I am writing for married person so if you are married then stay with me.

One day I feel my masturbation activity is still continuous after get marriage. I found it is a habit.  If you realise that you are also masturbating when you are having sex, then it is little confusing point. I never means that the masturbation activity bad after the relationship.

Is masturbation affects your relationship with your partner?

Masturbation does not affect your relationship with your partner. But if you doing it over sex, then it is not good. Masturbation is about self satisfaction, but when you are in relationship and having sex, it is about both.

Your partner also has sexual need. When you choose masturbation over sex, then it hurt your relationship. You may hurt your partner feeling. They have also sexual needs.

Instead, what you should do?

Instead, try to find to find complete enjoyment with the partner when you play a sexual activity. There are number of ways, technique, and object to add in sexual activity.

Relation and Masturbation Always Normal

We know that the masturbation is a normal activity which is always doing in alone but sometime many people masturbate when having any sexual activity with the partner. Sexual activity makes your relation stronger as compare to masturbation but masturbation provides confidence for how to do any sexual moves with the partner.

It is seems sometime, when you are masturbating with the partner and avoids your partner satisfaction and only believes to own self that is unfair. Sometime we are masturbating in front of the partner to achieve orgasms because we are not able to achieve by sexual intercourse. At this situation, you are affecting your relation.

Add Sex Toy with your Partner

In relation if you try any sex without need then after sometime you may feel it is bored for you. Because without excitement, it is obvious to feel bore. An external object like sex toy will feel good. If you are talking about satisfaction so this is never finding without using of any sex toy as compare partner presence.

When you play solo sex with the help of phone sex or internet chatting, it is always pleasurable but some time most of the people feel erotic with the sex toy because without sex toy they never feel enjoy over phone sex and chatting. Sometime it is shows that attractions of any sex toy is more as compare to partner sex and the relation between effected by this activity.

If you and your partner want to use of sex toy then you should try to make mutual sexual activity, don’t think about yourself but your activity goes forward according both of you. If you want pleasure with your toy in any sexual activity then adopt any sex toy with your partner.

Charge of Sexual Fantasies

It is depends upon you because without sexual fantasies you never find better satisfaction. Today most of the people masturbate when they go forward in their life. Some for fun but some of the people find complete satisfaction just by masturbation.

Sexual moves are beneficial such as any way but according to time some people feel boring with this and adopt a ways which is provide complete enjoyment, that way are masturbate when you fall down on the bed. Never try to make it good because after that your sexual activity also become enjoyable.

Join The Fun

Masturbation also provides fun when you help it with the sexual intercourse, then you should try at ones in your life and feel this type of activity. Fun means when you find enjoyment, satisfaction or achieving orgasms also because different person has different type of satisfaction they want.

Well, don’t take a stress on your mind and believing yourself, if you want more pleasure then decide what to do at first, according to me, you can talk with the partner and prepare some strategy for doing masturbation with sexual activity.

Sexual Play Is A Adult Play

Sexual play is adult play; I mean that if you want to play an activity with the partner so first thing is that you can never use any sex toy during sexual act. Sexual intercourse depend your physical moves when you know about the sexual techniques.

When you help of masturbation during physical activity then it is totally confusing for your partner because she never know want you want. If you want to add some sex toy with the partner so both you decide and after the best way use it to take more pleasure.  

With the other hand if you want to play an activity which is completely depend upon sex toy then you should use couple sex toy, because satisfaction more important for both of you.

Focus on the body, as well as add sex toy such as cock rings, penis sleeves, etc. But according to need you can add vibrator and masturbation for best foreplay with the partner.

Never Masturbate When Your Partner Want To Sex

Sometime it is seems that many people do masturbate with the partner and pressurized her to given masturbation play, it is not good because it’s your bed impression. Never do that, if your want sexual play so understand your partner’s feeling and always feel more enjoyable with her.

If you want to make your relationship more strong then understand to each other’s feeling what you want as well as what she want. You should create a best environment when you and your partner feel comfortable and adopt best sexual moves both. 

Add Sex Toy When You Taking Both

As I said above, you can help sex toy when having any sexual activity such as vaginal or anal but you must talk about your partner. According to time Morden age everyone want more pleasure in their play or masturbation.

Choice best sex toy for better penetration and enjoyment such as game sex toy, penis rings, penis sleeves, vibrators and anal sex toy. They are more beneficial for you because you and your partner feel go to another world when you use this type of sex toy.