Are you looking for reasonable sex doll to change your masturbation session in India?

If yes, then blow up dolls can be perfect for you to go.

Do you know what is the blowup doll meaning? I am a user of blowups doll, so will help you to build amazing masturbation.

It can be your one of the best decision to add sex doll in your masturbation when your partner is not there. Well, I  have been using it since long.

Let’s start with what is blowup dolls?

Blowup dolls meaning is straight that it is a sex doll that structured like a women body and that give sex like feel. Blow up doll is made by PVC material and mostly available in transparent colour. Blowup dolls are also known as inflatable dolls and air sex doll in India. Indian is showing interest towards the sex doll because time has been changed. It is amazing to have sex with doll.

Yes, sex. Even Indian masturbation feel like sex with it.

Blow up doll is the best substitute of women for sexual excitement. It can fullfil all men’s desire. I tried and it worked for me. It is easy to use like sex because it has a head, shoulder, hand, leg and of course the crotch area.


Important, blow up sex dolls are not the same as other sex dolls. It has a hole in the crotch areas that do not use for penetration. But can used to fix the masturbator in this hole and then enjoy the play.

And, you need to blow up the sex doll like balloon to look like a woman.

For me, it feels good in all over the body. Clearly, it is feel good in the middle of the penis with the brain.

Blowup doll v/s sexdolls

As we know blowup sex dolls are kind of sex doll. Blow up sex doll has its own point to attract the men and sex doll or realistic sex doll has their own.

Well, the basic functions of both sexdolls are the same. Both have a part that functions as the vagina and imitated the female body.

I get attracted to the blowup sex doll because with the help of blow-up doll I can use my masturbators as hand free. Whether sex dolls themselves are used as penetration. They are expensive and heavy in weight.

Why blowup doll is famous in India

Erotic female body line

The speciality of sex dolls is, it reproduces the body line specification like women. The erotic female body line is not possible in the masturbator.

Male masturbators are just available in the vagina structure, men can not able to feel the full women body. Blow up dolls are available and gives full body line and more excitement in the sexual play.

Due to full body structure, men can able to enjoy the full body feel like hugging and touching the body part parallelly with penetration.


Blowup dolls are most reasonable sex doll from all sex dolls.

With a suitable blowup doll, you can experience the feel of women in the act.

Realistic sex dolls are highly high in price that even cannot be affordable for some peoples. But blowup dolls are reasonable and every man can afford it who wants to experience the women body in the masturbator.

With the same price, men can find a different position structure too. Yes, I never tried but I am thinking to buy one with some doggy style or something that. It is reasonable for me to have fun without hand pain and of course without a girlfriend or partner.

Easy to use

Blowup dolls are made with lightweight material. It is not heavy like a realistic sex doll and large masturbator. It is easy to use and even I can carry it in my bag. Blow up dolls are mainly made with PVC material and it makes sex doll completely light in weight.

It is easy to maintain after use. I wash the whole body of a sex doll after blow out the air. I can easily carry in hand to the bathroom. It is difficult to carry heavyweight sex dolls.

If you don't want to buy sex doll or sir sex doll, then make your own sex doll at home.

Fun of cosplay

Men likes women cosplay in every sexual act. Cosplay is not possible with the masturbator because there is no body line.

A blowup doll has complete body structure from head to toe. Men can experience the cosplay in alone time too.  Men can use clothes to dress their sex doll by their choice. A well dress sex doll adds sexual excitement and feels like a women’s presence.

I also tried clothes with a sex doll. Every time I used a different pair of clothes like role play. You can also try it. You cannot experience the fun of cosplay until you cannot try it.

Fun with masturbator

Yes, Blowup doll gives advantages to use other masturbators. There is a hole in the blowup doll or inflatable dolls.

Men can use disposable masturbator too in it. There are many hole size is available in blowup dolls. You can choose your favourite tightness and stimulation through masturbator. It is completely hygienic to use because you have to wash the only masturbator after masturbation.

You can enjoy the fun of a real vagina with the correct masturbator. The appearance of blowup doll is completely close to the realistic doll and real women. It seems erotic. For me, yes.

Blowup sexdoll makes masturbation happening.

Yes, people use blow up dolls to make their masturbation happening.

No hand pain

Masturbation is an act of pleasure on their own. In basic masturbation session, men’s and my hands move and masturbator keep fixed on the penis. It seems like masturbator and hands are committed.

Nothing is exciting in the act to do thrust itself and it gives heavy hand pain too to himself. Blow up dolls eliminate the hand pain and even better the pleasure for men.

Waist swing movement

Blow up dolls gives waist movement pleasure. Men can repeat the insertion and masturbation session without hand pain. Men can enjoy real sex pleasure by moving their waist instead to the hands. The feeling of waist swing is totally different from masturbator.

How to use blowup dolls carefully?

Although the use of blowup dolls is easy. You think, just fix the masturbator and start using. But if you want to enjoy the true pleasure of blowup doll or air sex doll, you should know the complete process of how to use blowup dolls or air sex doll.

Clean the sex doll, if you cleaned it on your previous act, then not necessary. Start put in the air. You should careful with its shape. Fix the shape while blowing the air inside it.

Remember do not blow up the doll completely in once. I did it, it gets difficult for me to insert the masturbator later. Then I removed some of the air and again blow it again. So it is good to start fixing the masturbator just after the half blowup. Put the masturbator in the crotch hole and blow up more.

Start masturbation, treat it like a real woman and masturbate like real sex.