Premature ejaculation is something you do not want to be known as men.

Premature is the status when men reach to the climax with little aroused or sooner when his partner would want more during sex. Although it is common among men. In every 3 men, 1 man is suffering from PE.

In the case of masturbation, premature ejaculation is not a problem at all, but when it comes to sex, it is a bit painful for men. It can be good if women say that it is okay, all right but if she said that early ejaculation, not satisfying. Frustration and anxiety affect you.

You may be wondering can we improve the premature ejaculation?

Yes, efforts can improve premature ejaculation.

The cause of premature ejaculation

Let first start with what is premature ejaculation.

Do you follow any of these?

  • Ejaculation occurs before and 1 minute after the insertion in the vagina.
  • Unable to control the timing of ejaculation by their own
  • Ejaculation makes you avoid the sexual activity form other partners.

I think, there will be many men who feel embarrassment now. The reason that causes PE are

Physical thing

  • Lack of muscle training
  • Worried about position during sex
  • Extra sensitive glans

Mental things

  • There is various thing form light to serious if come to the mental things.
  • Failure in the last sexual activity
  • Extreme tension.

In the case of physical causes, the only measure is to train the muscles around the penis. And in the vase of mental causes, there is no choice to better yourself with the experience.

Premature ejaculation natural treatment with PC muscle training

PC muscle is pubococcygeus muscle around the penis also called pelvic floor muscles.

If you know the benefit of Pc muscle training, you cannot ignore

  • Of course, improve premature ejaculation
  • Hardness of erection
  • Erection thickness

How to do PC muscle training

  • Slowly tighten the anus muscles or pelvic floor muscles
  • Hold this position for 10 second
  • Now relax for 5 seconds
  • Repeat the process for 10 times
  • This is one set, so you should perform it 40 times in total. You can do it anytime.

By improving the muscles training, you will able to control the feeling of ejaculation. When it comes to control the feeling of ejaculation, it leads to improvement of premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation natural treatment with edging training

What kind of training it is?

Although edging training is able to master the stimulation response and control of ejaculation. Well, to stop the ejaculation is not possible. But you can try and know your limit.

How to do edging training.

  • Stimulate the penis with masturbation, squeezing. Etc
  • Try to stop the ejaculation when you are about to ejaculate.
  • Be patient until it settles down.
  • Repeat it three times
  • Always ejaculate at the fourth time (try).

You can get control over the ejaculation, it better your sex life.

Well, you can also try this training with a partner or masturbator. Like your partner put vagina pressure from the top and excite you.

Premature ejaculation natural treatment with Thicker Condom

The glans part is extremely sensitive in the men’s body. Some peoples get arouse easily due to t the sensitive glans. The correct use of a thicker condom over the penis can lower the premature ejaculation.

If you accept the treatment of premature ejaculation with a thicker condom is foolish. It is a temporary solution that men can use.

Yes, it is a temporary natural treatment for premature ejaculation, but it is also an instant solution.

When you want to control your ejaculation for your upcoming sexual act with a loved one, you can use thicker condoms. It is a completely natural solution and does not affect you in any way like benzocaine condom

Premature ejaculation natural treatment with Penis sleeves

Basically, penis sleeves are a sex toy like a condom. It will work for you like a thicker condom by creating a barrier vagina and sensitivity penis.

But penis sleeves are available in many types. You should only go with the close glans type pensile sleeves. Yes, you can also find open glans part.

Wondering why such types are available. Like you want to stop glans sensitive. There are people who want only glans sensitive. Every man has a different purpose to use a toy.

Except for the cure of premature ejaculation, penis sleeves give a new texture to the women. It is available in many textures. The use of penis sleeves is satisfying for both part