What is PEP?

PEP is an abbreviation for Post Exposure Prophylaxis. It is the only medication to prevent them from HIV. It is kind of emergency medicine that is intake by just after when you infected by the HIV Viruses.

It is one of the solutions to prevent you to get infected by the most epidemic disease.  As we know, HIV is one of diseases that is not cured or haven’t no solution in the past. But know we have a short course of HIV medicine that needs to take just after the exposure of HIV.

In the today world, there are millions of HIV infected peoples in the world and India is in the third position for it. Every man should be aware of this PEP medication.

Although, PEP is effective prevention for HIV infection, but it is not 100% effective. It is good to cure with precaution but after infection, the sooner you start PEP, the better for you.

How PEP is preventing HIV?

When the HIV virus enters the body, it starts damaging the immune system. As we immune system is one that protects use form the virus, pathogens and bacteria to get sick. HIV virus starts making their copies in the immune system. The process of making a replica f HIV virus is too high.

After entering in the body, an HIV virus replica billion of their copies in a single day. But HIV virus takes few days to damage the body. At this duration, when HIV is just started to replicate itself, you need to go with PEP.

PEP stops HIV viruses to make their replicate and save the body’s immune system. The infected cell would die within a short period of time and it saves lives.

Now, you want to know about what it is a suitable time to save yourself to be infected? You need to be quick.

How to intake PEP medicine?

You have to be quick. HIV establishes the connection in the body within the 82 hours. It is suitable and quick to the PEP medicine within the 72 hours.

When you think that you make sexual contact without using a condom or HIV negative infected person, you need to start the medicine to protect yourself from HIV.

PEP is medication treatment like PrEP. You need to intake medicine daily for an effective result. It is prescribed medication, what you have to take every day for 28 days or more. It depends on you. Consult your doctor and follow what he suggests. But 28days is at least days that you need to follow continuously for sure.

Is PEP effective for sex?

Yes, PEP is the medicine for HIV. HIV is highly transmitted by the unprotected sex, whether the sex is vagina sex, anal sex or among men-women, women-women or men- men.

When PEP is recommended

Receptive Anal Sex: Receptive anal sex is one who is acted bottom in the anal sex. There is a high possibility for the bottom, that way gay couples are so active to the PEP medication. If your partner has HIV negative or he is having many men to men sex, you should consult the doctor.

Insertive Anal Sex: Insertive anal sex is who is acted top in the anal sex. If you are one, there is a possibility that you get infect if your bottom is HIV position.

Vaginal Sex: PEP is also recommended for vagina sex. Many of women are also suffering from HIV in the world. When either of the partners is known as HIV positive, then there is a possibility and possibility is high when you are having unprotected sex.

Non-Sterile injection: HIV can be transmitted from the non-sterile injection. Well, it is less reason for HIV positive. But if you feel that non-sterile injection is used very you with HIV positive person, yes it is recommended.

PEP is recommended when you have injured in your mouth, and came in the contact with the HIV position person’s semen. HIV does not transmit with contact, but it transmitted when you have cut and injury. You can perform oral sex, like cunnilingus, anilingus easily expects some circumstances.