Ejaculate harder than ever...by yourself!!

Yes, you can do it in your masturbation too. If you want too, it is important for you to select a correct masturbation toy.

Masturbation toy for penis and prostate that fulfil all your masturbation need of cock and anus.

Indian Masturbation??

Masturbation is a way of self-stimulation of genital whether by men or women. It is a common behaviour in human. Among all, 95% of men and 89% of women agree that they masturbate. The masturbation can get better with the masturbation toy. Well, the masterbation toys or sex toys are a female-dominated market. But now there are effective male masturabation toys in the market for the male.

Indian masturbation has two phases that need two types of masturbation toys. In term of penis nature, all men want penis masturbation and there is the man too that is looking for the only prostate masturbate. Mainly, gays couples are high;y intrested ion the prostate masturbation.

Know about both of them.

Two types of masturbation done by male

Men can have the option to masturbate from these two. Both are interlink and pleasurable. Let’s know about them. What they are?

Penis masturbation

Penis masturbation is common masturbation used by men to stimulate and clam their sexual needs. Typically, it is stimulation of the penis and balls over the penis whether with hand or something else. The speed of hand movement and frequency of movement depend on the pleasure. The penis masturbation techniques vary with the person to person. Even some stuck into over masturbation.


Penis masturbation is non-penetrative masturbation for men. It can be done by manual or with masturbator toys or fleshlight. Man masturbators toys are available in the market that guarantees to fulfil the penis sexual needs.

It is normal to do penis masturbation in every second man because it is pleasant, fulfilling, acceptable and safer to do. Well, the penis masturbation does not match the pleasure of vagina. But with the help of correct masterbation toys for men, they can find the real vagina pleasure.

P-Spot masturbation

P-Spot masturbation means stimulation of prostate glands. The stimulating of P-Spot can also lead to intense orgasms and ejaculation. The prostate glands is responsible for producing the semen in the men. It prepares a portion of ejaculate.  It can be done by manual or with sex toys. P-Spot masturbation is pleasurable like women’s G-Spot masturbation.

Prostate glands are situated around the urethra, below the bladder and above the rectum. P-Spot masturbation is not similar to penis masturbation. It is done by stimulating through the anus. Yes, it is types of penetration masturbate.

Using Prostate toys are far better than fingers. Fingers do not reach to the prostate glands, but prostate toys are meant for them and hit the prostate spot at the correct time.

Indian masturbation Toys for penis

Below, I am suggesting the best male masterbation toy for the penis if you want to try or want to enhance the penis masturbation session. You can say them, an artificial vagina that gives real vagina feel with their material and texture.

Virgin Loop Hard

Virgin Loop, a heavy textured masturbator toys for a male. It has lined structured from the inside, that is nor similar like women’s vagina but yeah it is better than this. Men can enjoy the multiple lines feel with every up and down movement. It is one of masturbator toy from the Virgin series. It is quite famous in Japan and soon will in India because it is unique in structure. It is reusable, men can wash and use it again.

The pleasure if so high with this masturbator that men can get addicted to it even though know about the side effect of masturbation.

Fleshlight Pink Lady original

Fleshlight, maybe you are aware of it, if you are read my blogs.

Fleshlight is one of the highly famous male masturbator toys in the world. Continuously it is increasing in India too. A lot of men are aware of fleshlight india now. It is hard case masturbator with soft sleeve. Internal soft sleeve give the best penis masturbation. Fleshlight is available in multiple sleeves with multiple textures. This pink lady original is the first sleeve by fleshlight. It is straight in texture and easy to use by beginners.


If you are searching for the rough and strong orgasm stimulus, than Banji be the one. It is absolutely suitable for the good. I personally liked to use it. It has three threads of walls inside with a brief internal structure. I tried threads barrier once or twice, then I cut it. It gives flesh touch now in penis masturbation. The colour of Banji is so real that you will feel the presence of the vagina. It is reusable, men can wash and use it again whenever they feel aroused.

Tenga flip hole silver

Tenga flip hole silver, a reusable masturbator toy from the Tenga. Tenga is famous for their disposable egg series, but its reusable masturbator is more worthy. Men can use it more than 50 times with a correct maintenance process. It has 3 buttons that change the inside pressure and vacuum force to stimulate the penis. It gives intense pleasure to the men with this internal polyhedron structure.

Glamorous Mini Body MONA

A little quite expensive masturbator toy but worth it. A long and big masturbator toy is able to give hand free masturbation to the men. Glamorous Mini Body MONA is the one that delivers the structure of women with the pleasure of the vagina. It is a realistic sex doll and realistic in use. I prefer to use sex dolls in my solo time because we can enjoy the women’s hug and little foreplay with them.


MASHIRO s ONEDARI body, a big size masturbator for the penis. Basically, it is sex doll that is used for pseudo sex pleasure. It is expensive but delivers real women pleasure. It is big in size, there is no need to hold the masturbator. Just fix and enjoy it. I do not try this masturbator yet, but I received many review mail about it. They are satisfied with it. Its expensive price is worth in use.

If you are thinking to bring it, I recommended to check how to use sex doll and how to hide sex doll. Both are necessary to keep sexual life private.

Best male masturbation toy for P-Spot

Below, I am suggesting the masturbator toys for the prostate gland if you want to try or want to achieve the P-Spot orgasm once.

Analyzer Rosso

Analyer rasso, a male prostate masturbation toys in attractive red colour. It is structured in the wave form with 2 curved that directly hit the prostate glands. You can enjoy the prostate masturbation with vibration or without vibration. It has bullet vibrator with it. That fixes on the ring part. The vibrator does not go in the anus but it transfers the vibration to the anus and prostate gland.


ENEMABLE EX Type-α, prostate stimulator with a remote control vibrator. It is wired that generate the vibration on the top of the vibrator. It is a type of vibrator for the anus. ENEMABLE EX Type-α generate the 6 different vibration pattern and 6 different vibration strengths. It is curved in a structure that hit the prostate gland perfectly. It is easy to use because it has circular holders that also help men to do not lose in the anus.


HAJIMETENO Anal Red best for anal play or prostate play. It is long in length and goes deep in the anal. It is straight with a narrow tip. It is beginner friendly, means beginner can introduce themselves in the prostate masturbation with this anal dildo. I also used this prostate dildo for the my first time. It is easy to use with a water based lubricant. The good part of this dildo is, it has a broad base so you will not get mess with it in the anus.


MAGNUM Z 29, an anal dildo for the prostate masturbation. It is one of the famous prostate dildo from the Japanese Magnum series. I do not use Magnum series, but it is a quite famous one. It is long in length and can go easily to the prostate. It is beautiful in structure with a chain. The chain can be used to pull out the whole dildo after the satisfying masturbation. It can be good for the beginner because it has a narrow tip and gradually increases to the base. It gives a level of pleasure with every beads.

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