Being sucked and being in vagina is all men except from the artificial vagina or masturbator.

Non-penetrative masturbator is one that gives that feeling with a single toy.

What is a non-penetrative masturbator?

Non-penetrative masturbator is kind of masturbator that has only a hole that does not penetrate. It is the biggest feature of non-penetrative masturbator.

When inserting from one end but there is no way out for men to come out from another end.  It is closed at the bottom, just contain a single hole that is not penetrative at all. SUch masturbator is available in soft material as well as hard material.

This hole is available for a particular reason. A tiny hole is tiny enough that does not pass the penis, but that can pass the air. Passing of air from one end to another end create a strong stimulation for men. The escaping of air creates a vacuum suction effect for the sensitive penis.

Benefit of using it

The vacuum effect is the key advantage to use non-penetrative masturbator.

What is the vacuum effect in the masturbator?

The vacuum effect is obtained by removing the inside air from the hole. It is types of forces that create a sucking effect on the penis when every time some air released from the masturbator.

When air escapes from the back hole of masturbator, it became a vacuum state. Every time when you make a stroke and strong stroke, the vacuum effect will occur. And naturally, the level of stimulation of penis is increased. The pleasure obtained by non-penetrative masturbator is real and high.

How does a vacuum effect work?

The vacuum effect of masturbator varies with the size of hole and internal texture of masturbator.

The hole is key to escapes the air, so definitely large to small hole release different level of air and gives different level of suction force to the penis.

For me, to consider the size of hole is very narrow. It is even hardly to felt inside, but the texture if masturbator will definitely give you different pleasure and you need to consider.

But in my case, when using non-penetrative masturbator, be sure to remove the air. There is no particular rule to remove the air for better vacuum state.

But I will introduce how to use it.

How to release air while using non-penetrative masturbator?

For the beginner user, who are new in the non-penetrative masturbator. It might get difficult for you to understand and use non-penetrative masturbator effectively.

After a twice and thrice attempt. I found the correct way to use it, that I am going to share with you.

Here I am using Virgin Loop non-penetrative masturbator. I like to use it. It is good in texture and hole size. Let’s begin.

As you can see, it has a small hole at the bottom. First, pour some lubricant in the hole and penis.

At this time, do not think about anything, just make sure that your penis must be in erected state. The erected state is the best situation to go into the masturbator.

Step 1

Try to insert the penis all way down and return to the middle of it. And let the air be stored in the tip of the masturbator.

At half inserted position, hold the remaining part of masturbator where the penis has not reached with hand. Make a strong grip.

At this time, some buffing sound creates because air will escape from the escape hole. As for Virgin Loop, it is medium size masturbator so it will give you buffing sound. But in the case of small masturbator. Your penis size can block the entrance of hole or your hand, so it may not go well.

If it seems you not good, open the hole entrance with the hands. Make sure your hand grip does not cover the bottom hole of masturbator.

Step 2

You are going to masturbate it with continue strokes, so keep continue it with pulling back the penis.

Pull your penis back and use your hand accordingly. At this time, remaining sir escaped from the hole.
Remember, do not pull back your penis completely because air will enter again in the masturbator.

When air escape from the masturbator, it will give a suction force to the penis, that is a real pleasure for you. That how vacuum effect will work for you.

Get best pleasure like women

When you insert your penis smoothly into the masturbator after sir is released from it, at that time it will feel like women vagina.

This pleasant masturbation taste like real masturbation with vagina.

You can also try this Virgin Loop

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