• Do you have a higher risk of HIV infection?
  • Are you HIV-negative?
  • Newly infected with HIV?

If yes, PrEp is for you.

What is PrEP?

PrEP has become a hot topic. Do you what PrEP is?

It is an abbreviation of Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis. It is anti-HIV medicine. Isn’t it good?. Now a day, HIV is a global crisis. Every country has a huge number of HIV infected people.

If we talk about India, India is thirst largest HIV epidemic in the world. About 2.1 million are noted to infect with HIV. Every year the new HIV infected peoples are increasing. There are various ways to prevent condom. But PrEP is 99% effective to prevent you.

PrEP is a new method for prevention and approved by the Food and Drug Administration(FDA) too.

PrEP is a daily medication that is taking just before exposure to HIV. It is highly intaken by the HIV negative individual to prevent themselves from the risk of acquiring infection. Many gay couples who are having anal sex and prostitutes and many people can decrease their chance with this medication.

How PrEP is preventing HIV?

PrEP prevents our immune system.  Let first know about how HIV is infected in our body.

In the human body, there is a special cell called CD4-T cell in the immune system that removes the bacteria, pathogens and viruses to avoid getting sick.

So when HIV viruses enter in the body, it attaches the CD4-T cells and overtakes them. HIV viruses increase by 100 billion per body. New pathogen and HIV copy attach T cells and make more copies. Hence your special cell and immune system start getting damage and resulting with HIV infection.

Now, What PrEP do?

Once you start PrEP medication, it begins to protect the cells. After a week, maximum protection is possible. It prevents your body and your T cells to get infected. If you already stitched by HIV, PrEP prevents HIV viruses to enter in the T cell and stop coping the HIV viruses.

PrEP totally protects the T cell and therefore it will result in no infection.

How to intake PrEP?

PrEP is not a vaccine, it is medicine. SO should take once daily.

As it is medicine, do not expect the result within a day. It takes a week to build the maximum level of protection in the body. It is continuing medication, if you skip any of intake, PrEP loses its protection function against HIV.

You can manage your own protection from zero protection to high protection. Well, the ideal way is to take medicine per day. Do not accept that double medicine will give you double effect. Instead, you might get sick. Follow the procedure and your doctor.

One more thing, PrEP only fight for the HIV infection. It does not prevent you from other sexually transmitted diseases such as herpes, syphilis, and many more

Is PrEP effective for anal sex?

Of course, PrEP is effective in anal sex too. PrEP is medication for the HIV infection in both cases, either vaginal sex or anal sex.

Surprisingly, the PrEP medication is more effective for the rectal tissue. Rectal tissue is higher in absorbed the PrEP as compare to the vaginal tissue. So the course to take PrEP medication is deepening on the sex.

For anal sex, you have to consider daily PrEP or event-based PrEP. Event based PrEP medication is suggested by your pattern of sexual activity.

Why gay couples prefer such medication?

Most of gay couples, top and bottom are involve in the anal sex. This is a healthy solution for them to enjoy their relationship with physical activity. The anus is not safer as a vagina. It has a number of nerve tissue that caught by STD easily.

In gay couples, anal sex is prime. So gay prefer to for such medication. On demand, PrEP is much famous in gay couples. Because instead of taking once per day, it needs to take around times of anal sex.

Do you hear On-demand PrEP? It is an event base PrEP that is intake by after consult to the doctor. On demands is PREP 2-1-1. It is a schedule of medicine like 2 pills take 2-24 hours before sex, 1 pill after initial dose within 24 hours and one final dose at last 24 hours.

What is the failure rate of HIV PrEP medication?

The failure rate of HIV PrEP medication does not depend on biomedical, it depends more on programmatic. As I said previously that it is in your hand that much your protect yourself from zero protection to the high protection.

It needs to be intake in consistency. Although, ideally PrEP reduces the risk of HIV up to 99 %.

You need to understand the process of PrEP, a single skip of medicine can affect its function and of course increase the chances of failure rate.