I am sex lover and cannot live without sex but sometime I feel pain after ejaculation.

If you are facing same problem then let’s go with me to find the solution at the bottom of this article, now.

When you having sex or doing masturbation, some problems may happen, mostly you may feel pain after ejaculation when you are lie on the bed.

Why Pain Occur, When I Ejaculate?

I talking about men’s problem such as ejaculation related. Most of the men, ejaculation occurs without any problems. But, there are some men who experience difficulties with their ejaculation such as pain in the penis.

With the other hand some of men ejaculate soon. There are also some men whose ejaculation is delayed as compare to other men.

But painful ejaculation a problem that some men suffer from it when they having any sexual activity   or masturbate.

A study says, maximum 10% of the male population can experience pain during ejaculation when they passing beautiful moments with the partner.

No problem, we will discuss about what is painful ejaculation and also discuss possible symptoms of painful ejaculation process. We also consider possible reasons when a men facing this problem.

Symptoms of Ejaculation

According to patient, symptoms may vary because it is depend upon patient’s condition. Some men also find that the symptoms change slowly in their sexual life but it is normal.

Sometimes, the symptoms are troublesome and not the cause. Pain not so much harder as compare another pain, it means it may be mild and may go away quickly after ejaculation when having any sexual activity or masturbation. But another hand, it may be more uncomfortable for some men. A man may experience pain during ejaculation, it may be maintaining in a long time. So due to this pain you cannot perform your sexual activity in proper manner. 

Painful ejaculation appears when you feel self-explanatory condition in front of the partner. The condition refers to the pain during ejaculation process. Men should take some factors into consideration of ejaculation when pain occurs. When they experience symptoms of so men should consider it and never avoid it.

Some symptoms often reported not easily such as:

However, the pain only develops after the man has ejaculated alone or with the partner. Sometimes, the pain may occur while the man is ejaculate self while masturbate with sex toy or without sex toy. This can be described as a burning sensation or affected with the mind sensational capacity.

The pains most affect the penis and the surrounding area of it. In some men, pain symptoms also affect the back area of men and bladder.

Some men may experience pain when they urinate after ejaculating, this pain so much harder so it is another common symptom to look out for pain during ejaculation.  These pains go way in a short time mostly.

Symptoms are occurs when you take sexual intercourse and when masturbating with the partner or alone. Simple things that not all men experience painful ejaculating with the same sexual activities, it means some men feel pain during sexual intercourse and some of face pain when they try to do masturbating own self.

For facing symptoms of ejaculation in such a specific way, you should also consult doctor for more information. This allows the doctor to determine what may be causes and what the region behind it.

Causes of Premature Ejaculation

It is mostly important to identify the causes of painful ejaculation. Men always understand the region of after ejaculation after and before sexual activity or masturbation. If you realize that, this pain to be able to controllable so it can be a serious problem for you.

There are some cases, where cause will require medical treatment not so much harder for any one. Failure receives serious treatment with the medicines.

Relationship and emotional problems

Some factors are there such as depression, anxiety, stress, irritation, etc can change men’s sexual life. As the physical symptoms, including painful ejaculation may occur when you feel it.

Men who experience lot of pain they may also feel it when any emotional and relationship problem are happen in your life.

Pelvic procedures

In pelvic radiation, on the genitals or in the pelvis can effect or damages the prostate and other parts of the body that play a role in ejaculation process. This damage can make ejaculation painful while having any physical activity.

Sexually transmitted infections

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) can make ejaculation painful; it may also a region for pain. Men may feel great sensation and any ejaculation, urination, or both regions for that.

Prostate disorders

Prostate disorders also a common region for painful ejaculation and Most of the medical literature on it. Men with Prostate have swelling and this type of swelling is often caused by a prostate infection mostly. Prostate related disease can also be caused by other issues of men’s body, such as urinary tract infection, nerve damage or damages the prostate with growing age.

Men with diabetes also a region of nerve damage that causes Prostate problems.

Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) also a disease , which causes the prostate to enlarge after the ejaculation.  BPH also create difficult urination or frequent urination to urinate by the men.

Urination with painful ejaculation

Today some of men who feel painful urination when having painful ejaculation. May be one of these underlying problems in a painful ejaculation:

  • Chlamydia
  • Prostatitis
  • BPH

Ejaculation and urination bound with the many nerves and tissues so a region also happen it and injuries, or procedures that affect that area of the body could result in painful ejaculation and urination such a manner in this turn.

For treatment of painful ejaculation:

  • Surgery to treat prostate cancer as well as prostate problems
  • Antibiotics to treat a prostate infection after consulting a Doctor
  • Switching medications if feel reaction of it.