When it comes to penis size, every man wants to have a big penis then whether it is Indian or from another country. Not feel shy, every man wants to have it. After all a big dick help men to feel confident in their sexual life.

Did you get worried about the penis size when masturbates?

Well, the average Indian penis is not the smallest in the world. So not worry nationality and race also play an important role in the Indian penis size.  The length of indian penis is 5.54 inches and 3.11 inches in girth.

If you think, your penis size is smaller than this, You should try jelqing exercise.

Jelqing is one of the ways that fulfil the desire of having a long penis. Read the article to know the effective duration and practise to do jelqing exercises.

What is Jelqing Exercise?

Jelqing exercise is a manual practice to increase the penis size in terms of length and girth. The practice is easy and fun to do. Jelqing is one practice for that you do not require any device. You can enlarge your penis with your hands.

It involves applying pressure and stretching to the penis with 2 fingers and strokes the penis from base to the top. Jelqing process is most similar like milking of cow. You can relate it.

Well, jelqing exercise is not new among today’s men. This penis massage has been using from ancient time. This technique came from Arab practices.

Why jelqing expand penis?

Heard corpora cavernosa? It is penis tissue and a key to enhancing the length, girth, hardness of men’s penis.

Yes, jelqing expands penis by working over it. Jelqing exercise makes most effective result and expands the corpora cavernous tissues. The expansion of tissues makes gaps for the formation of new cells. The formation of new cells in the penis makes penis bigger and increase the capacity to hold more blood in the penis.

How to increase pennies size with Jelqing Exercises

Check these three easy steps.

What need to considered first

It is good to know the penis details first and decide the Jelqing Exercise.

  • Measure your penis size. How small your penis is?
  • Every centimetre is countable, know length and girth.
  • If something’s is wrong with your penis like having any injury or infection, avoid doing jelqing.
  • Choose Dry Jelqing and Wet Jelqing.

Dry Jelqing exercise

Nothing is required for it.

Wet Jelqing exercise

Massage oil or lubricant to make things wet. But avoid to perform jelqing exercise in the shower, while running, etc. A big no for the soap. Do not use soap for wetness. It is aggressive for starching and penis massaging and even can cause inflammation, allergies to the penis.

Preparation with penis massage

The warmth increases the flexibility in the penis tissue, so it is necessary to consider as preparation.

Before start, the exercise, warm the penis shaft with a warm towel. Keep a warm towel around the penis for a few minutes.

An electric blanket can also be used for it. Some of men use it who do not want to wet their penis before jelqing exercise.

Most jelqing expert advice to use lubricant or any lubricating substance so that the skin of penis does not experience the potential pain. Lubricant reduces the friction between penis and hands. Now massage the penis with a little hand.

How to do for big penis

Before coming to the penis, first, remember the milking process. It is very similar to the milking process. Is is not a quick process but yes it starts to work.

If you are ready to do, follow these specific steps.

  • Continues the gentle penis massage for some time. It allows blood flow in the penis. Massage the penis in the semi-erect state.
  • Use the thumb and forefinger to circle around the base of the penis. The shape of the finger and thumb look like OK gestures.

  • Now move forward to the glans of the penis in slow motion. Similarly like masturbation.
  • Squeeze and pressure the entire penis in the O-Ring with finger and thumb. Keep the level of pressure same. Hence, the blood in the penis is pressed into the corpus cavernous and the glans.

  • Every time milking enlarges the blood storage space in the penis. When one hand squeeze is moving in the direction of glans, use another hand to circle the root of the penis. When first hand squeeze the shaft till the glans, lose it and bring another hand up and squeeze.
  • Repeat this process at medium speed about 1 second per turn.
  • You can repeat it for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes of milking, your penis looks swollen. It is obvious, do not panic. Little redness and soreness are also normal. It will fade away with time.

Important - Make routine

1St week: At the beginning, follow the jelqing exercise, 300 times a day with 15 minutes of hot compress. Every cycle has to last for 1 second. Stick to one week, and also do 100 PC muscle tightening exercises every day, which helps the blood circulation and strength of the penis.

2nd week: Do it a little harder. Contribute 10 minutes of milking exercises and then do 200 PC muscle tightening exercises. If you don't feel pain, don't stop. Then do a hot compress for 10 minutes and finish the exercise.

3rd week and later: Now, you have to spend 30 minutes on the penis. This requires a little perseverance and determination. Not every man who reads this manual can keep practising, because many men are very lazy. Before you practice, please extend the penis and then do it for 10 minutes. Once you start, don't stop. Always do it, you can put a watch around you to see how long you continue to "milk". But please don't always look at the watch, otherwise, you will be impatient. After the squeeze, do a hot compress for 10 minutes and 300 PC muscles.

In this way, for 5 weeks, from the beginning, it is 2 months (8 weeks). After 2 months, you will like to milking, and also add fancy to the practice. If you feel good and feel effective, then do it dry jelqing.

When jelqing risk for penis enlargement?

As we know, basically jelqing is the stretching of penis tissues. When men overstretched their penis, then chances that men can injure their penis. This is called penile fracture.

Men should control the practice and should follow the only recommended way of stretching and duration. A little bursting and damage over the penis tissue or small blood vessel can lead to massive pain. Even in the worst case, penis can also lose its shape. It is upto men that he take advantage of jelqing exercises or hurt themselves.

Important tips for healthy jelqing

  • Imagine the jelqing practise in the mind like how to do perform it. Practise upright or back.
  • For healthy jelqing practise, do not relax the penis completely in a break.
  • Make O-Ring at that point where it is not too strong for the penis shaft.
  • While jelqing, stop the slow movement just before the glans. Even do not squeeze the glans.
  • At first, do this exercise only for a few minutes and gradually increase it.
  • Never ejaculate or oragsm while jelqing.
  • Full-erect jelqing is not effective at all, as some of suggesting as an advanced technique. Never try it.

Specialized device to increase penis faster

Penis pumps are specialised to give long penis and can replace the manual jelqing. This penis pumps can manage the correct pressure and hand movement in the right way.

Yes, the use of jelqing device is faster than manual practice. If it used in the correct way.

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