Having orgasm is complicated, just not for the women but for men too. There is a number of men who are curious to know and want to achieve the best orgasm every time.

Sex and intense orgasm is not always walk in the park. Male orgasm is really tricky. Yes, male feel and ejaculate easier as compare to female. But research said that many of men have not reached to orgasm and faked the orgasm. It’s true. About 18 percent of men do so.

If you are one who also fakes the big O or wants to achieve extreme orgasm, then read out the article. After research and study, I end up with some effective ways that help in men climax. Male ejaculation grows and reaches to cum with these steps.

Understand male orgasm?

Male orgasm is bit complex system that links to multiple hormones, organs and nerves. Well, the male orgasm is different from the female orgasm. In the male orgasm, the testosterone hormones are produced in the testicles and play an important role in men’s intense orgasm.

To cum, men just required physical stimulation to feel arouse and to ejaculate. The male orgasm is last for five to ten seconds. That is comparatively less than women.

Fast facts on male orgasms

  • Orgasm has number of benefit due to hormone release.
  • All me and guy can experience the intense orgasm.
  • In between, every 1 out of 3 men has premature ejaculation issue.
  • Not all men can lead to ejaculation, called as dry orgasm.
  • Orgasm ejaculation is fast about 28 miles per hour.
  • Male orgasm is shorter than female orgasm.
  • Most guys take only seven minutes to ejaculate.
  • Orgasm ejaculation amount can vary.

How to achieve intense orgasm

Check out all these points to know it.

Touch and arouse the perineum

Don’t know what is perineum? It will help you a lot to feel arouse and to reach best orgasm. Perineum is a skin area between the testicles and anal hole. It is laid between two sensitive organs and has the most sensitive nerve.

The stimulation and tickle the perineum skin is super active and raises the stimulation in the prostate gland. You can ask your partner if you are having sex to tickle the perineum. The level of sensitive gets higher with the partner’s touch.

Practise Kegel exercise.

Kegel exercises strengthen the penis muscles and give greater control on yourself.

You know many of women do kegel exercise to strengthen their vaginal orgasm. In the same way, kegel can help men to strength their orgasm.

To do kegel exercise, try to control on pelvic floor muscles. Contract on PV muscles and hold the position for second like 5 seconds and then release it. Repeat it many times.

Or even you can try to lift your penis up and down.

First orgasm is not the intense orgasm

If you really want to feel extreme orgasm and want to cum, then you should experience the multiple orgasms. The first orgasm is not the best orgasm. The second and third orgasm is more pleasurable than first.

Knock yourself and try more orgasms. In the second and thirds masturbation way, you will definitely satisfy with your intense orgasm need.

Try something new like masturbator

If you want to experience the best orgasm in your masturbation, then nothing best than a good masturbator.  As we know that presence and feel of women vagina automatically better the orgasm. With the help of best masturbator that is a true replica of women vagina give presence and feel of vagina even without women.

Men ejaculation with correct masturbator can lead to intense orgasm like sex. If you do not know how to choose masturbator, check my article.

Hold the orgasm.

How can hold the orgasm help to get best orgasm? It seems strange but it worked.

Delay gratification makes you master, same concept work for best male ejaculation. Study says that if men can pause their ejaculation when they are 90 percent to the way of climax, it leads to best ever orgasm. To slow down the ejaculation at the peak time make it more powerful.

Well, the hold of ejaculation at peak time is little difficult, but men can get the trick after 2-3 failure practice. Just bring yourself o the end of climax, slow down, pause and start again. You should try to do such for two or three times or it’s on you.

Uplift your testosterone level

No, I am not talking about to take some supplement. Testosterone level is not uplift by the supplement or just masturbation. When men perform a physical activity like a workout in gym or uplift weight, running, etc can also release Testosterone in the body.

The testosterone level is already higher the body, at that time you are most likely to orgasm more better. So whenever you are thinking to cum whether alone or with a partner, uplift your testosterone level with running and some sports exercise.

Focus to lower the blood pressure

High blood pressure is not good for your overall health. High blood pressure limits the flow of blood in the body. Hence the flow of blood effect in the penis too that is not good for ejaculation. If the penis has a lower blood flow, it is difficult for men to feel aroused. It reduces sexual desire and ejaculation. The sensitivity of the penis is obviously linked to the good blood flow in the penis.

So before including in the masturbation or sex, try to focus to lower the blood pressure in the body.