Aren’t many men are heard of word Prostate massage?

However, many of them are not aware of what prostate massage is and how to do for anal orgasm?

It is said that if you feel the pleasure of Prostate massage, you will get addicted to it. It is a pleasant spot in the men where they can penetrate and many men focus on prostate massage to achieve P-Spot orgasm.

What is prostate massage?

Prostate massage is a practice of massaging the male prostate gland through the butt hole either for medical purpose and anal stimulation. Here we are talking about pleasure and anal orgasm, so will discuss about only stimulation.

Prostate massage to seek of pleasure is also term as prostate milking. It is interchangeably word.

It is a relatively easy process where men apply light pressure to the prostate gland with a goal to find the right pleasure spot.

Yes, prostate massage is tricky to find the right spot. Every guy is different, so the location and level of pressure vary with the men to men. It needs time and practices.

 Well, what is Prostate now?

The prostate is an orgasm that only men have it. It is the same genital orgasm like penis, testicles. It is not available in women. Women can perform anal stimulation but not for the same orgasm that men want.

The prostate is a walnut-sized organ located under the bladder and in front of the rectum. It is not far away from the anus hole. It is easy to perform massage from outside.

As a function, prostate secret the prostatic fluid and helpful in producing the sperm in the body. It is also said that prostate stimulation can affect the activating sperm in the body.

Prostate stimulation feels like?

Prostate stimulation feeling ten times better than ejaculation.

Curious, Why? It is better than penis ejaculation. The prostate orgasm leads to the dry orgasm and this dry orgasm is far better than ejaculation in the pleasure.

As we discuss about that the prostate works for secrete prostatic fluid and activate sperm. But it does not lead to an ejaculation like a penis.

It is true that the number of people who are interested in prostate massage and dry orgasm is increasing day by day.

A lot of men enjoy anal pleasure during solo or mutual play. Anus is areas that both the partner can have, so both can enjoy it and.

How to do prostate massage

Before came to the prostate massage how to, do not feel stress about prostate play. Prostate play is not a quick process. It may take one hour or two hours.

It is good if you start the prostate massage when you are alone and have a lot of time to achieve it. An anal hole has a lot of filthy particles, so first, clean it. In the market there are many sizes of anal douches are available that used to clean anal douches.

Anal Fingering for prostate massage

P-Spot is a little tricky to find like G-Spot in women. But once you know the technique, then the benefit is out of this world.

Find stimulation is harder, but the feeling and pleasure are much better than a normal orgasm.

So, to start massaging the prostate with fingers. Anal fingering gives you safe and appropriate stimulate for the first time. Fingering makes you feel relaxed and feel pleasurable.

It is ideal to wear finger suck or condom over fingers. It prevents you from injury to mucous membrane and rectum of the anal. It also prevents you from the dirt of anal.

Allow small insertion gradually increasing the level of insertion with a finger.


  • Be careful while inserting a finger, as anus as delicate tissues.
  • Trim your nails before insertion.
  • Use lubricant over finger too.

Prostate massager/sex toys for Prostate massage

Prostate massagers are special male sex toys that are used for prostate massage. A prostate massager is available with the vibrating and non-vibrating specification.

Men can choose their preferred one to achieve their P-Spot orgasm.

The direct use of prostate massage is not good. For the first time or for couples of minutes, should fingering it. Prostate massage is not seeking for P-Spot orgasm but to find pleasure first. Concentrate on the pleasure where you enjoy the touching and hitting.

Of course, touching and hitting into the deep anus is not possible with the fingers. When we feel that now to need to go deep towards the prostate, then use prostate massager, butt plugs wither vibrating or non-vibrating.

Move the prostate massager in the anus and hold it. This is the way to do. The longer you do the closer to reach to your goal that is prostate orgasm or P-Spot orgasm.