Not release sperm or ejaculating never effect your sex drive or any sexual activity but some exceptions also there, which you need to know about that.

What if a man stops ejaculating? The side effects are as follows.

  • Down sperm quality
  • Inactivation of sperm
  • Causes of infertility
  • Risk of prostate cancer

These risks may increase rather than side effects.

It depends on the age, but it is said that it is better to ejaculate about once a week in terms of the balance of male hormones.

Maintain a healthy body with moderate ejaculation to reduce the risks and side effects of not ejaculating for months!

Here are some tips for such side effects and moderate masturbation!

There are some effects of not ejaculating and releasing sperm

Some People who never believes to ejaculate or masturbation they never feel its advantage because they never try different ways to find self pleasure with the help of masturbation.

The first adverse effect of not ejaculating is sperm inactivation.

Not ejaculating makes the body think that it is no longer necessary to make sperm.

If such a condition continues for a long time, naturally healthy and activated sperm will not be produced, male hormones will decrease, and it will lead to infertility.

Androgens continue to rise for about a week if you are not ejaculating, and then gradually decline. If this continues for months, the male hormone testosterone will naturally continue to decline, and its attractiveness as a man will decrease.

Therefore, we recommend that you do it at least once a week.

Can sex toy help you to ejaculate sperm?

Doing masturbation always Right, and for that you can add some sex toy for better enjoyment. If you masturbate or release sperm when you need it, then off-course you should do. Sex toy always give you more pleasure and help to masturbate with proper manner.

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Different type of sex toy given different pleasure, you can select any sex toy for having masturbation to apply sex lubricant for smooth ejaculation. Some sex toys are -

Fleshlight sex toy

Most popular sex toy is fleshlight and easily available in the online market, many people can use this sex toy for better masturbation and increase performance on the bed.

Different types of sex toy have different enjoyment so you can choice according to your interest. Different type’s means anal fleshlight, vagina fleshlight, mouth fleshlight as want to use for having masturbation.

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Masturbators are mainly made for having masturbation when you feel alone with the suitable sex lubricant.

There are so many type of masturbators easily available in the online market, such as handheld masturbator, hand free masturbator, electric masturbator and so on. You can select according to your need and use it for more pleasure and satisfaction.


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Ejaculating sperm or not, what is beneficial for us

any side effects of not releasing sperm

Ejaculating or achieving orgasm is better for those feel needed it, and having elder age. Growing age always wants to release orgasms or sperm because your genitals ready for having sexual activity.

But without need, you should never have masturbation otherwise you feel uncomfortable when you physical anyone. After sperm released, your body get tired and take reset so do it. Your diet plan always makes you perfect body stamina.

Releasing sperm primary or secondary

Ejaculation is processes for dry orgasm because you may be achieve sperm. Many people can find pleasure with the help of an ejaculation and produce sperm.

There are two type of education happen, primary or secondary.

Those people who has never been ejaculate semen in their life, they’re primary an ejaculation people and those people are loses their ability to ejaculate own self after having been able to previous time, then it’s considered secondary ejaculation.

There are some reasons of an ejaculation:

  • Genitals infection
  • Spinal cord damage
  • Pelvic surgery
  • Nervous system not proper working
  • Stress or tension

Most of the people block sperm from coming out and avoid there masturbation session due to some reason such as physical, metals health related issues. According to general thought masturbation never harmful for your body because it always give you more pleasure and enjoyment at a same time.

Thinking always matter for releasing sperm

any side effects of not releasing sperm

Ejaculation always better enjoyment when you want pleasure, but most of the people feel it is problem if it bothers you.
Some people want to ejaculate because the act of physically release semen given them pleasure.

Some reason not to ejaculate

It depends on your physical enjoyment when you try it, you feel alone at home in a relax mind set.
There is no reason for holding sperm.

It comes for you to doing which is right way for you. Some people connect to ejaculation do it for various reasons, from spiritual to physical.

Mental benefits

  • Help to avoid anxiety and stress
  • Given higher confidence
  • You take better focus and concentration
  • Improve your self-control

Physical benefits

  • You feel increase your stamina in the gym or sperm count
  • Muscles growth
  • improved your sperm quality
  • Able to achieve different orgasms

Spiritual benefits

  • Strong and meaningful relationships
  • Long life Relationship
  • Happiness and Satisfaction in your life

Article summary

It was a story about the ejaculation situation of an Indian man.
You mentioned the disadvantages of not ejaculating for more than a week, but how was it?

Whether it's masturbation or sex, sperm production once a week leads to a detoxifying effect on the body, and has the advantage of becoming a masculine and healthy body.

Please promote ejaculation and lead a healthy sex life by using sex toys for ejaculation!

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