• Are you having pain after masturbation?
  • Do you feel something strange in body after ejaculation?

If your answer is yes in any of situation, then you should scroll down to this article. It is normal to have pain after masturbation, but it might have many reasons

Is it normal for the penis to hurt after masturbation?

Yes, pain after masturbation is quite common. It is common because releasing semen is takes too much energy. Lots calories is burned, so if done excessively might cause fatigue and tiredness.  The pain is sometime demonstration because of normal sexual organ which is known as ‘hyperemia’. But if the pain is too much than we suggest that you should consult with your doctor, who will able to determine whether there are any physical problem that can be treated.

Sometime pain after masturbation in penis is also happen because of the long time duration of masturbation, for example if you are involve in too much masturbation than it can be a great cause of pain in penis after masturbation. So, we suggest you to do not masturbate too much for long time period.

The excessive masturbation may harmful for the body. As we all knows that everything is good when it is in ‘limit’. Apart from the pain many people feels weakness, body pain, feels burn and different symptoms. That is normal for a time limit but if you felt that for a long time period than something is wrong in your body than please consult the doctor.

Why people having pain after masturbation? Causes

People having pain or strong pain in penis after masturbation regularly have many causes, except energy release. But still somewhere it is common. Mostly having pain during the masturbation is due to the medical problems and condition. Sometimes doctors are unable to find the medical cause in some cases than they treat the patient with the help of physiotherapy. Let’s check the other causes:-

Prostate disorder

Somewhere pain after masturbation is linked with the prostate disorder or we have issue with the prostate. Most of the medical terms on painful ejaculation focus on problems with the prostate. Prostatitis is one of the common causes. Man with Prostatitis have problem of swelling in the prostate. This swelling is often due to a prostate infection. Prostatitis is also occurs because of other problems like nerve damage or a urinary tract infection (UTI) that damage the prostate.


Men who have medical problem like diabetes are more likely to experience nerve damage that causes Prostatitis. A condition called benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), which causes the prostate to enlarge, may also affect the ejaculation. Other prostate problems, including surgery on the prostate and prostate cancer, can also cause painful ejaculation.

Relationship and emotional problems

We all knows that how mental problems can affect our body, same like this depression, anxiety and stress can radically change the man sex life. Likewise, problem in a relationship may manifest as physical symptoms, including painful ejaculation. Frustration also can cause of pain after masturbation.


Some of the medication can cause painful ejaculation. Some of antidepressant may cause the range o sexual issue, including changes in libido, erectile dysfunction and painful ejaculation.

Sexual transmitted disease:-

Massive range of sexual transmitted disease (STD) cans also a cause of pain after masturbation in penis. Man may feel burning sensation when ejaculating, urinating or both.

How to prevent the pain of penis after masturbation

You can try these way to prevent painful ejaculation.

Kick your bad habits

There are some special tricks and techniques with the help of them you can prevent after masturbation pain in penis. Just like if you have some bad habits like drinking alcohol; taking drugs etc. you have to stop them immediately. Think that the pain is a red signal or a reminder of stop.


Exercise is also a good way to prevent the after masturbation pain and ejaculation pain. The most effective exercise is ‘pelvic floor exercise’. The pelvic floor exercise is providing strength top the muscles that involved thin the ejaculation.

Consult your doctor

The most important thing is when you feel the pain more than normal than you should know that it is the time to consult with the doctor. Because sometimes pain is ok but you feel the pain on regular basis after masturbation than it is a sign of something wrong in your body. Most important thing is early treatment can prevent underlying conditions from getting worse.

Does physical health affect the ejaculation pain?

Yes, definitely the physical illness can cause of pain after masturbation. Suppose if anyone is feeling not well and then they try masturbation, they can’t able to do because it takes energy as well.  If your body is not feel good then how your penis feel good no matter when. It can be a scary experience then.


Conclusion is sometimes we can feel little pain after masturbation in our penis, but massive pain on regular basis is not right and anyone can’t ignore this. So, whenever you feel uncontrollable pain must consult with the doctor.

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