Do you hear that male masturbation causes acne or breakouts? Does masturbation cause pimples?

Of course, you heard that it is one of common masturbation myth that is spread in the world.

Masturbation gives happiness, satisfaction and orgasm. There is no truth that it causes side effect on the face. There is no relation between masturbation and acne.

Can too much masturbation cause pimples?

Absolutely no,

According to studies, there is no effect of masturbation on the face or skin.  For most of people, masturbation is healthy and does not create any acne and pimple problem to them.

Even masturbation is good to do in terms of physical and mental health. It is masturbation myth that our old generation used to scare the younger generation to keep them away from sexual activities.

Well, everybody has a different reaction to masturbation and sex. Masturbation triggers the hormones balance in the body. But it is small if it is in average.

Effect of masturbation on testosterone

As I said, there is no relationship between masturbation and acne. But we can say that there is a relation between the masturbation and testosterone levels.

Masturbation increases the male hormone in the body. It increases regardless of the masturbation. Like, if you are watching some adult video or feel erotic, it leads to the secretion of male hormones.

The secretion of male hormone, testosterone is common and a regular and average limit of masturbation session does not secrete enough testosterone to cause pimple. A frequent masturbation does.

Male hormones such as testosterone increase. The secretion of sebum also increases in proportion. Sebum is oily secretion from the glands that leads to oily skin and acne.

If a male masturbates frequently, sperm is released every day. At this situation, the body prepared more sperm and amount of testosterone secreted increases for the production of sperm. Large testosterone level, a large amount of sebum is produced, which makes it easy for acne to occur naturally. That how masturbation work for testosterone and testosterone work for pimples.

Reason that cause acne?

Puberty can be a reason for acne. During puberty stages, the male body produces a large amount of testosterone and other androgens. It is common for all, either men or women.

During the puberty stage, men face acne problem due to an imbalance of masturbation. Puberty is not the onset of acne but it is first experiences with masturbation. That why people starting link puberty to the masturbation.

Clogged pores are all the reason for acne. Sometimes dead skin or dirt trap in the skin pores and cause acne and pimples.

How to get rid of masturbation pimples and acne?

Acne is not a side effect of masturbation on face. If you still think so, you can stop masturbation for at least two months and see what happens.

If you observe that your existing pimples disappear and new pimples may not come, then well done it works for you. If no, then eventually you have to believe that there is no side effect of masturbation.

Now, comes to acne. How you can rid of masturbation pimples? Well, I am suggesting to start the daily acne-fighting routine that removes excess. (Referring- Healhtline)

Drink plenty of water

To hydrate, the body is good for blood circulation and treat to overcome the acne.

Wash face twice a day

Wash your skin in the morning as well as at night. To clean your skin pores reduce the new acne buildup. Make sure to clean your face to remove the dirt. You can use a mild face wash for sensitive skin.

Wash face after masturbation

Masturbation is a kind of exercise and makes you sweat. It is good to wash the face after masturbation. Do not feel lazy. An oil and sweaty face caught dirty and lead to pimples.

Masturbate at a fixed time and fixed day of cycle.

It is good for you to keep a cycle of masturbation. Likewise, your body gets comfortable with your hormone imbalance. It is up to you, when you feel more arouse and when you feel relax. But remember try to keep it regular limit.

Try OTC treatment

Some men find OTC (Over the Counter) effective for the acne. If your acne is mild, you will definitely improve by it. Just make sure you get one with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide.

OTC treatment like mask and serums both are beneficial for stubborn acne. It removes the dead skin, kills the bacteria, removes excess oil and build new skin cell.

Consult to Dermatologist

If the above way does not work well for you means your acne is more severe. So you should consult the dermatologist. It is good to go to your regular dermatologist.

Which method is best to get rid of pimples?

If you have a severe pimple on your skin, then consult to the dermatology is the best for you. He/she can rectify the main cause of pimple and consult you best treatment.

If your pimple is not severe, then little care like washing face and keep it moisturise is best for you.

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