Penis Extender Sleeve With Ring Skin

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Selling price Rs 2,600

This penis sleeves that support the male erection and support the male penis size. It is a temporary penis enlargement toy that has a positive result. It is one of the best solutions that is

  • Quick
  • Cheap
  • Realistic

I brought it from I am impressed and gone to share my experience with us. It is not only good for men, but also for women.

The act of insertion is one of pleasure to enhance the sex life. Every woman is looking for something bigger and harder. Men who want to fulfil the same sire of their women can use Penis Extender Sleeve With Ring Skin. I will explain you why.

Let begin with start.

Let’s start with what I like most about this sleeve.

I get surprised to see touch its glans. It glans is filled with material means this is additional length going to add to my penis.

In touch, the sleeve is soft. Material is not too soft or too hard, but yes it is flexible. I do not feel any problem to install it over the penis. Well, I used some drop of lubricant and semi-erect penis state at the time of installation.

It is 16cm in length in total. From this, 5cm is a solid part that added on the top of my penis. Remaining part cover the penis shaft.  It enhances my penis size with 5cm. It has a ring at the bottom that goes behind the testicles.

I would say this ring part is a key advantage of it. It secures the penis sleeves on the penis. If this ring is not available in it, it gets a little difficult to have fast movement with it in sex. This ring fixes sleeves on the penis and helped a lot.

What about width? How much girth I get?

Its material is thick. In increase my penis size with 5cm. It looks just 5cm, but it gives a huge difference to the penis and to pleasure.

The overall result, it so surprising. After using, i gently remove it over the penis and wash it.

Maintenance of penis sleeves

Penis sleeve is similar to a condom, but nit condom. It is very easy to wash under the water.

Penis Extender Sleeve With Ring Skin is made by rubber and very convenient to wash and to dry out. After wash, put bring it under the water. Rinse water can remove the unwanted particles from it. If you want, you can use anti-bacterial soap for more hygiene.

I always prefer to wash it with water only. Water is also enough to remove all the sperm, lubricant and penis skin from the penis sleeves.

You can also turn it over, for clean it deeply. Be careful while turn it over.

Benefit of using it

Let know about it.

Increase length up to 1.5 inches

Penis sleeves are available only to increase the length and width. But it is one of the best because it increases the length with 1.5 inches. This penis sleeve is special, it is not like normal penis sleeves. Penis Extender Sleeve With Ring Skin has solid top glans part. This artificial glans added extra length to the penis glans and gives 1.5 inches more length to the penis in the result.

Increase hardness and strength

After attaching this penis sleeve to the penis, that sex life gets better for man and women. Its material creates a support for the penis. Penis hardness is required to reach deep in the vagina. Men who have a weak erection, can use it and make their penis hard and strong rough.

Perfect for premature ejaculation

Men who are suffering from premature ejaculation due to being too sensitive, when they enter with a naked penis, it cannot meet the expectation. If men want to eliminate his sensitivity, it’s good to add a barrier that is real in touch and worked for it.

Secure to Use

It is secure. Secure in a term that it will not leave their place at the time of sex. Many of penis sleeves lost their place and spoil the sex. It is obvious too when men try to stroke to had, it is possible. But these penis sleeves have ring that goes around the testicle and keeps it at their place.

Realistic feel

Even without using artificial penis length and girth, this penis sleeves gives realistic touch. It has realistic glans at top and realistic veins on shaft. If men use it in sex, women cannot feel any presence of sex toy, it will be realistic for your partner.

Summary: Penis Extender Sleeve With Ring Skin

Penis Extender Sleeve With Ring Skin is effective in both size and endurance. It is flexible; you can use it and increase the size. It is goods in every term. By applying the irregularities of the blood vessel to the penis sack, it is an excellent thing that also considers the pleasantness of insertion.


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