Penis captivus, not so much common but according to report, some of the people faced it on the bed with their partner.

Do you hear my penis trapped in the vagina?

May be its impossible to hear, but it is real. It happens with some men when they have sex.

It is completely bad for men who faced it in their sexual intercourse. After this activity, a men never able to try go forward on their activity.

What is penis captivus?

When a penis is trapped in the vagina during sex. Penis captivus is a rare, but some of the people face it and feel uncomfortable.

According to medically documentation the existence of Penis captivus is less. Now, many people question is this actually happens?

Penis captivus is a result of a condition called vaginismus(a muscle spasm in the pelvic floor muscles), your penis stuck inside vagina in which the vagina is involuntarily closed due to muscle spasms in the pelvic floor.

The effect of penis captivus is very temporary. If someone face it, then you should both relaxed and give it some time, the muscles will get relaxed soon, allowing the couple to separate easily.

Is it happen?

Existence of penis captivus.... There are so few incredible reports of penis captivus is reported that some people, including some doctors also.

These reports are extremely rare according to the researcher concludes that although penis captivus may be a myth, doctors have reported it. But still some people faced it.

How can it occur?

During intercourse, both the partner feel arousal, penis filled with blood and get in erect position for sexual intercourse. In the women, vulva produces lubricant in preparation for sexual penetration.

Human genitals are made up of muscular tissue, which can expands and contracts during sex, such as during an orgasm. These contractions can be very strong, and give them stuck position.

According to natural formation, after vaginal contractions atlast , the vaginal walls will relax. After passing erection state, the blood will flow away from the penis, and it will become normal state. Then, the partners will able to get separate from each other easily.

For avoid it, use best sex lubricant

Lubricant most effective method to avoid penis stuck, as well as you find a smooth penetration with the partner.

Most of the people use lubricant during sexual activity and find more enjoyment and pleasure.

There are so many type of lubricant easily available in the online market. You can select any different flavoured lube and get more enjoyment on the bed.   

What to do if it occurs?

If someone faces this effect then you should try to keep yourself calm because stress can make the event last longer.

Forcefully, do not try to get the penis out from the vagina because it may hurt you both. Never try to open the vagina or eject the penis manually otherwise you may feel bad effect on the genitals.

Staying calm and allow both body muscles to get relax as well as breathe deeply and mock the situation can also relieve stress and reduce excitement in the genitals.

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