"Male masturbation effect on health", one of my friends told me when we are discussing masturbation.

I heard a lot of crazy and stupid things about masturbation in India like

I am sure you also heard of such stupid masturbation facts from the people. People in India just believe whatever they listen from others.

I believe masturbation is pretty much the safest sex and a healthy play. Yes, masturbation never hurt nobody.

Does male masturbation affect health issues?

Male masturbation is unhealthy or bad for your body. It is just a myth that mastrubtaion effect on health. There is no risk of masturbation if you did it so in a day or in a week. It is common and normal need of a body.

It is a harmless expression for both gender, men and women.  It does not cause any physical injury or mental injury in men. But, yeah it even better the health issues. Read below in brief about masturbation and health.

Decrease sexual sensitivity?

A man who has sexual dysfunction can increase sexual sensitivity and desire with masturbation. But sometimes decrease in sexual sensitivity due to masturbation also causes, if men use an unusual technique of masturbation.

The tighten grip on the penis in masturbation can decrease the sensation. The tighten grip make men to stick with tighten pressure or grip. Sometimes the tighten grip also causes damage of penis tissue and men can hurt themselves.

Men should use a proper and not strong technique of masturbation for an increase in sensation instead of decrease it.

Decrease the sperm count?

A lot of men worried about that does masturbation decrease his sperm count?.

Well some of them believe it too. It is not true.

Frequent masturbation does not lower the sperm count in the men. Men notice that semen get watery after 2-3 masturbation in 24 hours and start to worry about that they run out of sperm. Men constantly creating new sperm. It is not possible to run out of sperm. But frequent ejaculation can affect the amount and quality of semen.  Even frequent ejaculation is a sign of a healthy sex drive.

Causes mental health issues?

Masturbation does not cause health issues. Some peoples consider it as guilt or depression. It does not because it cause depression but because of some men are religious and cultural with the self –pleasure. Then consider it as shame and sin.

Except that, there is no side effect of masturbation on the mental health of men.

Masturbation is sexual expression. It does not bad or immoral.  Even masturbation helps men to cure depression by reducing the stress level. Masturbation leads to the secretion of dopamine hormones that lower the men’s tension and stress.

One of truth you heard about the masturbation like men gets crazy in masturbation. Well, it is not normal masturbation. It is compulsive masturbation.

It is a type of paraphilia-related disorder. In this situation, men engage in the masturbation at the extreme level and cause social-occupational dysfunction. It leads to mood and anxiety disorder in men. It is a side effect of too much involves in the masturbation or gets addicted to it. It is not normal in normal masturbation.

If you found yourself, in this situation I recommended to read it.

Causes blindness?

There is no proof in any of site that masturbation causes blindness. I think it is one of the myths that peoples believe.

There is no link of eyes to the penis or even to the vagina.

Well, according to a US study, it is proven that the masturbation keeps men healthy than the one who not. Masturbation does not cause any harm to the eye and eyes cells. Whether it helps to increase the health at some point.

Causes skin problem?

Masturbation does not cause skin problem. It is rumours out there that masturbation can lead to pimple outbreaks. But the truth is far from this.

Skin infection or acne development is totally depending on the hormones balance. Maybe it is because of male start masturbation in the puberty age. Puberty is the causes of skin infection in the male at that time. During puberty, men face a lot of hormones unbalance in the body. He starts producing more testosterone and other androgens. There is no link of masturbation to any of skin problems.

Fix Erectile Dysfunctions?

Erectile dysfunction is common in men. If you are facing premature ejaculation and delay ejaculation then you are not the one. Many men experience the long term and short term ejaculation.

Yes, masturbation can help the erectile dysfunction in the men. It is not guaranteed but the doctor also suggests trying it. Strengthening the PC muscles using Kegal exercise and practising the masturbation can cure the erectile dysfunctions in men. Masturbation helps men to focus and control their ejaculation. The mind and body connection is so important for men during intercourse.

If masturbation causes health issue, how can I control it?

There is no chance that you feel health issue with the normal masturbation. Normal masturbation with a correct technique never leads to any health issues.

If you are facing any of health issue, it may have some other reason or you are following the wrong technique.

The wrong masturbation technique can harm the penis and damage the sensitive penis tissues. Men should be careful with their sensitive part of the body.

Is frequent ejaculation good for the prostate?

Yes, frequent ejaculation is good for the prostate. It is proved by a study that men who ejaculate more frequently have a safer prostate function.

Masturbation cause prostate cancer?

Absolutely not, masturbation does not cause prostate cancer in men. Even it lowers the risk of prostate cancer in men. It is proved by the study that conducts in the Europe Neurology.

Relationship between Masturbation and prostate cancer

The relationship between masturbation and prostate cancer are linked with the ejaculation. According to research and study, high ejaculation can reduce the risk of prostate cancer.  The ejaculation in masturbation helps to remove the carcinogenic secretion regularly in the prostate. Carcinogens are a substance that leads to cancer in men. It does not lead to affect DNA, but it leads to cancer in another way. Carcinogens divide the cells as faster than the normal rate and cause changes in the DNA that leads to cancer. It is good to secrete the Carcinogens from the prostate. The high ejaculation forces the Carcinogens secretion and decreases its impact on the body.

The sexual practice by their own does not affect any health issues. It is a myth that you heard from the outside world. Once a time, when I also believed that these myths are true. But from the last 3 years, I research about that in deep and share this to you. So you can make yourself happy without any doubt.

Do you feel Prostate pain after masturbation?

Prostate pain occurs due to swelling in prostate or enlargement of prostate. No, it does not sign of prostate cancer.

Prostate pain is also known as painful ejaculation and common in 1-10 percent of men. But symptoms of pain might be seen on after having sex. It is rare that someone feels prostate pain just after masturbation.

If you feel so, it might be because of medical condition. You should consult to doctor.

The swelling is often caused by prostate infection. It also be seen when you get nerve damage around the penis.

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