is to have mutual consent on how to do and how to perform. Know his limits and desires. Remember, sex is best for everyone and it is the involvement of two partners.

Always prepared to stop

Ready to stop the penetration or strokes, just after a single sign of a bottom. Being top either in a relationship or hook up, you have to listen to him.

If you are not ready to listen and ready to stop for the sake of our pleasure and keep doing it forcefully, it can make the situation more worst not only for the bottom but for you too.

Start with massage and go slow

Yes, every bottom knows about it that he should start with the anal massage and gradually move to the fast and deep penetration.

It is good that you are already aware of it. I am reminding you that you can start the massage with the fingers or tongue.

Know bottom preference

Every bottom has different preferences. If you are in a relationship, you already know about it. But if you are not, then you have to know about his preference first. What they like, how much they like, in what position they enjoy. Fast, slow, rough, gentle are the kinds that are more shown in the bottom preferences. And remember everyone love Blowjob in a gay relationship too.

Rimming in a correct way

You know giving a rim job is good for the bottom. But there is a huge difference to do a good rim and a bad rim.

Some gays just get rusty trombone sex position and start licking. This can be hot, but keep doing the same motion is dry out the skin.

The correct way of rimming is not just stroked the tongue, focus on different patterns and motion. It makes you more relax and gradually make you comfortable. Different patterns can be stars, circular and zigzags, etc.

Get over the fear of dirty ass.

Although it is good to start anal sex with a douche process. But still, you do not need to fear it about.

Being top, you surely accept a clean and dirty free butt for sex and all bottom want to make afford to give a clean ass. But being top, if you see some dirt and tell your bottom that to clean out well can add nervousness and embarrassment in your play. For a better and easy going anal sex, you both need to be relaxed.

Remember, your body function is normal and your ass remains ass, so you are able to control it to a certain degree only.

Check everything is okay.

No matter how much you enjoying it is your responsibility to be a good top. You should pull out randomly and repeatedly to make sure that the play is going well, whether you bottom does not show any sign of pain and hurt.

Pull out the dick and check there is blood in your dick or not. If there is blood, you can check minor and serious problem with the amount of blood.

If you are a big penis man then it is quite possible to hurt the bottom’s muscles and there is some pint in the deep anus that gets damaged easily.

Use a buttplug.

A lot of tops who do not agree with the use of buttplugs because they worried about what if their bottom enjoy the buttplug more than his dick. This thought is silly. Buttplug never replaces the dick play. There is a lot of sensation difference between the dick and buttplug

You can add a lot of fun by using a buttplug or other dildos in his butt. It is good practice to train his ass, Challenge him, and stretch him till the sex.

Toping is not pressure.

If you do not like to be top in the play, then do not top. IT is something that you should enjoy while involving in it. There is no pressure in sex and never should be.

Being top is not that you have to beyond your pleasure and enjoyment. If you really like to be to, then the above tips help you to become a great top and to never forget by the bottom.