Penetrative masturbator

Penetrative masturbator has a through kind of masturbator, if you insert from the insertion hole you can come out from another bottom hole.  It is like a tunnel that has opened end from both side.

Penetrative masturbator is not mainstream at present. With the evolution of many masturbator types, material, etc. the usage of non-penetrative types increase and recently it has rarely been seen and use. But it has its own benefits.

As there is common issue found in the all kind of masturbator, masturbator bleedings. Due to masturbator bleeding, maintenance gets difficulty. But the advantage point of using penetrative masturbator is, it is easy to maintain.

Benefit of using it

Number of benefit for penetrative masturbator

Enjoy feeling of ejaculation with it

Ejaculation is end point of every masturbation and penetrates masturbator allow you to enjoy ejaculation. You can saw ejaculation with the masturbator.

Except that if you want to ejaculate clear, you can do it without removing masturbator. For non-penetrative masturbators, you have to remove masturbator.

Easy maintenance

The biggest merit of penetrative masturbator is, it is easy to wash.  Inside get clean just by flushing tap water through it. As it both side is open, water can pass through it and take out all dust particle, semen and lotion easily.

For deep clean, just put your finger and stored cleanly. Hygiene is good for your health and maintenance is good for masturbator. Likewise, you can use it for a longer time.

Can enjoy glans masturbation

Unlike non-penetrative masturbator, penetrative allow glans to penetrate from another side. Glans is open to touch and stimulate. You can focus on glans masturbation as well from outside for quicker ejaculation.

In non-penetrative masturbator, it is difficult to simulate every corner of glans. It is good for one who likes glans stimulation and glans masturbation

Lotion can use again and again

At the time of masturbation, if you feel that you are running out of lubricant, you can put lubricant from another opened end of the masturbator. It is easy to apply lubricant over masturbator and even on a penis with non-penetrative masturbator.

Biggest demerit: Do not have vacuum effect

If there is no vacuum effect in the masturbator means there is no feeling of sucking on the penis and there is no match to real play.

Understand vacuum effect here?

Yes, vacuum effect gives a good experience. Masturbating with masturbator without vacuum effect feel like you are wrapping around masturbator material only.

Compatibility of penis size and hole of diameter is getting necessary in the situation of no vacuum effect. If there is a large hole in masturbator than the penis size, the feeling of using it gets reduced. A loose masturbator does not pleasant enough. You need to be stick to the correct size of the hole with penetrative masturbator.

How to use penetrative masturbator for vacuum effect

If you want to experience the real vacuum effect in the masturbation, then choice non-penetrative masturbator. If you already have penetrative masturbator, then it can work for you

Due to new popularity of penetrative masturbator, you have to find your correct penetrative masturbator first.

As it is opened from both ends, to use it for vacuum effect we need to close its one end, so it is good to get a long penetrative masturbator. To close the bottom opened end, you can use a ball or some tissue to block it.

As all masturbator is made by a flexible material, so you can easily fix a ball or tissue at the bottom.

Now, why required long penetrative masturbator?

If you fix some object at the bottom, it definitely covers the bottom surface and during making stroke movement, it can hit the fixed object and you are unable to use it as vacuum effect.

It is good to choose a long one. There is various masturbator even in penetrative masturbator are available with different size, material and texture. You just have to find the correct one.

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