Today, some of the men who never connect with wife, feel uncomfortable and never feel happy in their life.

When, men not understand their wife's feeling then they unable to connect with her.

Love connection and romance feeling always beneficial for physical and mental satisfaction, I means after marriage it is necessary to take complete enjoyment with your partner.

Ways that give you strong connection in your relationship

If you maintain a deep romantic connection with your wife then you put efforts to safe your future problem.

After marriage it is your responsibility to save your relationship with giving and taking a lot of romance and enjoyment with your wife.

Now, I will discussing some best ways which can give you a lot for pleasure and help both of you for living happily and enjoying life.

Spend most of your time with your wife

People are too busy with their life, they don’t give time to their wife and home and due to these phenomena they lost their interest.

If you want to spend your time with your wife then you should help your wife in her works.

Spend your time with your wife, you can plan a tour or spending your maximum time with your wife such as in the bedroom, in the kitchen, outdoor, etc.

Always Encouragement your wife's thoughts

Always Encouragement your wife's thoughts because it is the way where she always feel better you.

When your wife is doing something wrong, then be frank to speak about it and try to encourage your wife.

Never show off in front of your wife and if she makes a mistake without knowing and unknowing then avoid it because human's always make a mistakes. It will show that you love her and accept her exactly as she is.

Make her feel you want her always

Your wife always with you, you should make her feel it. Because It’s that you actively want her and want to live your life with her.

Love your wife is not just a sense of duty or obligation in front of her, it is because you have lot of love for her and chose her as your wife for entire life.

Some ways that you can try-

  • Always care about your wife
  • Say first, I love you
  • Plan surprise dates with her
  • Compliment her face and look
  • Spend your maximum time with her
  • Always learn more about her and known what she like

Avoid your bad habits or negative Behaviors           

We know that we have many bad habit or behavior in our life, and a long time we want to rid of it. If this is for you, you already know it so you should change your self.

Before marriage it's okey but after marriage you should change. Now is the time; don’t wait and hurt your wife’s trust.

Some bad things which is seen severely damage the marriage include : -

  • Drugs and smoking
  • Drinking
  • Porn

Some other common bad habits which can change your physical states and things

  • Play video games or YouTube for long time
  • Playing lot of game
  • Eating much more and spending money online
  • Passing lot of time in the office
  • Spending too much time on social media

That’s your think to change yourself, listen to her. You maintain self-control for avoiding it.                   

Respect her all time          

Give respect and take respect, it is old saying. But now-a-days this things has been forget , most of the people trying to show off and live like selfish.

Respect your wife and discuses all things which is necessary to know her, she is your wife so she has rights to know everything.

When you respect her similar you will get, never try to become more powerful and intelligent in front of the partner.

Don't talk much more without need

If you talk much more in front of the partner then she will feel boring and avoid herself. Understand her and her need. Always spend quality time with her because she is going with you step by step.

Give her beautiful gifts in the bedroom such as Sex toy

You can give beautiful gifts for her because she is your most important person in your life.

Today different type of sex toy easily available in the online market, you can select and give her for having beautiful relation.

Vibrator sex toy

Vibrator sex toy will be always the best sex toy for women so you can select it. Because they can provide best stimulation feeling when having physical relationship. You can change their speed of vibration and control according to their need.

Your wife can also use it in alone time as well.

Sex Game

Sex game also the best gift for her because it is couple sex toy and which makes strong relation with the your wife.

It is helpful to make your sex more interesting and happening.

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