Self pleasure is normal to do? You think so? Yes, I think so too but if it is in a limit. Indian Masturbation and self-pleasure have a number of benefits, but it has some disadvantages too.

Everyone masturbates, but no one knows what happen at excessive masturbation

Effects of over masturbation!! Single effects say that you are one. You can check your physical and mental statues and can find that your masturbation is over or not.

What is over masturbation state?

Over masturbation is the states where men or women harm themselves in seek of pleasure. Every man masturbates and a moderate number of masturbation is good for the body, but when it goes beyond moderate level, then it will consider as over masturbation state.

How many times do you masturbate in week?

According to the study, it is good to masturbate 3 times a week. It is even better if count is 2. This is the ideal number for masturbation.

But it does not mean that if you masturbate 4 times in a week, you are considering as over masturbation people. No, not at all.

Over masturbation is also called as frequent masturbation. And it is discovered in 2016 study that the frequency masturbation and lower prostate cancer as a link. Men who ejaculate 21 times a month has a lower risk of masturbation. So, men can fix their masturbation practise to 21, if he doesn’t want to make it harmful for them.

You surely heard of many of masturbation myth, which is not true. But if you are one who is considered as over masturbation people, then it definitely harms your health in future.

Excessive masturbation is not risk-free

Sure, masturbation has a number of benefits. It is the safest form of sex. It keeps men away from STD and unplanned pregnancy. But has some risk, like other low-risk activity.

Every activity is good to do, even masturbation. But excessive masturbation never be good for the body.

As we know masturbation changes the hormonal balance in the body. If you not, check here. If they get imbalance, it definitely causes a problem in your body.

Effects of over masturbation!! Single effects say that you are one.

If you considered anyone of this side effect of over masturbation, you are one. Means it a time to control your masturbation activity for a better sexual life as well as for better physical life.

Over masturbation effects 1: Hormone Imbalance

The formation of androgen called testosterone is linked to the masturbation.

Well, there are two types of androgen in the male. A good androgen called testosterone and another androgen called Dihydrotestosterone. This Dihydrotestosterone hormone harms the body.

If male masturbation, the total amount of male hormones will increase, but if it goes beyond limit means over masturbation, then the testosterone will decrease and Dihydrotestosterone will increase instead.

You can see that it is clearly not good to have a hormonal imbalance in the body.

Over masturbation effects 2: Back pain and discomfort

Over masturbation mean several hours for PMO(Porn, Masturbation, Orgasm). Continues PMO cycle causes muscles atrophy and give some sort of strains and aches in the shoulder and back.

It is obvious, that if you stay at some posture or discomfort posture for hours, it causes lower back pain in the body. Even though, masturbation also affects your hormone and immune system too.

effect the production of testosterone and lead to zinc loss from the body. The loss of essential mineral from the body causes lower pain in the body.

Over masturbation effects 3: Chronic fatigue

Excessive masturbator increases the production of steroid hormones and cortisol in the body. Hence the metabolism rate increase and eventually leads to exhausted and fatigued feeling in the male.

Over masturbation effects 4: On hairs

The speed of hair growth increase with excessive masturbation. It does not only grow faster but also hair gets lost and damage.

Well, the process will be like, the old hair replaced by the new hair. Doing masturbation too much affect hormone balance collapses and this repeated process has become faster.

In addition, the number of cycles is already determined by the genes. If a number of cycles is large, it means you get bald too. Men should be careful about it.

Over masturbation effects 5: Penis sores and penis pain.

Too much rub on the sensitive penis, vases penis rashes, sores and even pain. As long as you are avoiding your body signal or physical health, it will definitely harm your tender penis. Penis is a sensitive part of a men body. It’s your responsibility to take care of it. Sometimes, the intense rubbing (if goes beyond body signal), cause penis tissue damage or penis fracture.

Over masturbation effects 6: Premature ejaculation

The reduction of hormones like testosterone and dopamine and serotonin leads to a weak parasympathetic nervous system. It makes erection weaker, enhance sperm leakage. Men experience premature ejaculation.

Another reason for premature ejaculation is when men get used to masturbation he gets excited by their own or even with the little erotic touch. This ends up with the disappointing results in ejaculation, especially with the partner.

Over masturbation never be good for sexual life with a partner.

Over masturbation effects 7: Lost taste sense

The main component of semen is zinc (a component of protein). The discharge of excess semen means discharge of zinc too from the body.

Zinc is a necessary mineral that keeps the taste correct. If zinc level in the body is less, then taste sense is also get disappear.

Want to stop masturbation addiction? Why?

You can refer to this link- How to stop masturbation easily.

Let do the right masturbation.

If you do masturbate too much, bad effect will occur.

Not doing at all is also not good, it builds up stress and many more.

Doing few times in a mouth is okay like a hobby, with this right masturbation way.

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