Men!, Have you ever asked by your partner to go deeper?

Deeper sex and deep penetration is the most pleasure point in women, even women also have a preference for sex position.

Deep penetration is not just related to long length. Men can make their partner happy, by trying something new sex position.

In this article, I will introduce the top 5 best sex positions that make you comfortable to go deep in her and make women feel better.

5th: Standing back Sex Position

Standing back sex position is number 5 for me among my all sex positions. It is an exciting sex position to blame women from the behind.

How to do: Men dominant sex position. Men will enter in women from behind. Both have to stand freely and comfortable place. Men will stand behind the women and will enter. Both partners have to control the penetration to go for the deep. If required penetration is not achieved by this, then women can bend a bit to make penetration easy for men. Men and women are free from hand. Men can stimulate her breast and clitoris from behind. But woman is free and can control the posture by hold some wall or object.

Key point except deep penetration: it is a sex position where you cannot lie down and have sex. It just needs some space like mall washroom, etc where you both can stand. You can enjoy sex in a totally different atmosphere with this position. Except for bedroom, you can try it anywhere.

Where to perform: You can perform this sex position wherever you want. Bathroom, washroom, living room, bedroom, etc

4th: Cowgirl Sex Position

The fourth most popular sex position for deep penetration is the cowgirl sex position.

How to do: It is women dominant sex position where women sit on men. Men, all you have to lie down on your back and women will ride you like a horse. In this sex position, women have a high degree of freedom because can control the movement, speed and angle of penetration. Where a man can also make it easy to hold waist and hands. You can also make a movement with your lower butt area. Move your butt upwards to allow deep penetration.

Key point except deep penetration: Man can enjoy an exciting view in front of their eyes. You can observe the shaking of break-in throughout the play. Even man is free from their hand. He can stimulate your favourite place like a nipple, breasts while sex. Rubbing them get easy for you.

Where to perform: In a bedroom, on bed is a comfortable place for it.

3rd: Flatiron Sex Position

The basic back position is selected as the third-place sex position.

How to do: It is a rear entry sex position where men enter from the back. Women lie down on a bed with her belly and straight legs, and then raised their butt a bit. If she is physically strong, then she can hold the position otherwise place some pillow under the pelvic. Men came over the women with their face toward her back. Men located his both legs between her spread straight legs. Men will be on their knees. Aim your penetration to the hip by adjusting the position. Women can also raise hips more as per your comfort. Men can help her to get a position by holding her waist.

Key point except deep penetration: It is a test of your physical strength for your sexual satisfaction. It gives a longer penetration play because facial expression is not visible in this position, so you can stop with concern. It is a comfortable position for anal penetration as well. If couples want to switch the kind of penetration, then they can easily shift to another.

Where to perform: In a bedroom, on bed or floor is a comfortable place for it.

2nd: Doggy Sex Position

A doggy sex position is known for netter penetration. In my list, it won second place. In this sex position, there is no close-fitting connecting because men enter from the back.

How to do: in this position, women came on all fours and get dog standing position. Now women are on their knees and hand. She can also shift to elbows. Now, women ass and vagina are more reachable so men enter from the back. Men can on be knees or choose to stand on bed edge. He will face women back. While penetrating, hold women waist with both hands to allow soft and deep penetration.

Key point except deep penetration: Fast thrusting movement is possible in this position. It is comfortable for women to get this position and can hold for longer too. Both couples can enjoy sex for a longer time and fast, deep as well.

Where to perform: In a bedroom or living room. Overbed, couch or mat. A soft and comfortable place where your knees are not in direct contact with a surface.

1st: Legs on Shoulders Sex Position

Legs on Shoulders Sex Position positioned first for deep penetration. Women feel comfortable. It is so close to the normal sex position where woman is lying on her back and led by a man.

How to do: One of crazy sex position to go deep in the vagina. Women comfortably lay down on a bed with her back. Men sit with his bend knees in front of her facing her. Now women lift her legs on man’s shoulder. You need a bit of flexibility to place your leg over him. After place leg, the vagina is open and men can entry. Men can wrap his one arm around her legs and another arm on her belly to half position. You can balance your position with one hand or either stimulates your partner. A woman is also free to make movement and change angles.

Note: You can also try both legs on his’s shoulder. It is also exciting and variation of this position.

Key point except deep penetration: Men can enjoy a clear view of female. You can stimulate her breast and clitoris while penetrating the vagina. It is comfortable for both partners. It is a position that can be done with confidence and most effective.

Where to perform: bedroom and living room is best. You need space and the soft surface under your body. You can go with bed or carpet.


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