Here I tried to rank the top masturbator cups for Indian. It is not the rankings that are famous in the world. It is ranking according to men and my experience. I analysis the world of internet and check thousand of customer reviews to choose this list. If you choose any of them, it will be your favourite masturbator cup definitely on next.

Yeah, but I searched only on the Indian level masturbator cups that you can find easily in India through the online store or offline store. You will don’t face any problem while picking any of them.

Below mention recommended masturbator cups 2019, you find some of these masturbator cups/disposable cups/handheld cups and brands may be familiar if you are not new in the Masturbation session with masturbators. Some of the specific brands listed more than once because it is about the best masturbator cup, not about the best masturbator company.

Recommended masturbator cup/handheld cup 2019 In India

Before look out the masturbator cups for men list, men should know about the masturbator cup.


Premium Tenga is a new series by the world famous Tenga brand. It is premium in quality likes its name because it considers the 10 years of Tenga technology. Tenga releases it in its anniversary. It is hard in stimulation as older Tenga cups. Its internal structure is rigid and suitable for the beginner’s men as well as for the expert. The premium fell closer to the real female genital.

According to me, yes I used this one. I never felt tight with this masturbator cup, but the feeling of being calm and the wrap was close to the actual feeling. It is comfortable to use.


  • Non-Penetrative type
  • Self-Lubricated
  • Disposable Masturbator
  • Vacuum adjustable with bottom hole
  • Third highest selling masturbator on Amazon
  • Level of stimulation is high

Customer Experience story


It is Tenga debut to review this product. But it is pleasant. Insertion entrance is comfortable and inside texture is amazing. By removing the bottom seal. I enjoyed the vacuum function. It makes me to reinsert and reuse it.


The design is really cool. Best for individual play. The internal texture is finer and enhance than regular Tenga cups. The inside amount of lubricant is sufficient. I don’t feel the need to use more lubricant. Just open and use. Easy to use the product.


Bambina 2

A Japanese product, it is super soft for a penis. Bambina 2 is made by soft sponge material and delivers the soft touch to the penis. I personally thought so Japanese products are high in material and high in pleasure. It feels like vagina insertion, but the difference is with men have to use own hand. During Indian male masturbation, it creates a vacuum inside to gives suction effect to the penis.

According to me, I loved to use these Japanese masturbation products. I still use it even though I am an expert now. It is so soft in touch that I really want to use it. It is best to start the masturbator fun. Highly recommended for beginners.


  • Non-Penetrative type
  • Self-Lubricated
  • Disposable Masturbator
  • Vacuum adjustable with the bottom hole
  • Soft type of stimulus
  • Level of pleasure is high & real.

Customer Experience story


I found accidentally. I love this disposable cup. Whenever used it 10 times till now. It is soft and helps me to feel sexually satisfied. Very satisfying product. Other should try it.


I really like this product. It made me ejaculate with a soft feeling. Before this, I tried one of the masturbator, but it causes rashes on the penis. But it is soft and smooth. The internal lubricant also makes it more soft.


Tenga rolling Head cup

First ever unique design in Tenga masturbator cup. It has a flexible body from the middle. It is the biggest advantages to take place in men’s heart.  The middle flexible structure rolls over the penis to provide a unique sensation to men. It is a sensation that matches with the women’s rolling their tongue and gives blowjob. It gives the pleasure of blowjob with hand strokes.

According to me, I never tried this rolling masturbator before. But during the search, I found it interesting. I am not aware of this previously. Really, it is satisfying in masturbation.


  • Non-Penetrative type
  • Self-Lubricated
  • Disposable Masturbator
  • Vacuum adjustable with bottom hole
  • Level of stimulation is extreme
  • Gives blowjob feel with unique design
  • Available in three colours

Customer Experience story


The rolling of full lubricated masturbator on the penis is better than the vagina. After use I now that nobody can give more pleasure them this Tenga masturbator cup.


It is a disposable cup but it is one of the best masturbator that I found. I work in all direction. Its flexible body allows 360-degree stimulation over the cock. It is extreme in pleasure with complex internal stimulus.



One of special masturbation cups from the Tenga. The stimulation of this spinner masturbator is super intense and super real. The internal structure is rigid with an additional spinner wiring. Yes, it has a wire that spines during up and down movements. It is the next level masturbator that every man should try. It looks modern and its case is simple. After close the case, no one finds that it is a masturbator.

According to me, the Tenga spinner series is amazing. I try all of three series: Tetra, Hexa and Shell. In simple word, blue, green and red.


  • Non-Penetrative type
  • Reusable Masturbator
  • Vacuum adjustable with a bottom hole
  • Hygienic dry case.
  • Spinner coil twister.
  • Include Lubricant.
  • Level of stimulation is extreme.
  • Washable and multiple uses.

Customer Experience story


After using some many of disposable cup, I wanted to reusable one. This is the best masturbator for me. Its wire structure is so pleasurable. I think this is a new technique in the masturbator cup. It is easy to store as well.


It is gems that every masturbator should try. It gives me the ultimate feeling of orgasm. The spinner spines and pleasure the penis in the right way. Although it is not single time cup. My favourite masturbator cup.