Have you ever heard about the Dry orgasm? It is sexual acme without ejaculation either in Indian masturbation or sex.

Yes, it is true but...

What meaning of dry orgasm is different. Someone like to have it or some like to cure it. There is a mystery in the meaning of it.

Regarding the meaning of the worlds, the content that is spread among the men, especially in the gays and in academic content are totally different.

What is dry orgasm?

Basically, dry orgasm is when men feel orgasm without getting ejaculation.

Have you ever heard men get an ultimate orgasm without eject a bit of sperm? This is the state of dry orgasm. When men unable to ejaculate even without stimulating the penis.

What is the basic meaning of dry orgasm in the academic world?

Dry orgasm occurs when removing surgery done over the bladder or prostate. These surgeries stop making sperm in the body, hence men are unable to ejaculate sperm even reach to the climax.

Dry orgasm can be a temporary occurrence or can be permanent. It is not a serious health problem until you do not want to have children.

It is the academic term, but men love to get a dry orgasm, not by removing the bladder or prostate from the body. But by stimulation the prostate.

Now a day, this is the main content that is linked to the dry orgasm word. Why do men want to have a dry orgasm? Read here.

Dry orgasm v/s retrograde ejaculation

Retrograde ejaculation can also lead to dry orgasm sometimes.

Retrograde ejaculation is the state where semen change their route and enter in the bladder, instead goes out through the penis during sexual climax. Although, men can reach to the sexual climax. This state can emit no semen or little semen. That is why it is called as a dry orgasm.

It is not harmful like a dry orgasm but it causes male infertility. Sometimes the repeat orgasm, you used all your body semen (a side effect of over masturbation). As a result, the next orgasm is unable to ejaculate the sperm due to lack of amount.

Do not get panic!! Should not worry about it.

No, there is nothing to worried about dry orgasm If it is not usual. But if you are experiencing dry orgasm for a long time and want to ejaculate sperm for whatever reason, then you should consult.

Of course, this is not the case when you are intentionally having dry orgasm.

Causes of a dry orgasm, why it happens.

If you are having a dry orgasm without any intention, then it might cause of these following reasons.

  • Of course, if you undergo bladder or prostate removal surgery.
  • Sperm duct blocked.
  • Diabetes.
  • High blood pressure.
  • Testosterone deficiency.
  • Nerve damage.
  • Mood disorder or stress.
  • A genetic reproductive disorder.

Why men try dry orgasm by stimulation?

Dry orgasm is the acme of sexual arousal and orgasm in the men. This intense orgasm is achieved by the stimulation of prostate form the anus. Men can feel the same pleasure as women feel in G-Spot orgasm.

It is said that women feel ten times more pleasure than men's ejaculation. Every man wants to feel the pleasure of women orgasm that is all possible by the prostate stimulation.

Dry orgasm or prostate stimulation gives a sense of satisfaction, sense of conquest sense of cleanliness. It is a peak of serious pleasure. You can feel the pleasure that makes the whole body convulsive and raises your voice of fun like women.

The feeling of a dry orgasm does not end in the moment of ejaculation, but it lasts for several minutes and can feel again and again with the best way of stimulation.

A finger is not enough to reach the spot

Now, we know, how to achieve dry orgasm. It is not a spot that is spotted at the entrance of the anus. You have to go to the deep inside. Well, it depends on men to men, where is your pleasurable point.

The rimming and fingering in anus with a finger can be bothersome after sometimes, so many tools and dildos are available in the market that ideally replaces the place of the finger.

As the skill and knowledge are required to leads the dry orgasm, you required correct dildo and tool to lead the dry orgasm.