Masturbation is considered as a milestone in the context of sexual pleasure and contentment. It is a common err with most of the man that they know everything about their sexual part or to say their penis. But it not true. Just to know your genital doesn’t mean that you can create a healthy environment in the field of sex and genital pleasure. Various techniques can be considered to have a healthy masturbation life.

Don’t be so quick

To be quick in masturbation can be a big mistake generally done by most of the youngsters. Most of the people just wanted to quench their sexual quench without thinking about the actual position where there sexual ability can take them. They make a powerful ability to just jerk quickly and finish with it as they believe it as an activity rather than enjoying each moment. Better be in some privacy and take your time without having fear of any interruption.

Watching porn while masturbation

Switch on to any pornography site for better pleasure out of your masturbation. Remember porn videos will fill up the blank space of your sex partner. For a better result a porn video will help to regulate the time period of masturbation. No matter you are alone or with your sex partner, this will really be impressive.

Switch from left to right

Most people try to masturbate using the same hand during the whole course of time. Switching from one hand to other will surely improve the timing and also the pleasure. At first it will look as odd but really it will be as enjoyable as changing the sex partner.

Experimenting different positions

Various are the positions that can be adopted by a man while doing masturbation. Regularly a single position will not only be boring but it will also make our mind passive regarding sexual experiments. Some of the popular positions for man while masturbation like making the body in X shape, knees bent with hips open, kneeling on the knees, heels overhead etc. are much effective. New sex positions should always be tried either while having physical sex or while having masturbation.

Using different strokes

Most people try to finish with a single jerk that is particularly not ok for anyone. A calm starting with relaxed mind can have a positive response in the mind set of masturbators. Starting with touching and rubbing the deed of masturbation must be a serious work rather than acting like an innocent cowboy.  Start your masturbation primarily by touching your penis; take your penis in between your hands, moving your hands up and down your shaft. Try using long twisting strokes instead of just up and down. Experiment with different movements, pressures, and speeds.

Playing with the balls

This is the most sensitive part of a man’s body and playing with your balls while masturbation doubles the pleasure. A gentle touch with forefingers will surely be very erotic. This is a practical way to enhance sex timing and sexual feeling in your body. Sometime putting a finger inside your anal part is really admirable.

Controlling the sense

When you are masturbating and about to reach the climax, just wait and stop masturbating for a while. Just see the erection of your penis. If you do this for few more times you will begin to feel an extraordinary pleasure out of it.

Using your pillow

If you have always fancied a woman upon your penis while having sex then using a pillow for this will be a good idea. Just lay straight on you bed and place a pillow upon the erection and then rubbing slowly will surely make you feel the same.


Meditation means taking a few minutes out of the day to be quiet, breathe, listen to your thoughts, and disconnect. Masturbation is just like the process of meditation to an extent that can be easily acceptable and admirable. They lay down blankets, oil up, use poppers, and spend a few hours exploring their bodies.

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