• What are the side effects of masturbation in daily life?
  • Does masturbation cause infertility?
  • Does masturbation causes weakness?

There are a thousand questions in mind when you masturbate daily. Exclude the world myth like masturbation causes infertility, it causes weakness, etc, masturbation has some side effect in physical health as well as on mental health. Remember, normal masturbation never causes any serious side effect. Serious mastrubation side effects for male causes by abnormal practice.

If you are masturbating daily, then it is not normal. Even, scientist say that 21 times in a month can be consider healthy. If a men masturbate around this quantity, that is right consider normal.

Masturbation is sexual practise that every second man so to clam their sexual desire. Different individuals get into this habitat at different stages either by themselves or with someone. If you are one who loves to masturbate, then check the masturbation bad effects you faced or will face.

Does masturbation has side effects?

Everything has merit and demerit that some point. Likewise, masturbation also has. If you are enjoying masturbation then there are chances you will face some conscious too. Well, the masturbation does not cause any side effect if you do in a proper manner. Frequent masturbation and compulsive masturbation can give serious side effect to the men.

What are the masturbation side effect a man suffer?

Masturbation is one of pleasurable thing men prefer to do in their solo time. There are many mastrubation side effects for male if it has done in a frequent way. Let’s check some of masturbation bad effects.

Causes Back pain

In several cases, men feel back pain after the masturbation. The masturbation practices penis and nearby parts get strain due to thrust and pressure. Hence causes pain. The wrong posture during masturbation can also cause back pain to the men due to muscle spasm.  Men even get cramps, pains in the pelvic area or in the tail bone region. Causes pain in the testicles is also common in men after masturbation. Men should be careful or lower the masturbation speed or session if it causes pain.

Affect sexual life

Too much masturbation make comfortable with their practice only. According to a study, a good number of men developed this habit and does not reach orgasm in sex with a partner without masturbation. Masturbation affects sexual life if you consider own touch and stimulation pleasurable. It affects the relationship with your partner. Premature ejaculation and early ejaculation is also common who masturbate too much.

Problem in Sex Organs

Due to over masturbation, the pelvic muscles and sex organs grow weaker that leads to support healthy and strong sexual activity with a partner. The continuous masturbation practice makes erection soft and weak. Men are unable to participate in sex with their partner for a long period of time. To weaken the sex organ can be a major side effect in the men. The number of masturbation practise is depending on the men to men.

Semen discharge

Semen discharge due to masturbation is not linked to sperm count. Many of people consider lower sperm quantity as a side effect of masturbation. But it is a myth. Well, the side effect of masturbation is semen discharge or releasing of semen habit. Once men get habituated with the releasing of sperm in little arouse, it is a problem. In this situation, men tend to want some private time regularly even in office hour for discharge themselves.

Urine infection

Frequent masturbation or handling the male penis can lead to the irritation of the penis. Sometimes hard thrusts cause chaffing of the skin and damage the penis skin. Face down masturbation while thrusting with hard object or pillow or something can injure the urethra. The damage of urethra and skin infection causes urinary incontinence or the inability to control the release of urine.

Make climax harder

Masturbation impact on men that they start responds to their own touch. Men get aware of their touch, how and how much is good to do. But they get less response to other touches. This would eventually make it a bit tougher for men to enjoy their touch and to reach climax. It is good to give a gap or relax your penis to feel recharge when you are thinking to have sex with the partner. Masturbation several times before having sex with a partner makes your climax difficult. It is good to think about their subsequent ejaculation and try to make it a bit longer with masturbation.

Bring guilty

Many people that touch their own genital and masturbation is bad in terms of ethical and religious considerations. Men start believing it and feeling of being guilt for doing this activity. It happens when men are involved in the religious term. The guilt and shame you refer, it is more of a psychological than a physical issue. I believe it is natural and there is nothing wrong to pleasure them. Being guilt is not good for self-pleasure. This guilt is very harmful to for men self-esteem, self-love or confidence.

Chronic Masturbation May Happen

Chronic Masturbation or compulsive masturbation is a disorder where men engage himself in the masturbation that causes social-occupational dysfunction. It impacts the male body and mind chemistry, it is considered to be a serious side effect of masturbation at the extreme level. The masturbation 6-7 times in a day is productive for some men, but it just the opposite for some. Men should keep a balance between their social life and their personal sexual life.

Other side effects are

Too much masturbation is absolutely not good for the body. It leads to a hormonal imbalance in the male body and causes a side effect. Check these side effects as well.


Addiction of masturbation can be possible like any drug addiction. It can cause if men masturbate too much. Although the masturbation is a healthy activity, to get addicted to masturbation cause harm in males psychologically and biologically. It is a common agenda of life, too much of anything is not good for the body. I can’t say a number to keep your away from the masturbation addiction. But all I can say that it is good to do if you have the urge to do.

Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a common problem in men. Well, most men cure their erectile dysfunction (it is sexual dysfunction in men where they ejaculate too later or too sooner) by masturbation practice, even doctors also suggest to try it. But too much of masturbation or pressure on the sensitive penis can increase the risk of erectile dysfunction in men.

Neurological concerns

A neurological concern means a disorder in the nerve that connects whole body parts to each other. According to some study, over masturbation can cause Neurological problem in men. Well, it is not common. It happens in some rare cases. If you are masturbating in rare cases or even masturbate a little more, you don’t have to worry.

Premature ejaculation

I mentioned erectile dysfunction above. When men ejaculate too sooner, then it is term as premature ejaculation. When men stimulate penis too much or stimulate penis nerve, then it leads to premature ejaculation. When are unable to control their ejaculation or release of sperm.


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