Have you decided to buy your sex doll? But are you confuse about which material is suitable to use?

If you talking about the high-quality sex doll, the TPE and Silicone sex doll came in the mind, not the blowup sex dolls. Today technology is creating many realistic products so men can enjoy it in their regular life. Sex dolls are famous in the world, but at the time of purchase, most of men get confused between these realistic sex dolls, TPE sex doll and Silicone sex doll.

Why choose silicone or TPE material in sex dolls?

As we know, there is the number of material is used for male sex toys. Masturbator and fleshlight are available in many materials. Then why to choose TPE and silicone material in a sex doll?

Well, Sex doll gets popularity because it is enhanced in pleasure and high in realism. Sex doll matches the fun of sex and far better than male masturbator for masturbation. To gain the pleasure of real women or girl in the alone home, sex doll has been used by men from some last years.

The realism of sex doll is achieved only by high-grade material, Silicone and TPE material is on top of them. The Blowup dolls or Inflatable dolls are also types of sex doll but they are not real in pleasure and look.

What is TPE?

TPE, Thermoplastic Elastomer material. It is material of rubber and plastic. This material is stretchable and even can stretch up to 5 times to its original length. It is very soft and popular material in everyday life. Nowadays, most of masturbator and fleshlight india are also made with TPE material.

TPE dolls: How TPE doll came in the market?

When sex doll first came in the market, manufacturer experiment with a lot of different material to find a realistic material that looks and feel real. Although the silicone material is highly realistic in the property so previously for the high-grade sex doll, the manufacturer only used silicone material.

But later china found TPE sex doll during their experiment. They are affordable as compare to silicone realistic sex doll.

Positive Points of a TPE doll

  • Value in money. Great value compares with quality. TPE sex doll is affordable than any other sex doll material.
  • Soft and elastic texture. Able to give a more realistic feel and life-like touch to men.
  • The boobs and butts will wobble due to its softness. Men can enjoy the real fun of boobs and butts like women.
  • TPE sex doll retains warmth, so hugging moment get intense.
  • Due to squeezable texture, allow men to position their dill in more postures and position.
  • Compatible with every lubricant.
  • Hypoallergenic and odourless.

Negative Points of a TPE doll

  • A porous material, so washing and maintenance are more difficult. Men cannot sterilize the TPE material for deep cleaning.
  • More sensitive to heat. TPE material starts losing its consistency after 40 degree Celsius.
  • Due to porous property, it gets stains easily. Need to be careful.
  • As TPE is a mixture of two materials. So quality varies with the manufacturer. Quality depends on the blend of rubber and plastic.

What is Silicone?

Silicone, a polymer that is can use in various stiffness according to the requirement. The silicone material is main and behind the original sex doll for men. Due to its stiffness, it is used in the lubricant, sex toys and many sex dolls.

Silicone is hyper-realistic and delivers a more intense experience than blow up dolls.

Silicone sex dolls have very resistance property, that why it is expensive. It is easy to maintenance and cleaning. Just like TPE material, it is hypoallergenic. Well, silicone comes in many forms, the soft and hard. The soft silicon rubber is used to make sex doll.

Positive Points of a Silicone doll

  • Less sensitive to heat.
  • It is non-porous in nature. It does not require much clean like TPE material. It is easier to clean and maintain. For deep cleaning, men can even sterilize it.
  • Silicone sex doll has a more detailed vagina and anus structures.
  • Hypoallergenic and odourless
  • The silicone material is robust, so always keep its original size.

Negative Points of a Silicone doll

  • Majorly expensive. Silicone material is higher in cost as well as the production of silicon good is also expensive.
  • Harder material. The boot and butts part of a silicone sex doll is harder and less flexible than TPE sex dolls.
  • Extremely heavy in weight.
  • Silicone sex dolls are less durable than TPE because maintenance is a bit difficult.

Making your decision

When making a decision about the kind of sex doll, then you should think about first why you want sex doll basically? If you have reason to buy realistic sex doll, it gets easy for you.

  • Do you want sex doll for sex?
  • Do you want to have in the bathtub?
  • Do you want to enjoy a complete body line like boobs and butts or just vagina?
  • What is important for you touch or look?
  • How much money you can spend?
  • Can you maintain it for longer or not?

Ask these basic questions to yourself and make a list. It will help you to analyse the sex doll characteristic and find a one.

Conclusion by me: Which one is better to have sex?

Let consider which one is doing.

For touch:  TPE sex doll is real skin and cheaper than a silicon sex doll. It is smooth and fluffy in texture.TPE material allows the feeling of real women on while body parts. It is easy to move and more flexible than the silicone sex doll. TPE material bounces back effect on the boobs and fleshy parts. The vagina hole of Silicone sex dolls tighter, it is not god for the big and fluffy penis.

For look: TPE sex doll is dimly everywhere. It reduces the realistic factor of the sex doll in appearance. Whether silicone sex doll is firmly structured from the vagina or nipples. This specific you should keep in mind if the look of sex doll matter for you.