Are you wanted to check your masturbation way is correct or incorrect? Below article can help you to know about your masturbation well. How wrong masturbation is wrong to do? And how you can better your masturbation in India?

Let’s start.

Correct masturbation is essential

Masturbation is one of causally practise that every man does. A correct way of masturbation is good for health and their sexual life. Masturbation is like training for sex and enhances the ejaculation power in the men.  Many times, masturbation also helps men to overcome their depression and build a healthy life for him. It is important to do masturbation in the correct way to make it beneficial for you.

Correct masturbation enhances your ejaculation power. If you do it in the wrong way, it can lead to ED or Erectile dysfunction in the man. You should know about the best male masturbation tips and way before performing it. Below I am discussing some of the male masturbation tips for you.

Wrong masturbation effects

Sexologist Dr Deepak Arora saying this and I am believing so that the incorrect way of masturbation can lead to a serious sexual problem. It is not good at all to masturbation in the wrong way. If you continue to do wrong masturbation way, there is a possibility that you liked to be premature ejaculation or delay ejaculation. May be in the worst case, there is even risk of ED or erectile dysfunction. Such sexual dysfunction can also affect your sex life with a partner.

What is ED?

ED or erectile dysfunction is sexual dysfunction where men are unable to get or keep the erection during the sex. It is serious problem for men and one of a common problem. It happens due to several reasons like irregular blood form in the penis, higher stress level, serious illness or irregular and wrong way of masturbation. Due to ED problem, men lost their interest in the sex.

What is PE or DE?

PE and DE is premature ejaculation and delays ejaculation.

PE, premature ejaculation is a state where men ejaculate too sooner during sex with a partner or during masturbation. It is also famous as Rapid ejaculation, premature climax and early ejaculation. DE, delay ejaculation is a state where men ejaculate too late during sex with a partner or during masturbation.

It is frustrating for men to ejaculate sooner or later in sex because of its impacts on the relationship with a partner. Female partner does not get satisfied. PE or DE can also cause by wrong ways of masturbation. The penis is an extremely sensitive part of men and the wrong way can damage the penis tissue or cause a serious problem.

Male masturbation tips for male

People want to know the correct masturbation tip. Check the correct way of masturbation that prevents you from serious sexual issues and better your sexual life.

Work the parasympathetic by relaxing

The right way to begin the masturbation is to relax your mind and body. The autonomic nerves are deeply involved to excite the penis for the better play that why it is important and necessary to relax the body.

The autonomic nerves of the human body consist of two parts, the sympathetic nerve and the parasympathetic nerve. The parasympathetic nerve is working to activate the penis for erecting, that why I am saying relax the parasympathetic nerve.

The sympathetic nerve dominates when the brain and body move or activated, but parasympathetic nerve dominate when the brain and body are relaxed.

If you want erect penis and activate the penis, then you have to relax your parasympathetic nerve.

Masturbation by low stimulation

The strong stimulation by hand or masturbator never be a good idea for sexual life. Men masturbate either with the hand or masturbator, but it is important not to play too hard. The appropriate stimulation strength and pressure similar to real vagina pressure are good to do.

If you get used to this high stimulation and pressure, when have sex with your partner, you may not able to feel arouse or ejaculate with the partner. It affects your sexual life.

The right way of masturbation is to keep stimulation low. Just hold the penis with a very weak force and gently massage or thrust the penis. Do not lost in arousal and make things wrong.

Use the masturbator as much as possible

There are many masturbation products is available in the market called masturbator or fleshlight. Masturbators are ideal to stimulate the penis with correct pressure and strength.

Men can find their masturbator through online store easily. It is well possible to stimulate the penis with the correct strength and pressure, but masturbator gives correct pressure and strength of the vagina.

There are thousands of product available that matches the feeling of the vagina and able to give the best masturbation session to you with the correct stimulus. With the use of masturbator, you will never face the ejaculation risk or risk of ejaculation failure gets reduced.

Remember there are strong stimuli masturbators are also available, but be aware there are counterproductive for you.

Some masturbator suggestions

Fleshlight Pink Lady vagina, it is most and first fleshlight and similar like a real vagina. It is not rigid from the inside. It is perfect for the low stimulation of penis and experiences the real vagina feel. Fleshlight is also available with other orifices like anal, mouth and cheek with same stimulation. If you want to experience the other entrance, then go with it. It is good to use and does not affect your sex life with your partner.

Egg of a masterpiece. I liked to use it when I am a beginner in masturbator. I also use it sometimes. It is soft and smooth while use. It has straight texture and gives low stimulation to the men’s penis. If you are thinking of using this masturbator cup, you do not require lubricant separately. It is a self-lubricated option for the men to make masturbation easy.

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TENGA DEEP THROAT CUP (RED), a famous masturbator cups from the Tenga series. It is not straight from the inside. Its internal texture is rigid but it gives low stimulation. It is pleasurable for me to use it. You should try it. Tenga series masturbators are world famous and there are easy to use. It is also self –lubricated masturbator.

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Enhancement by delusional masturbation

Men, even most of men like to watch adult video and pornography when masturbating, but if possible let’s do it with images or own delusion images.

It is not good to watch adult video while masturbation; they make you feel inadequate in real sex because they are carefully designed to excite the user.

Many times you feel adult video female is cuter than women, so it makes you disappoint. Let make masturbation delusional masturbation by thinking about your favourite girl or your partner. Later, it also helps you to feel comfortable and excite with your partner.

Many voices for training delusional power is available, that also help you to feel arouse without adult video. It is easily available on the internet. You can find and download it.

Keep the frequency of proper masturbation

Masturbation is popular in teenagers, it gets less frequent with an increase in age. Well, there are lot of elder men that maintain the frequent masturbation practise for the benefit of the penis. Keep the frequency of proper masturbation is good for the health and obvious for the masturbation. Once in three days is considered as appropriate frequent of the masturbation because sperm and semen reproduce in the body within 3 days. Men take about 3 days for spermatozoon. It is a process where men create sufficient amount of sperm and to accumulate in the empty testis.



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