Silicone sex toys are considered as safest sex toy material in India for Indian masturbation then whether it is male sex toys or female sex toys.

If you also have a good collection of silicone toys for men and want to keep your favourite silicone masturbator for a longer time or you want to purchase one of the silicone male toys. Then first collect all the knowledge about silicon material and how to take care silicone sex toys.

Why men choose silicone male toy?

Silicone is a high grade medical safe material. It is very smooth and gives a realistic feel to the silicone sex toys. This is the reason male prefer to go with a silicone sex toy.

If I am going to the sex toy or for a masturbator, then I definitely seek for the realistic vagina feel, and it is possible by silicone material.

The silicone material is versatile and gently creates a masturbator or any other sex toy with a lot of positive qualities. It is luxurious in texture, silky smooth, soft and obvious realistic. Silicone is non-stinging and non-irritating for me.

It is good to choose silicone material in sex toys. Although they are a little high in price, but it is worth it to spend.

Option available in silicone male toys

After knowing the benefit of a silicone sex toy, are you thinking to buy silicone sex toys for you?

For men, there are two types of silicone sex toy you found in the market. Well, the choice of types of silicone sex toys is depending on the types of pleasure.

As there are two types of stimulation men can enjoy, the penis masturbation and the anus masturbation. Both are pleasurable for men to do in solo time.

For penis

The silicone made artificial vagina for the penis. You can find different types of texture in penis masturbator. It is not restricted to a single texture and single feel.

The well knows Fleshlight and Tenga series also provide high-grade silicone sex toys for men that fulfil men’s all sexual desire. The vagina entrance, anus entrance, mouth entrance, cheek entrance are the option that you can select. The different entrance gives different pleasure over the penis with a realistic feel as it is made by silicone material.

You can find different sizes, shape and texture in silicon masturbator. The masturbator is one of the choices among Indian men to achieve their sexual need. There are various E-Commerce sites in India that deal with the kinds of the masturbator. You will easily find your silicone masturbator for penis.

For anus

The silicone made butt plugs, prostate dildo & vibrators, etc for the anus. The stimulation of anus is common, many men prefer because it is most of the spot to reach to orgasm like G-Spot.

Well, the stimulation of anus means stimulation of the Prostate gland. Such anus masturbation is also known as P-Spot stimulation or P-Spot orgasm. Men stimulation their prostate spot with fingers. It is good to do as a beginner, but after a while to achieve pleasure if definitely required prostate toys. The silicone prostate toys are a good option. It is safer to insert in the body through the anus. The choices of anus masturbator are huge. It depends on your practice and wants. To try prostate silicone toy is never good ideas at first. You required some practice and then gradually go towards silicone sex toys.

Precaution while use silicone male toys.

Yes, you have to avoid sex-based lives like silicone based lubricant, silicone condom, etc with your silicone sex toy masturbator or prostate dildo.

It is not safe to use silicone lube with silicone masturbator. It can harm the quality of your masturbator and may cause moulding to the material. If you want to use masturbator for a longer period and of course with the same pleasure and tightness, you should remember it. Silicone toy safe lube is a water-based lubricant.

If tightness of the masturbator gets disturbed, the true feel of the masturbator gets lost. Maybe you do not enjoy the real feel of the vagina.

I always avoid using silicone lube to take care of tightness. I do not want that the tightness of entrance opening and internal structure disturbed. The better tightness gives me a better grip on the penis and mind-blowing masturbation session with orgasm.

How to take care of silicone male toys

Silicone toys for male are extremely soft to deliver the soft feel to the penis or prostate. It is essential to keep its softness as it is. Men can do it with little silicon toy clean and silicone toy repair practice.

First, remember do not store silicone sex toy with other sex toys with direct touch. I used a separate bag to keep them away from each other. Sometimes the material of different male toys came in contact and react. Due to material reaction, masturbator starts melting and damage. Well, it is difficult with silicone, but it is the property of every material. So it is good to take care of your favourite silicone masturbator or prostate toy. Although, it satisfied you in your alone time.

Why it is necessary to take care silicone male toys?

Silicone sex toys are one of the precious sex toys category and one of luxurious. It is high in price as compared to other sex toy material.

With some silicone toy cleaner and little hard work, you can save your money or can take advantage of your money. Is it good? It is not necessary to take care silicone sex toy, but it is beneficial for you to do.

Where to buy silicone male toys easily in India.

It is not difficult for anymore to find a sex toy in India. There are numerous of the site available that you can found just write silicone male toys on Google. All E-Commerce sex toys store has silicone male toy because they are highly demandable nowadays. Silicone made sex dolls are one of them. If you do not find any small silicone male toys, but you can find a sex doll for sure.

Let’s make it see for you. Adultproductsindia, SexToys-India, Snapdeal, IMbesharm, etc are a marketplace for sex toys. You can check them and analyse the price with the picture of the toy. Remember, make sure to check the size of the masturbator. It looks bigger or smaller in the pictures.